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A photo a day for 64 weeks

Phil Coomes | 10:34 UK time, Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Untitled, KR64x64/003

This is the first picture drawn from a personal project that will run until the end of 2010. Let me explain.

The internet has created a fascinating playground for photographers. Personal projects that at one time would only be seen by a select group of friends, or maybe at your local photographic club or group, can now be seen by anyone who has the inclination to click on your website, assuming they can find it amidst the thousands available.

Some intrepid photographers took the decision to take a picture every day, a 365 project as it has become known, and post them to the web.

There are some wonderful examples of this, some that make me gasp each time as I wonder how they find the time and indeed raw creative energy to produce interesting pictures day after day. More on these later.

Untitled, KR64x64/002Anyway, I love digital photography, but I also love film, and indeed as many photographers do (or is it just a male thing?), I have a favourite film camera tucked away that gets far too little use, and with the recent announcement by Kodak about the demise of Kodachrome I have decided to take the plunge.

Recently I began shooting on Kodachrome 64, and allowing for the delay between finishing a roll, sending it to the US for processing, and then scanning, I'm now ready to start publishing them.

My aim is to publish one picture a day on Flickr and pull out 64 of the more interesting frames for publication on this blog over the next 64 weeks. This will take us to the end of 2010, a date that marks the death of Kodachrome, 75 years after its introduction, as the last processing laboratory handling the film will no longer offer the service.

Untitled, KR64x64/001There is no set theme to the pictures, they will be of everyday unspectacular moments, the strangeness of things overlooked. I suppose it's about taking pictures for their own sake, enjoying the moment, the click of the shutter and the challenge of finding the best vantage point, coupled with a limited supply of film.

I must also state that I am not publishing the pictures in the order they were taken, but instead trying to ensure they work as a series.

Inspiration, well in addition to the 365 projects mentioned above then it comes from the great William Eggleston's Democratic Forest, where everything is worthy of a picture, mixed with a dash of nostalgia for colour slides. And if you don't get that, just watch this scene from the sublime Mad Men.

I'd love to hear from anyone who is shooting their own project, whatever the subject or format, digital or film, and I'll mention some of them as we go along. So if you'd like to be featured send me an e-mail.

My next picture will be published here next Wednesday, in the meantime you can follow the daily set of pictures here. As the project progresses there will be an edited collection of 64 pictures (a sort of 64x646x64, that is: 64 shots x 64 weeks on Kodachrome 64) that will also be grouped together in a set.

Comments are welcome, and I look forward to hearing about some of your projects. Enjoy the light.


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