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What would Beckham bring to Spurs?

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Phil McNulty | 06:00 UK time, Thursday, 6 January 2011

Goodison Park

If Harry Redknapp required a public prod to persuade Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy of the wisdom of his pursuit of David Beckham, he may just use the defeat at Everton as his prime exhibit.

Redknapp's desire to hand Beckham a brief return to the Premier League spotlight has raised familiar questions about the former England captain's true worth at this level in the twilight of an illustrious career.

How would a developing Spurs team built around the pace and width of Aaron Lennon and Gareth Bale in tandem with the midfield subtlety of Luka Modric and the thrust and threat of Rafael van der Vaart accommodate a 35-year-old whose best days are inevitably in the past?

Redknapp will not have enjoyed the loss against an enigmatic Everton side, but the consolation was that it allowed him to present his case for Beckham's capture on loan.

Beckham is awaiting developments in LA as Redknapp seeks to close a deal - photo: AP

Beckham's measured and slower style, combined with recent serious injury and a trade plied in the less demanding environment of Major League Soccer with Los Angeles Galaxy, appears to place him at odds with the methods employed by Spurs as they flourish in domestic and European competition.

But the manner in which Everton picked Spurs up and gave them a thorough going over for spells as they once more proved dangerous opponents for any side near the Premier League summit gave weight to Redknapp's case.

If Beckham does sign for Spurs, the deal will be greeted in some quarters as a pointless publicity exercise, a disruptive circus invited into a smooth and uncomplicated campaign that has seen Redknapp pushing the claims of his team as potential champions.

Already there have been accusations that Spurs would simply be Beckham's latest vanity project, something to keep his profile high in the American off-season. Redknapp has no time for such theories.

Even those of us who have questioned Beckham's place at elite level these days for club and country could make sense of Redknapp's explanation, delivered after defeat at Goodison Park, as to why he believes he would serve a purpose for Spurs, even in the very short term.

As Everton's verve and energy took hold in the second half and led to Seamus Coleman's deserved late winner, it was easy to imagine Redknapp enjoying the luxury of introducing Beckham to restore a measure of order and composure to a game that had escaped Spurs' control.

A little more street-wisdom would have benefited them as Everton's power and pace even overcame the threat posed by the wonderful Van der Vaart. This is what Redknapp sees Beckham providing.

Redknapp, who confirmed he had made his desire for Beckham's signing clear to chairman Levy, said: "I think we could do with his know-how. He could have something to offer us. I think he would keep the ball for us, because we didn't keep the ball in the second half when Everton really got at us. We just didn't get the ball.

"I think Beckham would get the ball out of his feet and provide quality and if Peter Crouch was playing and he could get balls into the box he could be the perfect foil. We showed with our goal that when we get the ball in we are dangerous with Crouchy up there, and David could do that for us."

There is an element of a gamble in Redknapp's decision to try and bring Beckham to north London on a short-term loan. If Spurs go into a slump while he is at White Hart Lane fingers will be pointed in his direction, even if he is not actually involved.

And there is the real prospect that Beckham would spend most of his time at White Hart Lane as little more than an interested and expensive observer, an intriguing sideshow to the main business of Spurs attempting to make an impact in the Premier League and Champions League.

Redknapp is unconcerned with this potential downside. Beckham would not be a starter for Spurs - an impact substitute, a controlling influence at crucial times would be the realistic extent of his contribution. He would be a temporary adornment to a gifted and strong squad rather than someone Redknapp would regard as central to his plans for the next three months.

Redknapp's attitude appears to be that Spurs would be in a no-lose situation by snapping up a consumate professional - and for all the cynicism Beckham attracts no-one must ever doubt his devotion to the game - whose presence and experience will provide a steadying influence in the all-important next three months.

He is highly unlikely to hand Lennon or Modric's place to Beckham in anything other than emergencies, but is banking on his presence around the dressing room, his experience of being in and around winning Premier League teams at Manchester United, to briefly assist their campaign.

Redknapp was disappointed by the manner of Wednesday's defeat at Goodison Park - photo: AP

Everton manager David Moyes revealed his interest in Beckham recently. It was an interest that was declined in the politest terms - and in reality Everton's position in the middle of the Premier League and with no involvement in European football does not suit Beckham's purposes or profile.

