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Eddie Mair | 15:04 UK time, Thursday, 14 February 2008

There are just four days to go before Pakistan goes to the polls, in the parliamentary elections postponed after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto just after Christmas.

A BBC poll out today suggests a substantial majority believe stability and security in Pakistan would improve if President Pervez Musharraf resigned, and that support for Mr Musharraf has fallen dramatically.

He seized power in a military coup in 1999 - he has promised fair and 'transparent' elections.

Our correspondent Hugh Sykes is in Pakistan again for PM - he will report live from Lahore. He's just emailed to say he will also send snaps for the Blog "if this hotels' internet holds up...it has een crashed most of da day."


He's a worse speller than Brian Williams. Honestly.

1715 UPDATE: Hugh says:

"1: Sunset on Clifton beach, Karachi

2: Clifton beach is like Blackpool, with camels instead of donkeys

3: Snacks on the beach

4: The beach is floodlit at night.

5: Arif Hasan, Karachi architect and expert on Karachi poverty.

6: Negotiating Karachi traffic in an auto-rickshaw

7: It's been a long day.

8: Waris Ali with his Valentine balloons in Lahore.

9: Mustafa with his Valentine flower arrangement in Lahore.

10: Book now for Feb 14th dinner in Lahore.

11: That's enough balloons, ed. "


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