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Hugh is leaving Baghdad,

Eddie Mair | 10:41 UK time, Tuesday, 25 March 2008

after...well, let's just call it an incident.

OK, I'll tell you. He was caught stealing a stapler and was asked to go. But you didn't get that from me.

Before collecting his jotters, he sent these images and words..things he'll remember from the last 25 days.

Coming in a moment by the way, your chance to name a cat.

"Arsenal boy in Haifa Street

We had to leave before I could find out how he had lost his leg.

Gymnasts in Haifa Street.

Almost certainly underestimates.

Haidar. he was on duty when I met him across the road from where two bombs exploded the next evening. A week later, nearby, he spotted me and rushed over and we hugged. He was on a day off the day the bombers came. But several of his street trader friends were not so lucky.

"Terrorists - You Are Not Real Muslims!"

Producer Peter Emmerson with children who befriended us as we were broadcsating live from Abu Nawas park on the banks of the Tigris.

Sand storm.

Black bee, outside my bedroom window.What's the flower?

Hoopoe on the garden wall at the BBC house. In Arabic, 'Hud-Hud'. "


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