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PM: The Official Blog of Blizzard '09. Send your snow photo to pm@bbc.co.uk

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Eddie Mair | 07:33 UK time, Monday, 2 February 2009

All day listeners have been sending in their photos. While we're on the air I won't be able to post any more...you know...what with the programme an' all. But PLEASE keep sending tonight and tomorrow to the email address above....we will get round to posting them!

There are also more snow words and pictures here. Enjoy.

1644: Alex says: "Eddy, Yet again we seem to be escaping the bad weather that summer and winter always hits the rest of the country and not us here in North-West Scotland. No snow today and virtually none all winter and last summer a stretch of almost 6-7 weeks with no rainfall and certainly no flooding at any time."

1642: "Snow! Snow! Snow! "tropical" Somerstown a little while ago... Aaargh... me date palm!!! Alan Slater"

1640 Katherine sends this from Andover:

At lunchtime Ben sent us a photo of a rather unsnowy Warwick (see below...) - he's sent a snap from his mobile more recently, saying "Looks as though I spoke too soon earlier..."

From far afield at 1623: "Darling Eddy, Just to let you know we've not had a drop of rain or flake of snow here in Beijing since the last rainfall in October. I am unfortunately certain that nothing will stop me from getting to work on time for my performance review in time tomorrow morning. Love and hugs, Nick"

1620: "Dear Eddie. Thought you might like to see a picture of my dog's first experience of proper snow. He was simultaneously overjoyed and confused; although that's not difficult for a Springer. His name's Magic. Kind regards, Ana"

1616: The Parakeets of Catford, South London. 14.00 hours, from J. Webber:

1615: An email (from someone who asked us not to use his name) says: "Do you know that employers are telling employees that work 50 miles from home and in Sheffield that they have to go home and not book a hotel room. Many schools in Sheffield were closing at lunchtime and some before. The bus routes are passable, but some are not, with care but the by-roads are poor and there are many steep hills. It is snowing heavily and my daughter is still at work (4.10pm)fifty miles away and has to travel home."

1610 from France we've received this: "The current snowfall is completely unacceptable. Surely the time has come for the government to legislate and pass a bill to Ban Snowing in a Public Place. This snow which has apparently arrived from Eastern Europe is displacing British snow, which is the right type of snow, and proves yet again that the UK Border Agency is incapable of preventing invasions of foreign snow. All foreign snow without the correct documentation should be rounded up and deported.

Snowing should only be permitted in private under the supervision of an adult who has been trained by the Health and Safety Executive in relevant matters, such as the correct way of using Wellington Boots. Each snowflake should have a health warning attached, and a label indicating its origin.

The government should also set robust snow reduction targets, thus sending a clear message to the world that Britain will be trail blazers in "the War on snow".

Best regards, Eric Bowyer-Wilson."

1608: Sid sends this snap of "Mr Squirrel, waiting for his nuts ..."

1605: Mark sends Jacob in the snow:

1530 Norman Fitch in the London Borough of Croydon says: "The table is 2m diameter so note the height of the snow on it":

1522 from Rosie: "Hi Eddie, We were coming to a recording of Old Harry's Game this evening at Broadcasting House. Just had an email to say it has been cancelled. Do you think that Hell has frozen over?"

1515: What architects do at lunch: "Dear Eddie, My husband built this with his architect colleagues during his lunchbreak. At least someone's building something during the credit crunch.....Charlotte, Romsey, Hampshire"

1513: "No school. It's snowing in Winchester. "The best day of my life" Jessica aged 6."

1455 and Steven Piercy asks: "I don't suppose those of us who drive 4x4s who made it into work and are contributing to the economy whilst the eco-warriors are sat at home with the heating on will get any thanks"

1448 Eileen sends: "Emily (16) during a break in her study leave (Higher prelims) in Kinross, Scotland."

1445 brings this from "Algy Keuneman, Popes Lane, South Arctic":

1438: Eloise sends "my kids with a rather disturbing snow-lady (look carefully) in Kensington High Street. we didn't build it.. "

1437: "A heavily-laden yew tree outside our back door. Over a foot of snow here - enough to keep my children busy all day! Perky"