Moyes, who suffered criticism from Everton's supporters after the loss at Stoke City, was able to revel in another impressive win against one of the top four, following up victory at Manchester City with this well-merited triumph.

And he was paying tribute to a wide man of his own in young Irishman Coleman, the busy and bustling figure whose energy and drive tormented Spurs.

The lavishly-gifted but frustrating Louis Saha put Everton ahead before Van der Vaart equalised - and as both sides traded punches, it was Coleman's diving header that cemented the Merseysiders' status as one of Premier League biggest puzzles.

Top teams present obstacles that can be surmounted, dig lower down in the table and Everton struggle.

Coleman, like Bale, is a converted defender and Moyes said: "Gareth Bale should always get major plaudits for the way he has played this season. He is an unbelievable talent but I have to say Phil Neville did a brilliant job on him.

"I also thought that if you talking about a wide player tonight you could only talk about Seamus Coleman."

Moyes will not be spending money in the transfer window but will hope this season of false starts and diminishing optimism will now gain momentum from another example of how they can compete, and beat, those with loftier ambitions and higher finances.

Redknapp will not dwell on defeat - and nor should he as he surveys Spurs' impressive development - but clearly feels even a swift injection of Beckham's experience and charisma will help prevent a repeat of disappointing nights like this.

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  • Comment number 1.

    This is completely absurd. I'm not a Spurs fan but I believe they were 11 games unbeaten before last night's defeat. 'Why Spurs need Beckham'. Seriously Phil, this is extreme even by your hyperbolic standards!

  • Comment number 2.

    Phil, we dont need him. End of, if we need someone all dolled up to look dapper on the bench, we hv Harry. 500k insurance plus salary for a bench warmer. And no, we would have lost to Everton with or without beckham

  • Comment number 3.

    apair of middle aged limbs that could'nt possibly keep pace with the speed that the likes of Bale play.

    Besides he didn't want to know WHL when he left Man U.

    It's no more than an ego trip for a shadow of a once great player.

    Arry the results of this morings game clearly displays the need to concentrate on the immediate tasks in frot of 'Spurs'

  • Comment number 4.

    I recall you lauded Vierra's arrival at Man City in similar terms Phil, and as I predicted, that came to zero.

    Again, Beckham would prove nothing more than a distraction to a team that needs to focus on themselves, not what is little more than a merchandising deal.

  • Comment number 5.

    The best thing about this article is that it's one of the few where I have seen Tottenham described as one of the Top Four - Not Big Four yet, but we are on the way!

  • Comment number 6.

    Couldn't agree more with packersftw.

    One loss and suddenly Spurs are in "turmoil" and in need of Beckham who will catapult them onto Premier League and Champions League glory!

    Personally I think it's embarrassing and gets more cringeworthy every season that Beckham tries to prolong his career. He should look at his former Man Utd counterparts Scholes and Giggs - stay out of the limelight, retire from international football and focus on giving everything for your club in your twilight years.

    But that would never do for Beckham's ego. He's obviously never heard of the term "growing old gracefully".

  • Comment number 7.

    I also once saw Beckham in a nightclub in Hong Kong and felt sorry for him because he is obviously desperate for attention.

    I think Barney Ronay at the Guardian summed it up best in his headline for this column - "Will somebody please tell David Beckham that it's time to go away?"

  • Comment number 8.

    Phil's point that Beckham would have been able to impose order on the game before Spurs conceded the winner is a good one and with the injury to Gareth Bale he may well push Modric to the left again allowing Beckham a central spot.

    However in terms of replacing Aaron Lennnon in a game isn't that what David Bentley is supposed to do. Maybe it is about time Harry gave the rest of his squad a chance rather than looking to loan signings.

    As Phil normally is quite deprecatory about Beckham this article is a suprise albeit a welcome one

  • Comment number 9.

    I actually think Phil has a valid point for once... I never though i'd sya that!(I hope this is not a bad omen for the new year!) I think the Spuds could do with him. They do need to be able to keep the ball in certain phases of the games, and with the attacking line up they play and the quality of their players, there are very few in the team who could actually do it.

    The danger is that it goes against what has made them "sucessful" this year, and that is pace. Bale, Lennon, VDV, Defoe all have electrifying pace and by removing a card from the house so to speak, it could lead to the whole house collapsing in that game.

