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Questions for Dalglish after another Anfield draw

Phil McNulty | 10:06 UK time, Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Kenny Dalglish sat at Anfield and told the same old story - but it was a tale that had a happy ending for Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean.

When Kean spoke defiantly above the din of hundreds of protesting Blackburn Rovers fans following Tuesday's home defeat to fellow strugglers Bolton, few would have risked their wages on him still taking charge at Liverpool on Boxing Day.

And yet there he was, celebrating a point earned gallantly on the back of defensive discipline and some stoppage-time miracles as the critical spotlight switched to Dalglish after a sixth Anfield draw this season.

Dalglish has written a golden chapter in Blackburn's history by winning the Premier League at Anfield in 1995. Kean sharing the spoils on the same territory does not even register a dot when set against that scale of achievement, but his sense of satisfaction and elation was understandable.

Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish faces questions over his misfiring, expensive forward line. Photo: Getty

Kean was even able to experience that rarity of hearing applause from Blackburn's fans at the final whistle - not for him of course, but far distant from the abuse that has been his constant companion this season.

In recent weeks I have watched Blackburn visit Sunderland and Liverpool, and not once did their players give off the unmistakeable air of a squad that has lost faith in their manager. This does not offer any sort of guarantee about Kean's long-term future, but it is certainly a point in his favour.

It is still almost impossible to see how Kean can shift public opinion back in his favour after it has turned so savagely against him, but on this day he deserved the respite a 1-1 draw gave him.

When Maxi Rodriguez levelled after the own goal from Charlie Adam that gave Blackburn an unlikely lead, both Kean and his players could have been forgiven for feeling the tide had turned against them.

And yet, even in the face of a barrage of sorts from a disappointing Liverpool, they stood firm but still had to thank goalkeeper Mark Bunn for a magnificent save from Andy Carroll and Adam Henley for a goalline clearance from Daniel Agger in the final 20 seconds.

Blackburn had relief and overdue illumination from the darkness that has engulfed this fine old club. Liverpool and Dalglish were left to accept they had come up short at Anfield once more, not just against Manchester City and Manchester United, but also against Sunderland, Norwich, Swansea and now the Premier League's bottom club.

Dalglish's argument about ill-fortune, the defiance of opposing goalkeepers and a failure to reap deserved rewards carries some merit, but starts to lose its legs when it happens on such a regular basis.

He is coming up to the first anniversary of his return to Anfield as manager following Roy Hodgson's sacking - a year that has seen an undoubted improvement in the style of play via a return to old values and a sense of unity coming back to a club that had been fractured for so long.

This does not mean, however, that his work can escape questions, especially when he has spent funds so lavishly on attacking resources and Liverpool have failed to score twice at Anfield since the victory against Wolves in September.

And one question in particular irks Dalglish - a question he was again asked in the aftermath of another unfulfilling afternoon for £35m striker Andy Carroll. He may not like the question, but it will not go away until the giant Geordie at least hints at riches - not to mention value for money - to come.

"Unbelievable" was Dalglish's response to being asked to deliver an assessment of Carroll's performance. And yet it remains a valid query.

Carroll should have scored with a chance from only eight yards in the first half and was only denied the status of match-winner by Bunn's late brilliance. Such are the fine margins of operation at this level.

And yet too often his positioning and reactions seem awry, too often this season he has been attacking the important moments from a standing start. Dalglish has delivered his complete public confidence in Carroll - now he must transfer it to a striker who is clearly struggling to make an impact.

With Stewart Downing continuing to be a hit-and-miss affair, Liverpool and their supporters are still waiting for £55m worth of attacking talent to make their mark and the statistics prove something is absent that Dalglish will need to address next month.

Luis Suarez's performances have deemed him an unqualified playing success, and yet for a footballer of such prowess his finishing is too often wayward. Four times in the first 20 minutes he finished with varying degrees of inaccuracy, none on target.

He was perfectly described by one press-box sage as "Liverpool's ideas man rather than the one you want to deliver the finished product". The Uruguayan has abundant natural gifts, but on the evidence of his season so far, ruthless finishing is not among them.

In boxing terms Liverpool have all the moves and a stout defence, but at Anfield at least they struggle to punch a hole in a paper bag. Blackburn and Bolton have both scored more Premier League goals this season than Dalglish's side - a stark statistic for a team aiming for the top four.

Dalglish is unswerving in support of his players but it will not blind him to the reality of the heavy price of lost points at home. And Liverpool are losing too many.

Kean, buoyed by this point, set his sights on four January signings. Whether he is still at Blackburn to make them, and whether he actually gets the backing from owners Venky's to sign the quartet if he is, is a story for another day.

Dalglish does not need such reinforcement in numbers after his summer transfer activity and with captain Steven Gerrard back for a 22-minute cameo following his latest injury problems, but the growing body of evidence at Anfield suggests he still has to find a missing link.


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  • Comment number 1.

    Yes, Liverpool are rather disappointing (5th spot seems the highest they can hope for), and that's even with the boost that having Gerrard out of action always provides.

  • Comment number 2.

    If Dalglish isn't careful he could tarnish his idolized reputation amongst the Kop by guiding Liverpool to mid-table obscurity

  • Comment number 3.

    It seems every time an opposition keeper comes to Anfield, they have a blinder. Save nearly everything, yet in every other game, leak goals. Liverpool this season have created a lot of chances, through Adam (mainly) and Downing (more recently). However we have not been taking them. I still believe we can finish in the top 4, if we sign a striker in January. It seems Lukas Podolski, is available, who would be an excellent addition. Great record for his country, which he showed against us in the World Cup, and I believe he has a similar good record for his club Koln (I think). He would put away our chances. I believe we have the best defence in the premier league (record wise), so that does not need fixing, it is up front which where the problem lies. If we buy a striker, who will score us lots of goals, and we can go on a similar run from January last year, we can get the top 4. 12th to 6th last season, from January. We have already beaten Arsenal and Chelsea this season, away from home, so at home hopefully we can beat them. We have the double advantage, of no European football this season and we don't have players in the African Cup of Nations, like Arsenal and Chelsea. Their squad will be tired, with Champions league. It seems Wenger is being very cautious as usual in his transfer policy, and Chelsea will sign players, but will they fit in straight away? Look at Torres. We can get 4th, if we take our chances, and go on an excellent run, starting with Newcastle on Friday.

  • Comment number 4.

    In all honesty- Can goalkeepers please stop having the best game of their careers against Liverpool? If you look at the games we've drawn at Anfield, I believe every keeper has got MOTM (including the away game with Wigan and the loss at Stoke).

