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A year in the park

Phil Coomes | 16:35 UK time, Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Forest Park by Edward Crim

This week I want to mention a 365 day project being undertaken by photographer Edward Crim in St Louis, Missouri, in the US.

Forest Park by Edward CrimEdward has set himself two goals; the first is to take a picture every day for a year in St Louis' Forest Park, the other is to shoot a picture of the capitol building of each state.

It's the first set I'm more interested in as it's on a similar line to my own project but with the added twist of creating a set space in which to shoot. Now this could be a good thing in that it focuses the mind and allows you to really explore the space, or it could feel confining.

Given the nature of the park and having explored it remotely using Google Maps and satellite pictures then it would seem to offer a wide range of different opportunities, especially if you live nearby.

Forest Park by Edward CrimThis is one of the keys to a long term project, access. There's no point dreaming up a fantastically visual idea if you can't get regular access to the space. So for anyone thinking of creating documentary work I'd say once you have come up with a series of ideas, interests, subjects that you are passionate about then the next step to whittling down your list is to look at access.

Can you sustain the story and go every day, or once a week to the location, or is it so far way that you will only be able to make the time to visit once a month or even one trip a year.

Day 37 of Phil's projectI think this is one reason that 365, photo-a-day, projects are increasingly popular as you can just shoot what you find each day, as I am, or indeed construct pictures, or take a self portrait if that's your thing.

Looking at Edwards work we can see a range of styles that portray the park through the seasons and the way it's used by a wide range of people. It's an excellent idea that is being well executed and one worth browsing.

There's plenty to see and background details too as alongside the chosen pictures Edward publishes the shots that didn't make the cut and also writes a blog about the events of the day. I hope you enjoy looking at the project.


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