    Also, is Beckham actually match fit? it will take him a few games to adjust to the pace, and if he is only going to be an "impact" player it will be even harder for him to reach the level needed. The intensity of the league has risen since he last graced these shores...

    But at the end of the day, i think the pro's out way the cons of having him in your squad.

    Another school of thought is that could this also be a canny piece of PR with the Olympics Legacy Committee. Beckham carries some favour with them and with Spurs trying to secure the Olympics Stadium... who knows...

  • Comment number 10.

    I think Barney Ronay at the Guardian summed it up best in his headline for this column - "Will somebody please tell David Beckham that it's time to go away?"

    Anyone who listens to Barney needs his head examined. He ceased to be a good football journalist years ago and just pursues personal agendas and vendettas much the way Steven Howard does in The Sun.

    It might be time for somebody to plesase tell Barney Ronay to go away

  • Comment number 11.

    Phil again your hyperbole journalism has produced a pointless article! I hope the moderators allow this post to stay up; because you really need to read this and the fellow comments from the posters here.

    Beckham in no way would have helped Spurs regain their composure and hold of the ball last night. To state he would is absurd. A loan deal for a better centre half would make sense. A right winger who is slower than Lennon and les adept at keeping the ball than some of the current Spurs players does not make sense.

    Again this article is a bit pointless and smacks of pandering and pining for Beckham-love. His quality has significantly diminished...Giggs or Scholes (similar ages) he ain't! Nor is he a Maldini, twilight of his career but quality still remains!

    Let's get real, Spurs suffered a bad loss...but the form previous to this suggests it's a blip. Make the judgement based on the next few games and get reinoforcement where they really matter....Defence!

  • Comment number 12.

    As soon as I realised Phil McNulty was at Goodison Park, with everything relating to the title dogfight happening at the Emirates, I couldn't stop laughing. It was this thought about the Beckham love affair with the press.

    Why do Spurs need Beckham?
    Perhaps they will realise that they don't need him that much. He can take a foul and give a long pass from the wings, if he's allowed to by the opposition midfielders. I remember the AC Milan matches with Manchester United and how important Beckham was for them, then, and there I smile again. Worse than that, he's one year older.

    I suppose we'll have to cope with reading the backpages about what breakfast he eats, where he was seen the day before and what his Victoria had for dinner and didn't digest well.

    It was Arsenal v Man City last night. Arsenal needing to reassure their fans that they have title credentials, where a win would do an awful load of good to their team spirit, belief and title hopes, Manchester City expecting to keep level on points with Man Utd if they could achieve a win, with Dzeko arriving to give them extra options in plans of attacking football. Yet, McNulty covered the team Beckahm is about to join for two months. I never 'moan' about McNulty's selection of match analysis, but this has to take the biscuit.

  • Comment number 13.

    I have been critical of Beckham in the past and received plenty of criticism back, so it appears this is a subject on which I cannot win.

    I am sure Spurs would sail along quite happily without David Beckham, but what I have said is that I could see the sense in what Harry Redknapp was saying when he claimed they just needed someone to hold the ball at Everton last night, just to try and calm things down a bit.

    And to no point whatsover have I suggested Spurs are in "turmoil". I have been one of their biggest champions this season.

    To say Beckham didn't want to know Spurs when he left Manchester United - I think that might have been because Real Madrid wanted him.

    I would never confess to be the leader of the David Beckham fan club, as plenty of you have pointed out, but I do not see what there is to lose by having him around for three months.

    I have also made it clear that he would not, at any point, be regarded as indispensible to Redknapp. I can see why people have doubts about this, but Redknapp appears to know what he is doing and his explanation was logical.

    So now your side of the argument. Tell me why it would be such a dreadful thing for Spurs to have Beckham around for three months?

  • Comment number 14.

    I think Becks will be exactly whats spurs need to close out games more effectively. Granted, they've had a good run and are by no means a squad in desperate need of help, but a lot of their games come much closer to the wire than they need to... This is where becks would help - Impact sub, keeping the ball, effective distribution around the team, taking the pressure off 'arrys (sometimes) shaky defence....

    How gutted would I be if becks curled in the winner against United in the last few minutes..... It worries me even now... :s

  • Comment number 15.