  • Comment number 5.

    Its a little unfair to say that they have been poor in front of goal, Andy Carrol has produced at least one chance every time he has played, which on another day would have been a goal barring amazing keeping. Luck believe it or not is a big factor in football, and Kenny's boys have been on the wrong end of it so far this season.

    As a Toon fan, I hope they keep up their bad luck especially for their next game!

  • Comment number 6.

    While many fans (and a large portion of the media) saw Daglish's return as almost Christ-like, you have to remember this was a man that had been out of the game for over a decade. It would be no different to Arsenal fans calling for Wenger's head and asking for him to be replaced by Graham. History and tradition are important at football clubs, but they shouldn't blinker the importance of the now. Spending £110 million (admittedly most of this came from player sales, but this is still the club's money and outlay) on decent professionals will get you up to a decent position in the league; but the likes of Adam, Downing, Carroll and Bellamy are not championship winning, or champions league quality. Therefore I am not surprised to see Liverpool where they are now.

  • Comment number 7.

    I still think fourth place isn't out of the question for Liverpool due to Chelsea and Arsenal's inconsistencies. Even more so given Chelsea will be without Drogba for quite a few games. Liverpool do need to buy a finisher in january though, I'd be in for jermain defoe, he's not getting too much game time at tottenham and is a proven goalscorer.

  • Comment number 8.

    Dalglish started the decline of liverpool in the late 80s by signing poor players like Jimmy Carter and having a old squad, he is not doing much better than Roy Hodgson and Roy had no money to spend compared to dalglish.

  • Comment number 9.

    @6. We did not spend anything on Bellamy. @2. We are only 6th, and only 4 points of Chelsea in 4th. I don't know what your idea of mid-table is mate.

  • Comment number 10.

    @8 I don't see how they declined and then won the league in 89/90?

  • Comment number 11.

    @ 4.

    Get real! stop being a sore loser. ALot of keepers play blinders against united, Brad Freidel, Shay Given, and your own Reina have played awesome against us for seasons! Krul at Newcastle this year, put on one the best goalkeeping performance i have ever seen at a game. We don't use this as an excuse! Blame your squad and saurez for being on the floor 60% of the time and being watseful in front of goal. I admit he is a class player but should be up there with Aguero and Rooney in terms of goals now. good luck for the rest of the season.

  • Comment number 12.

    This group of players has been around for less than a season. Let them gel and then give a verdict.

  • Comment number 13.

    '8. At 12:40 27th Dec 2011, BELAL wrote:
    Dalglish started the decline of liverpool in the late 80s by signing poor players like Jimmy Carter and having a old squad, he is not doing much better than Roy Hodgson and Roy had no money to spend compared to dalglish.'

    Roy Hodgson had Liverpool close to the relegation zone this time last year. We took until December to beat anyone away, and took untill December to register a positive goal difference. And this was with Torres and Miereles still at the club as well as a constantly fit Steven Gerrard.

    In other words, you are wrong. In fact, your about as wrong as you can get. Hodgson had money to spend and spent 15 million of it on Konchesky, Poulson and Brad Jones. He then bought Miereles and that wasn't even his idea. And don't get me started on his press conferences....

  • Comment number 14.

    Downing and Carroll were a complete waste of money and show poor judgement. Suarez is a great player, just not a clinical finisher. He needs to play with someone who is. Charlie Adam is a good English player, but not Champions League good. I'm afraid Dalglish has a blinkered approach to players, though selling Torres for mega money was genius.

  • Comment number 15.

    Liverpool's American ownership erred in imposing Damien Comolli on Kenny Dalglish. Comolli's CV and resumé speaks for itself, Tottenham, Saint Etienne, two clubs he nearly took down. His signings and decisions at Spurs were mediocre at best. Somehow the sporting director avoids the axe, it always falls on the dugout man's neck. Good luck Reds and their fans.

  • Comment number 16.

    @5. Well said. Luck does have a major part. Any other day, Carroll would have scored yesterday. And you are right he does create chances most games. We have hit the woodwork over 15 times this season. Other days they all would have gone in. We would be on 42 points if we had not hit the woodwork so many times. However I still feel we need a striker in January to try and take out chances we create. I hope our luck does change on Friday, should be a good game.

  • Comment number 17.

    @7 'I still think fourth place isn't out of the question for Liverpool due to Chelsea and Arsenal's inconsistencies'

    Conveniently forgetting Liverpools inconsistencies though eh? This blog will be full of similar replies shortly, Liverpool fans highlighting why all the other teams will fail, but completely ignoring the failings of their own team.

    Living in the past has become too comfortable for them.

  • Comment number 18.

    If you buy players like Henderson, Adam and Carroll of course the best you can hope for is upper mid table. Suarez, for all his antics, is a classy player and must be wondering if he should really have signed for Liverpool.

  • Comment number 19.

    Dalglish has spent around £100m more than Roy Hodgson! not much improvement

  • Comment number 20.

    @14 charlie adam is scottish. I agree with downing being a waste of space. I can't believe he gets to put the England shirt on. I think Liverpool should give carroll more time. I like him and watched him at newcastle a fair few times when they was in the championship and last season, he can do the business for you, he needs more playing time

  • Comment number 21.

    Isn't Andy Carroll the biggest joke of a transfer fee??
    Woeful player, championship level at best!

  • Comment number 22.


    How many more points has Kenny accummulated compared to Roy this time last year: can't be that much; 4, 5?

    Downing seems to have lost the ability to cut inside. As for Carroll, no more than a decent big slow player who was never worth that level of transfer money. The Liverpool front line has been better led by Suarez.

    Charlie Adam is Scottish! And he doesn't have to be Champions Legue good, because Liverpool will probably not be competing in that next year.

  • Comment number 23.

    @19. Yes a great load of improvement. October last year we were 19th in the league, after losing to Everton. When Hodgson left, we were 12th. We finished 6th last season. We currently are 6th, only 4 points off Chelsea in 4th. That is a lot of improvement.

  • Comment number 24.

    Liverpool are currently having no luck. They are having loads of chances to score goals but excellent saves from the goal keepers have stopped them being goals. Liverpool's luck will return soon.

  • Comment number 25.

    @9. Bellamy is still getting paid by Liverpool, so whilst I admit I was wrong when including him in the transfer spending, he is still taking a wage which comes out of your playing budget. If Liverpool have designs on the top-four and possibly the championship in a few years, you need to be bringing in some quality, not just players like him who will do a job.