1427: "Dear Eddie, I attach a picture of the SnowHoward I just made in the garden. (Howard Moon from the Mighty Boosh). As appropriate he has raisins for eyes. I also attach the snow angel I made. Love, Mary (Age 31 and a half)"

1423: "Hi Eddie, a weather related replacement for a sandwich board, attempting to attract customers into a cafe on Eastcastle Street. Perhaps one of the sadder looking of Oxford Street's local snowmen, especially with that gammy eye, but I like his intent. The others are just lazing around being photographed. This one's proactive at least. Kyla"

1420: "Wandsworth Common Station this morning and tracks alongside Wandsworth Common leading to Clapham Junction; Wandsworth Common pines and pots in my back garden SW11....from Denise Mueller-Brown"

1410: Nils is having to work from home today and will do his Upshares Downshares via his ISDN line. He's just sent this photo of himself as he recorded an interview at 1400 for tonight's programme:

1404 David Tribe: "Waiting for Victoria train in vain at Cheam Station"

1403: Simon Tocker says "I see no snow. I came equipped with shovels, waterproofs and a flask of coffee and work was like this , next to nowt. Most disappointed."

1355: Clare Parkinson sends these of Crystal Palace this morning:

1345 Brian says: "Henry Moore...an original work?"

1342...sent from a mobile..."Here's the picture in Warwick. What little snow we had is thawing and the race course (in the background of the photo) is still mainly green. Slippery underfoot but still business as usual! Ben N (Mittfh)"

1338: "Brrr indeed, we couldn't get through to TfL's website this morning so heeded the radio warnings and stayed tucked up under the duvet with copious quantities of tea. Photos attached of the street outside on the edge of Epping Forest, taken from the bedroom window. Cheers, Gaye Monhollen-French" The first two are from last night then this morning:

1324: "...it's snowing, and I'm ill. Isn't it great? Don't know if it was a snow day at school but hey, I'm off! happy days, from Megan."

1322: Huw sends "The Clyde and the SECC in Glasgow, in the snow":

1315: Taken from the third floor of the Maths Building looking towards the
clock tower that is now a museum. The other is as it is now. Complete with snow falling! Enjoy, Lonnie"


"Here's our dog Jake in Milton Country Park - he had a great time. Paul Oldham"

1300: Annie McKie STILL reading the news on Radio 4.

1256: Just been sent this from the newsdesk: "The helicopter is on the ground until further notice because of bad weather"

1255: "View out of my office window at 12.40. The sun does sometimes shine on Northern Ireland! From Qualified Loon":

1231: "...here are a few views out of my square windows in East Lothian. Snow was bad enough that he couldn't get his car up the drive, but mine's a 4 x 4 so he's away in that instead - share and share alike. The photo with the witch hazel would have been far more interesting had the jay, the woodpecker, the robin, the 2 great tits and 3 blackbirds not all flown out of the picture just as I took it :-( ValeryP"





1220: Andy Williamson - fit as a flea after his transplant...sends this: "Hi Eddie, arrived at Guy's Hospital at 10.30 for a Dermatology check-up - us transplantees are prone to skin cancer due to the immunosuppression drugs. Glad to hear that my skin is all clear.. (and, incidentally, that all those expensive 'blackhead removing exfoliating face scrub creams' are a complete waste of time - how many other such things are still allowed to advertise such claims? IPM perhaps?). Here's a pic (about 11.45am) of the site of 'The Shard' next to London Bridge station. It's normally a deafening hive of demolition (sadly no huge ball-and-chain action - all seems very precise, almost surgical). But today all the huge yellow Tonka-type machines were eerily silent."


1130: A BLOG POSTING BY ANNIE MCKIE, WHO'S BEEN KEEPING RADIO 4 ON THE AIR...Annie was on shift yesterday afternoon and evening...and then this morning, and she'll be on this afternoon too. Here she is after her 1100 bulletin...along with her words:

annie.JPG "Got into work from my cold but snowless isolated cottage up a track, on top of a hill in the middle of a Forest in the middle of nowhere at 5 pm Sunday.Worked the Late News shift, during which this huge efficient,frantically busy and well populated major European city became stilled by swirling blizzards.Finished shift at 12.30."Slept" (lay down for a couple of hours on a sofa in a boiling hot, brightly lit glass box (not THAT glass box, this place is full of them.) Started Early News shift at 4.30 am., carried on into Day News shift at 11.00. Might get out at 4.00. That's almost a twenty-four hour shift! Back tomorrow morning at 4.30 am. Hey Ho...it's not exactly coal mining though is it? Oh, and news from the Home Front....still no snow in the Forest!"