    Some of these posters really deserve a slap and need to examine and take note at the level of determination, desire, work rate of Beckham. Not one man in my eyes is more deserving, would be more pleasing and deserving to have his place in EPL at a decent on the rise club. Yes ok he's 35. That means nothing! The man has still got the fire, passion, love for the game to continue to prove himself time and time again which commends alot of respect in every right.

    He's pushing all the time and is totally underrated! HE aint the best player in the world and never has been, or even come close. But the guy has skills and experience which players at Spurs would be foolish not to listen to or take note on how to improve their game.

    Personally I'd love to see him playing back in the EPL and I really hope he does. Good going Mr Beckham! Would be a grace to the game if even half of the players of the EPL had his passion and love for the game to keep improving and getting involved in anyway he can. The man even funded his own loan move to AC Milan to improve his fitness and boost his chances for the England Team. Can't think of anyone in England who would do that to be honest.

    Good Luck Sir!

  • Comment number 16.

    Does anyone remember how well Henrik Larsson did at Manchester United? And he was 36, had never played in the premiership and was deemed too old and slow by some of the press and fans.
    You may all end up eating your words. I do think Beckham will im prove your squad mmomentarily. Harry obviously has no confidence in Bentley as a replacement for Lennon and all the Spurs players are looking to get the ball forward at every conceivable opportunity, even the more defensive minded Palacios and Huddleston.
    As Phil said, Beckham has been in title run ins before, he will know what the young players are going through and be able to help them. No one at Spurs is saying (and very cleverly in my opinion) that Beckham is going to come and push for starting places but for a back up roll to help the younger less experienced players who get ready for a title push.

  • Comment number 17.

    To all of you who believe that Bechham would be a bad idea and Harry has lost his mind should actually take the time to read what harry has said about it and what he thinks he could get out of it. A mentor to Lennon, somebody who knows European Football and been there and knows what it takes to win. It really is a win win for both sides

  • Comment number 18.

    But if Beckham went away as some people hope, he would have to spend too much time at home with Old Spice. Can you blame the man for wanting to keep playing. Oh, and I dont think he would fit in at Spurs. Oh and Phil, what exactly does street wisdom mean? Is this one of those terms used to just make a point that wasnt there?

  • Comment number 19.

    (i) disruption to a settled team
    (ii) media distraction
    (iii) change of our playing style
    (iv) waste of money
    (v) Lennon and Bentley dont need his help to cross the ball
    (vi) Modric/VDV/Huddlestone( when back) can hold the ball up
    (vii) His wife is annoying

  • Comment number 20.

    (viii) he is not match fit
    (ix) what wuld happen after 3 months when he returns to LA Galaxy if and a Big If he did make an impact, who is going to replace this SUPERSTAR
    (x)all our players are full fledged internationals, why do we need a has-been to come in and teach us something different.

    Over to you Phil....

  • Comment number 21.

    The Beckham issue really does seem to have divided Spurs fans, and I understand the arguments both for and against bringing him in. I would like to see him come in, as I think that not only would his attitude rub off on the lads, albeit for a short period of time, but I personally think he would provide good cover ... For Tom huddlestone, not Aaron Lennon. I would use him in the centre to harness his work rate and passing range - he can be no less 'mobile' than the excellent huddlestone, after all.

    HOWEVER, I, like most Spurs fans, would rather see Harry put his funds toasted an area we desperately need to address- centre forward! Pav and Crouch gave their uses as back up players, but they have been average for too long. We need to splash the serious cash on a forward if we want to push on.

  • Comment number 22.

    Sell a whole load of Spurs shirts though wouldn't it?

  • Comment number 23.

    " it was easy to imagine Redknapp enjoying the luxury of introducing Beckham to restore a measure of order and composure to a game that had escaped Spurs' control. "

    Don't agree at all with this.... Beckhams game has never been about controlling a midfield or taking a game by the scruff of the neck (Greece match aside).

    Beckham these days, with the pace of premier league, would offer a dead ball threat and not much else... and VDV is more than capable in this respect.

    He can cross from deep but i think Bale and Lennon getting in behind defences offers more of a threat than Crouch winning the odd high ball and hoping his team mates win the second ball.

  • Comment number 24.

    McNulty #13
    1001. Beckham is meant to be promoting "soccer" in USA. Let him get on with it over there (and without daily BBC comment).
    1002. Blatant abuse of the loan system is pushing football deeper into circus territory.