  • Comment number 26.

    @LFC gave

    Liverpool this season, remind me of Arsenal of 2005-06 and 06-07 season (obviously minus over 100 million pounds of players bought recently by LFC, of course) where any team visiting newly opened Emirates would have a goalie playing a blinder. Loads of shots on goal, lots of possession, but nothing to show for it apart from 0 or 1 point.
    It's amazing now, Liverpool fans are suggesting to buy another striker on top of over 55 million worth of strike force on their books already. How much a new striker will cost in Jan market is anybody's guess.

    Arsenal are losing only Gervinihio as Chamakh is hardly playing (or scoring for that matter!). He will roughly miss the same number of games as Suarez inevitably will, provided the commission won't increase the ban on appeal. He can only challenge the length of the ban not the verdict itself and it could easily go the other way.

    You suggested that any new players Chelsea will buy will have question marks regarding how quickly they will settle in, however, I take that you don't have similar concerns regarding any new striker bought by LFC? What tells you that LFC striker will settle in from day zero while any players bought by Chelsea will not!

    Perhaps you could also care to hightlight the impact of Suarez missing 8 or more games in coming weeks and where it will leave LFC challenge for European place?

  • Comment number 27.

    Most of the Kopites posting here suggest that all will be well, as long as Liverpool buy another proven goal scorer .... this on top of the £50m+ wasted on Andy Carroll (£35m) and Stewart Downing (est £18m). I think its been made very clear by the US owners that the money spent, plus the £22.8m on Suarez, is all the kitty had. And you don't get much for the £5m now left.

  • Comment number 28.

    Time and time again our forwards appear to be trying to walk the ball into the net! They beat a player then go back to try and beat him again then lose the ball. Those most guilty for this are Enrique, Downing & Johnson. Get the ball then whip the soden think into the box, thats what Caroll and Suarez will thrive on, failing that? Just have a crack at goal, you never know they may just get the luck that sometimes the Manc get more often than not!!

  • Comment number 29.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 30.

    So BBC Phil, got our favourites as always. Steve Kean may not deserve the abuse he gets but his results in general do. And Liverpool were all over them in every way and it will come right for Kenny. Questions will be asked... by who? You? I'm a gooner and am fed up with the BBc's agenda led reporting of football. It starts on five live and spreads everywhere.

  • Comment number 31.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 32.

    Feel compelled to weigh in on this nonsense. And I'm Leeds, so you won't be complaining that I'm biased now. ;)

    But I have to say in the 2nd half Liverpool played some of the best attacking football I've seen in a long time. Fantastic runs, intelligent passes. Clearly a team that knows what its doing. I was so impressed I was gob-smacked at some of the ways they were cutting the ball through BBs midfield and back four. They were doing an Arsenal but better than the Arse.

    Granted, it didn't end up in a result (so typical of the Gunners there, too). But I'd have been very pleased if I'd been KD with what I saw. A team that's so in tune with what each other is doing only needs one thing: a Keegan or a Dalglish to put the ball between the posts.

    I thought Suarez was that man when they first signed him, but actually he's proven to be more of a provider with the occasional flash of individual brilliance to beat the keeper (more of an Archie Gemmill than a Dalglish, or so it seems to me).


  • Comment number 33.

    @ 28
    "get the luck that sometimes the Manc get more often than not!!"

    Awwwww! now that is bitter. have a whinge at your team and stick in a little sly blast at United. Always the same. funny how at the start of the season "Big, big things are happening at Liverpool" ;) brilliant! and if we didn't have that outrageous penalty against us (at old trafford where we get everything) vs Newcastle and Krul didn't play a blinder, and our luck was out with hitting the post twice we would be TOP OF THE LEAGUE ;)

  • Comment number 34.

    Liverpool aren't doing much wrong.

    I'll wager that all of a sudden these chances will start going in and they will be rewarded with the comfortable victories they should have earned.

    Bring on the second half of the season!!

  • Comment number 35.

    Liverpool are close to becoming a very good team. They need a goalscorer and although a fantastic player Suarez is not a finisher. I have to say it looked a decent plan on paper bringing in Downing renowned for his crossing ability and Carroll to convert. It hasn't worked - yet. Carroll was unfit when bought and now is suffering from a lack of confidence. Still early days and Liverpool fans need to show more patience with this work in progress. There have been glimpses of brilliance this season but too much inconsistency.
    Dalglish is not far away but probably needs to bring another 2/3 players. Unlucky break with Leiva but thats football.
    A trophy in the shape of the Carling Cup may propel LFC onward but I hope not as I am a City fan living in Liverpool.

  • Comment number 36.

    It's a pity that Kenny instead of concentrating in the team performance he has decided to waste useful time arguing about Suarez who has already been found guilty by the jury.

  • Comment number 37.

    i think part of liverpool's problem is that the signings they have made were not thought through properly. Players were brought because those were the positions they thought needed strengthening rather than those were the players who would improve the side.

    Andy carroll was brilliant for newcastle simply because they played through him. He was their focal point, and the way they played was to use his strengths to their advantage, get balls into the box and have players feeding him all the time. But i think the rush to sign a striker meant that his signing wasn't thought through. And liverpool do not play the same style of football that newcastle do so its no surprise that he is struggling. Adam, Henderson.... i would have thought that in gerrard and lucas liverpool already had a solid base for midfield. Adam is a brilliant player in the gerrard role but there is no way of fitting them all into the same side. Once again they were brought based on their past performances rather than how they would improve the team.

    But i do not think anyone could argue that liverpool have had their fair share of bad fortunes. They have hit the woodwork more than any other premiership side, and i don't think i've seen quite as many different keepers pull off blinders than against liverpool this season.

    I think the makings are there for a good season. Chelsea are looking far too inconsistent, Arsenal despite their turnaround are still one injury to van persie away from being in serious trouble, and tottenham are still trying to convince themselves that they are title challengers. I can see it being a 4-way battle for 3rd and 4th spot. Liverpool can make it but they need to properly strengthen in january, and buy players who can improve their team position for position, rather than signing players for the sake of looking like they mean business aka carroll, henderson etc

  • Comment number 38.