1130: Our editorial meeting has finished. Reporter Jon Manel (who came in on a van...see previous posting) sends this of his neighbour this morning:


1051: Annie McKie has been keeping Radio 4 on the air all last night and all morning. She slept here at work. Peter Donaldson should have been with us on PM tonight but is also stuck in the snow. Annie will write something for the Official Blog of Blizzard '09 a bit later.

1050: Nils Blythe stuck at home and will do Upshares from there tonight.

1047: "Eddie, I took these this morning (Monday) when going to buy a newspaper. We got 4-5 inches of snow in St Albans. David McNickle"




1035: "Eddie & huskies...Here's a photo taken just about 10am to prove that the south east of England aren't the only ones getting a bit of snow. This is the view from my sick bed (if I lever myself up a bit) across the south side of Glasgow...The Stainless Steel Cat."


1016: Our last producer, Sophie, has just made it in,

1015: Rachel Gooch writes: "Children off school, hurrah! Made the best snowman for several years. But at 10am it is already starting to thaw, boo.....>"snowy13.JPG

1013: Our tip top news organiser Laurie Margolis writes: "The "Snow Event" we keep hearing about will hit around rush hour. The area affected at first will be southeastern England from Norfolk down to the south coast, into London and the Thames Valley, and there will be "heavy and persistent snow", with strong winds. The snow will later move through the Midlands, into the North and Scotland."

0959: Snow in the Isles of Scilly

0957: ALL BA flights from Heathrow cancelled till 5pm

0940: People in the snowy areas are being told not to travel unless it's necessary. Did you heed that advice? We're thinking of doing an item in the programme tonight.

0930: Amanda (the World at One deputy editor has just arrived. From Basingstoke....she's normally here before 7am):


And here is a close up of Amanda's wellies: snowy12.JPG

0931: Steve Mitchell, who's in charge of all of us and then some, has also just made it in. snowy10.JPG

0920: Crowthorne @6am:snowy9.JPG

0915: snowy7.JPG Andrew Willis sends this: ""May", 7-months old Lhaso Apso encounters snow in "Her" garden earlier this morning in Taplow, Bucks"

0913: When I came in there were already people hard at work inside the TV Centre complex, clearing paths for us. Our thanks to them. And one just went by the window:

0910: Meeting over. Among the things we're looking at for tonight: reports that lots of travel websites have been down...so that people looking for train/bus etc info online have been rather stuck. Any experience of that?

0830: The PM editor Briony has just arrived! So has Jeremy, the Commissioning Czar. Some people who don't normally make programmes are being drafted in. Off now to the 0830 editorial meeting. If you have a snow pic sent it to pm@bbc.co.uk.

0811: Reporter Jon Manel has arrived having hitched a lift in a Halal delivery van. The World at One's Martha Kearney is here after walking from home for more than an hour. Here she is, and yes that's the Glass Box in the background: snowy6.JPG

0805: They're having trouble getting people in to look after Radio 4 continuity in Broadcasting House. The Today studio (which after 0900 becomes the World at One production studio) might be used for continuity purposes for a while here at TV Centre)

0753: Still no more staff. Have decided to turn this entry upside down. Send photos to pm@bbc.co.uk

0750: PM deputy editor Mark has made it in. WATO has an editor and one producer at the moment.

"Eddie, Its fairly deep up on the North Downs. As you can see from the picture out of my front window. Regards, RJM"


0745: Martha Kearney is walking to work as her car was cancelled. And she doesn't live round the corner. Tune in at 1 to hear if she makes it.

Below is the view from my office window at 0735 - the radio car is outside. PM and World at One staff are on the phone all the time, trying very hard to make it to work. Many are reporting that public transport has pretty much ground to a halt.




Send your photos to pm@bbc.co.uk...and leave your "white hell" stories here by clicking on Comments.


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