  • Comment number 25.

    Half of the people on here will go on about how his experience will only benefit Spurs, he's a great professional, quality player etc, while the other half will harp on about shirt sales, commercial reasons, media circus etc.

    The reality is that no one will know unless he comes and plays for Spurs. In my opinion it wouldn't hurt Spurs to have an extra midfielder, especially with Huddlestone out for a while.

    More pressing is a new striker though, perhaps with Keane leaving for £7m and his wages off of Spurs' bill they'll be able to sign someone who puts the ball in the net on a more consistent basis than either Pavlyuchenko or Crouch.

  • Comment number 26.

    On the face of things everyone can see Spurs do not need Beckham, they have so much quality in midfield, but I think Redknapp is being clever in what he wants Beckham in the squad for, and it could be a great move if it works out.

    Players like Lennon may have the skill and pace, but they lack quality in their final ball, having Beckham around will help them learn from his quality. It's like when Ferguson bought Owen, he bought him to help his younger strikers learn and also pitch in with goals here and there

    But i guess the 500k to cover insurance that LA Galaxy is asking for is too much just for a few month loan

  • Comment number 27.

    I really don't see what Spurs have to lose. Remember when Henrik Larsson went to Man Utd for a couple of months? That didn't seem to put a spanner in their works, I believe they won at least the league that year. Someone with the professionalism that Beckham has can only be an asset, even if it is on the training pitch as a guide for younger players. It's a no-brainer and I don't see what all the fuss is about.

  • Comment number 28.

    If Spurs take Beckham on loan it will be for purely commercial reasons. Beckham has spent the last 3-4 years of his career as a commercial commodity, not least for the FA and the English team. All the talk about Beckham playing on the right putting in crosses is laughable! He now almost always plays (when he does manage to) in a deep central midfield position. That said, I have no doubts that he will get back into the England squad, but again this will be purely for money making commercial reasons.

    A limited player through out his career (although good at set pieces, crossing and an excellent work rate). He has always been a product of the celebrity generation. A media darling, but sadly he has always been more of a celebrity than a footballer. Still if they can cut a good deal with image rights etc it should give Spurs some more money to continue their huge spending under Redknapp.

  • Comment number 29.

    I think that Becks would be a great addition to the spurs squad and not necessarily for footballing reasons.

    Tottenham are a team trying to make a name for themselves in Europe - their excellent win over Inter went some way to doing that - the arrival of a truely global football name will help lift them off the kids table in the Champions League.

    Further more the commercial benefits are huge. Tottenham are a big team in England but as soon as you get to Africa and Asia they are not even on the radar. Adding Beckham to the roster will help build their reputation in these markets.

    Finally and most importantly, think how much Gareth Bale could learn from Becks, not so much on the field but off the field. Bale is a player on his way to joining the global superstars of the game. There is no other tottenham player in the dressing room that can help him deal with that. Therefore a few months with the biggest footballing name of the last decade could help Bale for many years to come.

  • Comment number 30.

    " What would Beckham bring "

    absolutely nothing! apart from flaggin his own profile.

    The man is utter ueless and has been for many years .

    correct me if i am wrong but its now 2011?? and here we are still chuffin on about a washed up hasbeen celebrity.

    with all the exciting things that happned over the festive and new year period we now have more dross and drivel about this dispicable man.

    get lost Beckham.

  • Comment number 31.

    " What would Beckham bring "

    Two Votes if my memory serves me correctly

  • Comment number 32.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 33.

    Phil - If Becks can play left back it would be a good signing for Spurs, otherwise it looks at bit like a 'shooting yourself in the foot' action.
    Don't get me wrong, Beckham has been a great player and no doubt could bring some reasonable cover for Spurs, but think of the effect on the team morale, it would be palpable. Spurs are not a side struggling for survival, quite the opposite, they are looking quite likely to confirm 4th spot (if not better) in the PL and about to go into the final stages of the CL. Its a big risk for Harry and I'm not too sure what the up side is for Spurs, surely the club doesn't need any further 'exposure' to that provided by the success of Bale and Van Der Vaart this season?
    Perhaps thats it, Harry has been very astute in signing Van Der Vaart and thinks he can do the same with Becks- he should be warned however -'those who the Gods would destroy they first make mad'!