    @25. I understand what you are trying to say, I was just pointing out that Bellamy was actually a free transfer. This season was never about winning the championship. It was about getting in the top 4. We are only 4 points off that at the moment, so we are not doing awful. @25. In January Lukas Podolski is available, and will not cost 50m. Jermain Defoe at Tottenham, is not getting much game time. Excellent record when he scores, and won't again be overly expensive. Gervinho will be the biggest miss for you, as you are right in saying that Chamakh does nothing for you. However at the start of the season, when we beat you 2-0, then you lost 8-2, then a couple weeks later lost to Blackburn 4-3, was when you didn't have all your first team players playing. So any injuries you get during the Africa Cup of Nations will expose your lack of strength in depth. Suarez will get has ban overturned, even if we take it to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, as no court will ever accept one man's evidence, as credible. Andy Carroll has not settled in, as he did not play straight away when we bought him. Suarez played straight away, and has proven he has settled in. So a striker we buy in Jan, as long as he plays straight away, I feel will settle in. Torres played straight away at Chelsea, and well you know the rest. If Suarez somehow does miss 8 games, we have Gerrard back, we could have a new striker to take his place. Bellamy is on form, so is Maxi, so Suarez if he somehow misses 8 games, his impact at this time can be replaced.

  • Comment number 39.

    With Liverpool, currently just a matter of the chances going in, that's all.

    Wins at home are key, plus a non man-of-the-match opposing keeper would help =]

  • Comment number 40.

    I think Liverpool have improved immensely, their work ethic and short quick football has been a breath of fresh air from this current team, they could however do with a natural in front of goal if they aim to continue this style of play, although i'd be very suprised if Dalglish were to do any deals in January, or, whether there are funds available for that matter.

  • Comment number 41.

    I think the makings are there for a good season. Chelsea are looking far too inconsistent, Arsenal despite their turnaround are still one injury to van persie away from being in serious trouble, and tottenham are still trying to convince themselves that they are title challengers.

    What do you base that on? As a gooner we have had to rely on players other than Van Persie for years as he has always been injured. We always score goals, but it makes no sense to drop a player playing so well, who says he will get injured?

    As for Spurs, why are they ¨convincing themselves¨?? They have a far better shot than Pool of doing something this season, and probably better than Arsenal, although it pains me to say it.

    As for one man teams, take a look at your own team, without Suarez working his magic I am not even sure Liverpool would even create the chances they inevitably miss. Andy C will not come good just because he cost so much, if there is a one man team, maybe it is your own?

    If only you could persuade that one man to actually put the ball in the net ....

  • Comment number 42.

    Eight of the next ten premiership titles will be won by Manchester United with Manchester City and Chelsea probably winning the other two between them.

    Liverpool (and Arsenal for that matter) just don't have enough money.

  • Comment number 43.

    Eight of the next ten premiership titles will be won by Manchester United with Manchester City and Chelsea probably winning the other two between them.

    Liverpool (and Arsenal for that matter) just don't have enough money.

    Sadly, that is what it has come down to ....

  • Comment number 44.

    bro come on, are you serious? gerrard (though one of th best in the league in his day) seems almost over the hill and cant play 2 games without an injury. suarez is due to be banned for a quarter of the season (although i have no doubt the spineless FA will overturn that, plus he is actually not all that good and actually seems incapable of staying on his feet inside the opositions penalty area, it could be a medical condition?)
    Carroll? 35million pounds? that, quite frankly is hilarious and that is why liverpool have absolutley no chance of a top 4 finish. They can defend very well I will give them that. but you spend 20 something mil on suarez, 35 on carroll and still the bottom two clubs in the league have scored more goals. that has to raise questions about your manager. who, funnily enough has nothing but excuses, which liverpool fans then use themselves to defend the seriously overpriced new acquisitions. carroll has been there a year. hard to gel when you dont get a game though eh! (I loved his ten minute cameo against chels, he came on, fell over the ball 3 times then the game ended! 35mil indeed!!) mind you it seems to spend 35-50 mil on benchwarmers is the new fashion in the prem. madness. I am sorry but I have to make this clear. the goal is only so big. they dont make it smaller just before the game so liverpool hit the post all day! so what your actually saying is "if they made the goals bigger we would have scored 15 more goals this season" no way! really?!? that is absolutley laughable! and to blame it on luck even more so! how about "if our players hit the target we would have scored 15 more goals this year"? yup, sounds about right to me.

  • Comment number 45.

    All this talk about Liverpool 'not having enough money' or that the 'transfer kitty is empty' is a bit silly really.

    KD recently said that if Liverpool want to buy, they will buy. Maybe we don't have the resources of Man City, however we can match most other teams pound for pound. Yes some have billionaire owners, but they don't have the global following or revenue we do. Besides we are owned by Americans who own a baseball team, which isn't exactly a cheap sporting venture either. I'm not claiming that we have an endless supply of gold, but simple things like the fact that we are debt free now and therefore do not pay £20-25m a year in debt interest makes all the difference in the world.

    LFC will get back in the top 4 through Kenny Dalglish. Unfortunately it might not be this year, but Rome wasn't built in a day. In my mind we have effectively done a Man City (9 new players in a year?) and it will take time for them to properly gel. Football teams aren't about the stars playing for them, it is about how they play together. RE Alan Hansen's view on a defence - he would rather 4 average players who had played together for years, over 4 super stars.

  • Comment number 46.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 47.

    @44 well said lad

  • Comment number 48.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 49.

    LFCGav You're talking absolute nonsense. If you can't beat, statistically the worst team in the PL at home then do you really think you'll last the distance in the race for 4th? No, i don't think so. You've paid 20m on Jordan Henderson, not quite sure what he actually does, score goals? Assists? The answer to both is no. Charlie Adam is a useful squad player, but he wouldn't get into any top 4 team. Stewart Downing, another 20m player. Hasn't had a single goal or assist this season, that really isn't value for money. It gets even more ridiculous when you get to Carroll, 35m for what? Not like he's even showing signs of being half-decent. It's a staggering amount of money that Dalglish has wasted, to buy sub-standard or just plain average players. I'm amazed he hasn't recieved more flack over it, but he has the media running scared due to his dour, aggressive demeanour in post match pressers.

  • Comment number 50.

    @42 Dream on.

    You're not the best team in Manchester anymore. Deal with it.

  • Comment number 51.

    Suarez (Freddie Mercury) can score for fun - he's done it everywhere. Difference is now opposing managers in the EPL have now managed to contain him better than before so his chances are less and further away from goal.

    Suarez is heads down single focus striker. The change needed is he needs to pick his head up and look for the higher percentage play rather than taking the low percentage shot, which he is resorting to because his team mates are a step behind him and his one track determination to score which has brought him and us initial success.

    Carroll is 2 steps behind the team play because of the speed of play. He needs to play with anticipation rather than trying to react to a play. Right now he looks like its the first time he has ever played football, never mind with any of the squad.

    Bellamy and Downing are the perfect match up with Carroll. Crossed balls not through balls. Not sure how many minutes those 3 have played together but it's not a lot - usually Carroll has come on for Bellamy or Downing which blows my mind. Time will tell when Suarez leaves to go on sensitivity training.

    Can you imagine David Silva and Suarez on the same pitch..........? Wow. If we need to sign anyone, my vote would be for that combination. Adam is a deep midfiled ball player aka Alonso, we need a cutting edge top of the box genius play maker IMHO, not another striker starved of a killer pass. Xavi or his potential ?

  • Comment number 52.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 53.

    As usual Liverpool fans come up with a mountain of excuses to paper over the cracks of their mediocre squad that has existed since their dizzy heights of finishing runners up in the league several years ago.

    Goalkeepers have great games week in week out, it's not something exclusive to Anfield, to say so is an insult and shows arrogance of the Liverpool fans yet again. The simple fact is you have one striker in Suarez who cant stay on his feet and would rather dive to shift the responsibility of scoring goals onto the Liverpool penalty taker and another who is so heavily overburdened by his overinflated £35m price tag.

    Liverpool are a mid table team with a mid table squad and a manager who was out of the game so long that he probably forgot what it takes to manage a top team so was only able to secure a job because of a bunch of deluded fans living permanently off past glory.

    Get over yourselves Liverpool fans.

  • Comment number 54.

    Pretty sure that with the brilliant contribution of Luis Suarez in their midst - 5 goals (jt 20th top scorer no less) and an unbelievable 1 (one) assist (jt 1990th approximately) - it can only be a matter of time before Dalglish steers Liverpool round another another corner.

  • Comment number 55.

    To be honest it is not all about luck I think we have a lot of bad luck and a lot of decinsions don't go are way but that is the same chance for any other club!! I think Charlie Adam is a great player but for a mid table club not a top flight club but I also think he is just as good as Carrick or barry so with experience and time to grow on better decision making he could become a excellent player in the mould of alonso. As for Carroll I see some potential but not a lot I think he will be as good as crouch and then Liverpool will offload him. King kenny goes for the fast play approach and Carroll simply does not fit in, every time he plays Liverpool seem to play different and it does not work. We need to see what he becomes in the future as a player does not become bad overnight and he needs time to gel. I think kenny needs to reconsider and play Steven Gerard just behind the Suarez and a clinical striker (who he will hopefully bring in January) and downing and hendo on rm and lm with Adam just hanging back becoming the sweeper making the team formation 4-3-1-2 personally I think this is the only way Liverpool can reach there full potential.... Thanks YNWA!

  • Comment number 56.

    Suarez is good, both in creating chances and occasionally putting them away, Carroll is good at creating chances but pretty poor at putting them away. What Liverpool need is a striker who is good at actually putting them away. That's all they need. The rest of the team isn't bad, they just don't have a reliable scorer.

  • Comment number 57.

    @49. Henderson has scored this season. 3 game of the season against Bolton. Cracking left foot shot, into the top corner. He has provided assists. He was not signed to score goals though. Downing, has started to play well more recently. Carroll, creates a chance almost every game at Anfield, yet the opposing keeper makes a great save. Joe Hart, Yesterday, and countless other examples. He has scored this season as well. Yes only 2 goals, but he has scored.

  • Comment number 58.

    I think the stewert downing hasn't played that badly thid season, as whenever hen is on the ball you can feel something is going to happen also his link up play with jose enrique has been encouraging. The problem with carroll hes rubbish and its nothing to do with form he is playing at his best ability now he just isn't Liverpool standard

  • Comment number 59.

    Liverpool are not the finished product, but are not too far away. Andy Carroll is a better player than we have seen so far but 35 million was always way too much for him (13m would have been closer to reality) What would Dalglish give for someone who could deliver that elusive final touch - what about a cheeky January bid for Michael Owen?

  • Comment number 60.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 61.

    I don't know whether I'm alone in this but I think Charlie Adam is a key reason why Liverpool keep losing points. Every game I see so many mistimed tackles, misplaced passes and wasted dead ball situations from him. I know, he often does provide the killer pass/free kick/corner when Liverpool do score (whick just goes to show how important and influential his role in the team is), showing that he does have the ability, but he doesn't play like that for 90 minutes.

    If Adam started to get at least most of his corners past the first man, and free kicks whizzed into the danger area, and long passes that reached one of his own players, Liverpool would be picking up a lot more points. Am I the only person who thinks it's so important that he in particular bucks his ideas up?

  • Comment number 62.

    Liverpool fans, and their detractors (me included!), really need to see this season as one where stability returned. Anything above 10th spot - and on current evidence they'll do way better than that - should be seen as a good platform to move on from.

    Of course Liverpool fans have spent the last decade telling everyone that next season would be their season - long after it stopped becoming amusing, became tedious and finally morphed into a deranged delusion - so I won't hold my breath. The rest of us should recognize Dalglish is doing a good job, something I certainly didn't expect after returning to the job.

    He's made a few bad buys, but so what? He's stabilized the club and that's worth a couple of expensive clunkers.

    5th or 6th should please any rational Liverpool fan for this season, of course 'rational' and 'Liverpool fan' are mutually exclusive terms...

  • Comment number 63.

    At 12:54 27th Dec 2011, paul lankau wrote:

    Liverpool's American ownership erred in imposing Damien Comolli on Kenny Dalglish. Comolli's CV and resumé speaks for itself, Tottenham, Saint Etienne, two clubs he nearly took down. His signings and decisions at Spurs were mediocre at best. Somehow the sporting director avoids the axe, it always falls on the dugout man's neck. Good luck Reds and their fans.
    Yes, Gareth Bale and Luca Modric were truly mediocre signings. It's not the done thing for Spurs fans to support Comolli, but in truth the near-disaster was more down to the manager (Ramos) than the sporting director. For that reason Liverpool would do well not to try and shift the blame entirely onto his shoulders.

  • Comment number 64.

    agree with a previous comment about liverpool kind of buying without thinking how the player would fit into their team! also its my opinion that liverpool dont stand a chance of a top 4 and 6th i thinks the best you can hope for, you have too many 2nd rate players to be a top 4 club i.e. downing, henderson, bellamy and no longer do clubs fear you without the presence of gerrard, alonso etc its not necessarily "inspired keepers" its just teams dont fear liverpool as much anymore. also i wish liverpool fans would stop blaming carroll, it was dalglish who brought him for £35m not andy, if anyone blame daglish!

  • Comment number 65.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 66.

    Dalglish is an anachronism in the 2011 EPL.

    Kenny's style of management is a leftover from the Jurassic period, hence why he paid £35m for a brontosaurus.

    I doubt that Dalglish would even be able to send out a team capable of beating the ''Pig and Whistle'' on a Sunday morning.

  • Comment number 67.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 68.

    @ Newmanja15 - Interesting you use the word bitter. You tried so hard to come accross as neutral in your first couple of comments but then you just could not help yourself could you? You sum up the hater to a tee. Your own team has bounced back from a slump in emphatic fashion and will probably be back at the top of the prem by the end of the Xmas period and so you and your fellow manU bloggers should have so many positives to discuss, but no, instead here you are. Starting off by pretending to be neutral, then losing your cool and blowing your cover. Just sad is all.

  • Comment number 69.

    While the Comedy Central £35m price tag for Andy ''Red Lion'' Carroll will always be how people will remember Dalgilsh's contribution to football, let's not forget the shocking amounts he's also wasted on sub-standard British plodders: £20m for Henderson, £18m for Downing and £8m for Adam.

    That's a combined total of £81m wasted on four players who would struggle to hold down a place in the starting XI of ''The Frog and Ferret'' on a Sunday morning.

  • Comment number 70.

    I agree with RIK1470 Adam is hit and miss and not a reliable player but with time and experience he could become a good player with better decision making. But I have a passion for LFC and I think Liverpool will finish 4th this season with a good finisher brought in January because to be honest caroll is shocking and will not progress. But you cannot blame the manager saying he is past it look at the best manager in the league undoubtly and a unsung hero in the prem Harry rednapp

  • Comment number 71.

    Apart from sticking the ball in the net more often I dont see much wrong with Liverpool.
    They are on at least a par with any of the teams above them in the table regarding defending , and build up play.
    I really enjoy watching them play , win , lose , or draw they entertain me. I believe that is what really counts.

  • Comment number 72.

    While the Comedy Central £35m price tag for Andy ''Red Lion'' Carroll will always be how people will remember Dalgilsh's contribution to football, let's not forget the shocking amounts he's also wasted on sub-standard British plodders: £20m for Henderson, £18m for Downing and £8m for Adam.

    That's a combined total of £81m wasted on four players who would struggle to hold down a place in the starting XI of ''The Frog and Ferret'' on a Sunday morning.

    A lot of posters here have a real go at you and your constant anti-British ...ness - but in this post I agree with every word. King K has blown a ton of money on truly average players and they will not finish top 4 this season.

  • Comment number 73.

    @17 I'm not forgetting our inconsistencies, but the fact remains that arsenal and chelsea are also inconsistent means they still have a chance at 4th. Saying we live in the past is just a lazy critique.

  • Comment number 74.

    70. At 14:07 27th Dec 2011, Toomer LFC wrote:

    look at the best manager in the league undoubtly and a unsung hero in the prem Harry rednapp

    OK, I'm going to have to ask how you come to the bizarre conclusion that Redknapp is ''the best manager in the league''.

    He controls one of the most expensively assembled squads in world football, and in the last three seasons he's finished 4th, 5th and is challenging for a top 4 position this season.

    That pretty much sounds like a par for the course performance considering the team he manages. There's nothing unduly remarkable about what he's done.

  • Comment number 75.

    Kean has probably found the player to save his season in his new goalkeeper. Lets hope he plays him in the next game. Caroll scored plenty at St James Park, and at one stage Torres scored plenty for Liverpool, even Robbie Keane is not as bad as he looked at Liverpool. Seems like a coaching problem to me. Something has changed at Liverpool in the coaching that has seen strikers lose what they had. Liverpool paid what they did for Caroll because they could. Liverpool are the best of the rest, and only stay 6th or 7th due to the ineptitude of those below them. Daglish knows a thing or two, but looking at him the other day, I was struck by his body language, he looks older crustier, and more down then Alex Ferguson does on a bad day. I don't believe he has what it takes, any more than Hodgson.

  • Comment number 76.

    Hello everyone. Hope you all had a Happy Christmas.

    Interested in all your thoughts on Liverpool's progress - particularly the very obvious lack of goals which is hurting them?

    And Blackburn fans? Is it time to ease off the manager after what you saw yesterday?

    All views (well constructive ones) welcome - for and against the blog. Thanks, Phil.

  • Comment number 77.

    You're not the best team in Manchester anymore. Deal with it.


    Current Champions and joint top despite us apparently being 'rubbish' all season. You've made yourself look silly there.

  • Comment number 78.

    @74 I'm sure he his look at what he has achieved at spurs. May I ask are you a man united fan?

  • Comment number 79.

    Merry Xmas Phil & Everyone,

    If you compare the signings of Dalglish during his first tenure, when he replaced Ian Rush to those of his second, when he has replaced Fernando Torres you can see the difference in the level of effectiveness. When Ian Rush was sold, he had scored 30 league goals (40 overall) and Liverpool had won nothing, finishing 2nd to Everton in the league. Dalglish signed Barnes, Beardsley, Aldridge, and Houghton, who were all unqualified, raving successes and galvanised the club to the extent that many commentators feel that it was the best club side in the world at that time.

    Tim Vickery wrote, perfectly, that Suarez is, on current form, probably the best player in the world, when it comes to international games (he recently scored 4 in a match.) However, when it comes to Liverpool it is another matter. A quick trip to the fantasy league site tells me that Suarez has scored 5 goals and made 3 assists. Carroll has scored 2 goals with 0 assists. To compare these 2, along with Adam (2 goals, 7 assists,) and Downing (an unbelievable 0 goals, 0 assists) to Barnes, Beardsley, Aldridge, and Houghton is sacrilege.

    You cannot even compare this quartet's performance to the best players in the league, never mind some of the best players of all time at one of the truly great football clubs of the world. RVP (16 goals, 6 assists,) Ba (14 goals, 3 assists,) Silva (5 goals, 9 assists.)

    Dalglish can turn it around, and he will be banking on his solid foundation of defence, and the quartet mentioned must close the gap with RVP, Ba, and Silva by performing at least as good as them for the remainder of this campaign, and not giving them any headstart next season.


  • Comment number 80.

    @73 You didn't say Chelsea and Arsenal are 'also inconsistent' originally, you said- 'I still think fourth place isn't out of the question for Liverpool DUE TO Chelsea and Arsenal's inconsistencies.'

    There is a subtle difference, indicating that the other 2 clubs have failings Liverpool don't have. Which is simply untrue.

  • Comment number 81.

    If Liverpool's supposed 'best' striker (despite barely ever scoring) concentrated more on hitting a barn door rather than racially abusing the opposition they might not be an also-ran year after year.

    How much would Liverpool love to swap Carroll for Demba Ba? I bet Newcastle's board are still laughing at Dalglish for the £35 million waste now.

  • Comment number 82.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 83.

    OK, can we please stop talking about luck here. When a team hits the woodwork, the shot is off-target. End of story. It's as much a goal as skewering the ball to the corner flag. Yes, it's close. But as they say, no cigar. And when a keeper pulls off a great save.... well that's not luck either. It's simply about the save being better than the shot. If you believe that keepers having the audacity to save an accurate shot is simply bad luck, then perhaps you should petition for this pesky interference to be removed from the game. These guys train incredibly hard and are very talented, so don't belittle their skill between the posts as mere luck. Bad luck is a player turning awkwardly with noone near him and rupturing his knee. Or a goal-bound shot heading for an empty net but being deflected by a (admittedly freakishly strong) passing pigeon. But a shot that is not on-target (ie hitting the post) or a goalkeeper coming out on top in a duel between two skills.... there is no luck involved there.

    Now, I am not trying to be provocative for the sake of it, and have enjoyed reading the various opinions in here. I'm a Hammer (therefore I have learnt from bitter experience last year to accept what is and most definitely isn't luck) with a soft-spot for Liverpool and hope they continue to challenge for the top 4. Which, as far as I can see from the league table they most definitely are. But Carroll cost insane money for a raw talent with a highly questionable character and intelligence. And any Kiwi or Australian would laugh you out of school if you tried to suggest that hitting the post or a keeper actually playing well has anything to do with luck. And pound for pound they are probably the two most successful sporting nations on earth.

  • Comment number 84.

    "Blackburn and Bolton have both scored more Premier League goals this season than Dalglish's side - a stark statistic for a team aiming for the top four."

    That is a damning indictment of the supposed improvement.

  • Comment number 85.

    It takes longer than half a season to rebuild a team!

  • Comment number 86.

    I don't buy the argument that goalkeepers and "the post" are always man of the match against Liverpool. You can make a goalie look good by finishing poorly. Watch United last two 5-0 drubbings and you will see what good finishing looks like 0 the goalies have no chance when you finish well.
    Fact is we have Carroll who is either not as good as billed, or not playing well (I think the former) and Suarez, who has been an excellent finisher in Holland, but is quite errant this season. After that, forget it. Kuyt, Bellamy. Adam, Downing? All positions we should be looking at 10 goals a season from and we will be lucky if we get ten in total.
    However, one thing that has improved vastly this season is the amount of control we have of games. We dominate pretty much every match, even against the top four, we dominated United, and could easily have beaten City. Did beat Chelsea and Arsenal (though we took a spanking from Spurs with 9 men).
    So with the addition of someone who can score, or the light going on with Suarez or Carroll, we could win a lot more games second half than we have the first half of the season, so there is hope yet.
    Question is will Henry give Kenny any money after he has blown so much on pretty average guys so far?

  • Comment number 87.

    My assessment of the Liverpool attacking threat.

    Suarez: Amazing trickery but needs to look for the simple pass after the first dummy and not try the spectacular.

    Carroll: Should just be a goalhanger and stay as far upfield as possible waiting to receive the ball. Closing down opposition players just inside the Liverpool half uses his energy and he is not very good at it.

    Maxi: Not really sure where his best position is, but at least he links up play intelligently and does not lose the ball.

    Downing: Needs to learn to aim for a red shirt when he crosses , also his shooting is rarely on target.

    Bellamy: (See Maxi ) But I think he should play more often

    Johnson: Very dangerous on the overlap and cutting in, crosses better than downing.

    Henrique: (see Johnson) But please stop him from shooting, they nearly always end up in row Z

    Henderson & Adam: Too many wayward passes and erratic shooting.

    Gerrard: Still a class act , in the 25 mins he has on the pitch he produced some very good incisive passes in dangerous positions.

  • Comment number 88.

    Has no one even mentioned that Liverpool have hit the woodwork 14 times, more than anyone else? Along with the worldy saves that goalkeepers have been making. Not to mention some magnificent football liverpool have been playing, pass and move at it's best. With that in mind Liverpool have also got the best defensive record in the league, so how is this not all an improvement in one year?

    Hodgson was going down, Kenny is going up. No matter how much time it takes, that is what's happening.

    If the woodwork was an inch wider or higher, Liverpool would be in the top 3. That's a fact. Let's not forget this is a completely new team;

    Enrique, Adam, Henderson, Downing, Carroll, Suarez and Bellamy. All new players that have had 6 months to gel when any manager will tell you it takes atleast a year to 18 months. Kenny wont go into the market for a new striker when he has Kuyt, Suarez, Carroll, Bellamy and young Adam Morgan, Nathan Eccleston in the reserves and under 18s respectively.

    He's spent money to re-build a team, which he has. He's not going to throw money at a single player to solve the problem, that's the worst thing you can do.

    One defeat in 12 games? and in the semi-finals of the Carling Cup? That's sure as hell better than last year when Liverpool fans couldn't bear to watch the awful football that Hodgson got the team playing.

    I'm sure many people will be eating their words come the end of the season.

  • Comment number 89.

    @ 22.

    Kenny has 9 more points than Hodgson had at this stage last season.

    Results have not been good enough but they have been substantially better than they were last season.

    As appears to be accepted by all, Liverpool's main problem is scoring, which is due to a lack of goals from midfield, which should improve when gerrard returns, and the lack of a clinical striker.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see liverpool spend another big chunk of money in the January window and sneak into the top 4 at the end of the season.

    In respect to Carroll, he hasn't delivered for Liverpool to date but I think most people saw the purchase as either a gamble or a huge mistake anyway.

    I think he will deliver in the long-term in accordance with the plan the owners are trying to put together. The unfortunate down side to that is that Carroll has delivered less than expected in the immediate term which means that another striker looks necessary.

  • Comment number 90.


    Blown my cover? oh god! I'm not just a United fan but I'm a football fan. I always give credit where it is due and I'm not a dilusioned bias United fan. I will comment appropriately on certain posts when i have something to say but then theres always atleast 2 or 3 that have a go at United for no reason? so as a United fan who are you! to tell me I can't have a bit of banter too by sticking up for my club and having a pop back? exactly! thanks ;)

  • Comment number 91.

    78. At 14:26 27th Dec 2011, Toomer LFC wrote:

    @74 I'm sure he his look at what he has achieved at spurs. May I ask are you a man united fan?

    No, I'm not a United fan!

    I'm not even particularly anti-Spurs or anti-Redknapp, but I can't stand the London-based media's love-in with them.

    The way they go on about Spurs (who have a squad costing £200m) finishing 4th in the EPL and reaching the quarter-finals of the CL, as if it's some sort of Roy of the Rovers, fairy-tale stuff, is nauseating.

    The idolisation of Redknapp, like he's some kind of miracle worker, is also rather perplexing, considering the resources he has available to him.

    Still, people's dewy-eyed opinions of Redknapp's supposed managerial skills will swiftly fade away when he becomes the England manager!

  • Comment number 92.

    i think dalglish is boldly pushing liverpool onwards - around another corner.

    LFC sign 4 players - adam, henderson, downing and carroll for whom mid-table was the height of their experience and a manager whose last contribution over a decade ago was to nearly relegate newcastle before sir bobby rescued them, then expect a top 4 finish? pure and utter delusion.

    the club is mired in it's past and drowning in a sea of nostalgia. the only cure is for dalglish to fail spectacularly and a new younger manager come in and rebuild the whole philosophy and perspective of the club.

    even that probably wont be enough. to get in the top 4, liverpool need good players. to get good players the need champions league football. they are caught in the same trap the likes of spurs and villa were in for probably 20 years. and with FFP coming in, there are fewer ways out.

    the immediate future of liverpool is 4-5 cup finals a year - when city, united, chelsea, arsenal and spurs come to play and they have a chance to prove they're still a 'big club'

    ultimately one man is to blame for the problems at liverpool - rafa benitez. held the owners hostage, nearly bankrupted the club with duff signings and built up a level of delusion surrounding the place that has yet to subside.

  • Comment number 93.

    I think its funny people say Liverpool have been unlucky with op goalkeepers, as far as I was aware it was the keepers job to stop goals being scored? Its not like you seem them giving goals away to other teams. It comes down to the forwards being poor finishers.

  • Comment number 94.

    #88 - please see my post on luck and hitting the woodwork. To say that if the goals were bigger Liverpool would be top 3, "fact", is quite simply wrong. It's as much a fact as hitting the woodwork is a goal. If the goals were bigger, the game would be different. Shots would be attempted that aren't attempted now, for example. Games would regularly finish 4-4, 6-5, 9-2 etc. And players who are aiming for the corners of the goal and hitting the post today, will still aim for the corners and hit the post tomorrow.

    Yes, these statistics mean that Liverpool are getting close. And it's psychologically better than not scoring and not hitting the post. But to extrapolate that into a better league position if the game was changed is a little daft. Certainly don't try to pass it off as fact.

    As for the rest of your post, I agree with you completely. Progress is progress, and steady progress is the most sustainable of all. And I hope you get to enjoy more.

  • Comment number 95.

    @77 - Current Champions and joint top despite us apparently being 'rubbish' all season. You've made yourself look silly there.


  • Comment number 96.

    71 not sure how you can conclude that liverpool are at least on a par with the teams above them - the two actual title challengers anyway - in terms of build-up play (by which you presumably mean creating opportunities to score). city have been in record breaking goalscoring form until recently, whilst united have created an absolute stack of chances in recent weeks quite apart from the 17 goals they've notched in the last 5 league games.

    in my opinion the main problem liverpool has is that it imagines its players to be far better than they actually are. luis suarez may or may not be 'currently the best player in the world on the international scene' - but nobody is actually doing anything much on the international scene so what the hell does that count for? at club level his productivity is ordinary at best - he's not doing it himself and he's not inspiring the others to do it either. don't get me wrong, he's not a dud or anything, he's just the only thing the fans have got to hang on to and so they've built him up far above the level he can ever obtain other than fleetingly at best.

    the poster who spoke of van persie, silva and ba and pleaded that liverpool should have a player like that, doing that may be correct. if liverpool had a rooney or a valencia or a nani then they'd have half a chance. but they haven't. i honestly don't see how on earth that fella has managed to bury his head so far in the sand that he can actually speak about how liverpool must strive not to give the teams above them a headstart next season. liverpool aren't any closer to mounting a genuine title challenge than they have been at any other stage in the past two decades - the odd over-achieving season aside.

  • Comment number 97.

    Seriously, how can such a run of poor results be 'bad luck'? Pointing to visiting goalkeepers and claiming that they've all had the game of their lives is embarrassing in the extreme. Sometimes you have to look hard at the players and admit that some aren't good enough, the longer people blame 'bad luck' the longer the perceived 'bad luck' will continue.

  • Comment number 98.

    @74 How are Spurs one of the most expensive squads in the world compared with the 2 Manchester Clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea, and your own beloved Spanish teams?

    @23 and @38 So 6 places up the table is a great improvement is it? For each place that Liverpool have moved up the table it has cost them roughly £16million. I wouldn't call that a great improvement if I were a Liverpool fan. And you can't just make the assumption that any player who joins Liverpool will settle in and be brilliant from the get go. Carroll for example hasn't. So you can't say that either Defoe or Podolski would be instant stars.

    @30 Every football fan has the right to question what a manager is doing, be it Phil, you or myself. You're just on an Anti BBC agenda and your comment added nothing to the discussion at all.

    And for all those saying that every keeper that goes to Anfield has the best game of their life there. Liverpool should still be able to beat Blackburn considering where they are in the table and the way they have been playing. The fact they Liverpool have scored LESS goals than Bolton and Blackburn this season just goes to show that Liverpool are FAR from a top 4 team.

  • Comment number 99.

    The problem is that when you spend £80 million you really hope it wont be wasted on British 'talent'.

    Especially 'talent' like Downing (contributed no goals or assists this season) Carroll (mine's another pint) Adam (who when he runs he actually gets slower) and Henderson (hedgehog with a bright light been bared down on him)

    The fact is that since the late eighties Liverpool have not purchsed a British player who has been a success. The reason? British players are not very good at football.

  • Comment number 100.

    What is it about LFC and their fans? Can't accept they're currently in decline - no one has the right to be topdog ad infinitum; ask Leeds/ Forest etc. No doubt they'll bounce back in time but too many players are not top 4 material


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