  • Comment number 34.

    after a few promising entries, phil 'knee jerk reaction' mcnulty returns.

    past 6 weeks "spurs are invincible", after a defeat "spurs need beckham, even though i've said so many times he's rubbish now"

  • Comment number 35.

    Phil question to you...

    You have based to majority of your reasoning on Spurs needing a calming influence on the pitch to retain possession. What is the point of getting a player in for a couple of months to do that job? Why not sign somebody young and talented to use in that capacity more long term if it is something Spurs need to learn to do?

    The fact that you even wrote a blog about a football team possibly signing a player on loan for 3 months is actually just another part of the problem with our hero worshipping media. Beckham in footballing terms now at 35 is simply hopeless and would be nothing but a problem on and off the pitch.

  • Comment number 36.

    Another pointless signing by Spurs, which they seem to enjoy doing for some reason (look at Eidur Gudjohnsen for example). He will be available for 6 weeks maybe? He is long past his best, good for one or two decent crosses and maybe a free kick.

    Also didnt Beckham publicly state that he would NEVER play for any other team in England apart from Manchester United?

    This is purely a publicity stunt.

  • Comment number 37.

    A lot of people use the example of SAF bringing Larsson at United, at a time United found themselves well short of attacking options due to injuries. Yes, that was proven to be a masterstroke because SAF had specific reasons for bringing him at Old Trafford and so it was proven - he scored a lot of goals for United. United also had Sheringham - a slow moving player til his late playing years. But both had never left the european football arena to move to USA and play to some lesser league.

    Can a City fan please tell me what Viera offers City for his services now?
    Can a Villa fan tell me how Pires is justifying his wages there?
    Is premiership on the way of becoming the retirement home of have-beens?

    If there is one positive out of this, it is for United, I'm afraid (for Spurs fans). What a better motivation for SAF to send Man Utd at White Hart Lane and show the old missionary how football is played in England in 2011.

  • Comment number 38.

    32. At 09:53am on 06 Jan 2011, Return_of_THE_Shango wrote:

    Redknapp proving again he has to spend money as he in fact a very average manager.

    Well thought out argument, especially seeing as no other manager in the Premier League spends money ever.

  • Comment number 39.

    Do Spurs need Beckham or does Beckham need Harry Redknapp? - One way to continue England career!

  • Comment number 40.

    happyhammer1975 - please list these so-called 'pointless signings' that we continually bring in, according to you?

    Gudjohnsen was a loan signing to provide cover at a time when Keane wanted regular football and was shipped to Celtic. He did exactly that, scored a fine and very important goal at Stoke as well as one in a cup game against Fulham, and was an experienced back-up to have around. Hardly pointless.

    Beckham would play a similar role, used to retain the ball (something we have not done as well during Huddlestone's lengthy absence) and give the players a lift off the pitch - something that I think is underestimated generally by fans.

    However, I also apreciate the negatives of such a deal - it's only for a few weeks, for example, so if he plays well and becomes an important player and then we lose him, what do we do?

    I would like him to come in, but I still think any funds that we spend should be put into buying a quality centre forward, which is the area that we are so obviously lacking quality in.

  • Comment number 41.

    Please explain how bringing on Beckham would introduce a measure of order and control? Beckham has never been the sort of player to control games and he would hardly be keeping possession as he would keep trying to loft 50 yard across field passes that inevitably fly out for a throw in.
    No just because he doesn't have the legs to run around any more does not make him composed!

    As to what harm would it do well I don't know what harm would it do to a dressing room full of big egos to have someone come in on probably at least 1/3 more money than they are who will grab all of the limelight without actually really playing?
    Would the move be good for Beckham? Yes
    Would it be good for Spurs from a business point of view? Yes
    Would it be good from a footballing point of view? No

    Sadly we all know which one will win out. One final point, everybody in the media seems to laud him for trying to move to Europe each close season in MLS yet nobody seems to think that this is highly disrespectful and totally unprofessional. He is willing to take their mega salary but he really wants to keep up his profile in Europe, well choose one way or the other Beckham. Think about it how happy would fans of a team over here feel if after every season their star player went off to play in say Spain with all the risks of injury and tiredness associated with it?

  • Comment number 42.

    I think sometimes we have short memories. Mr Davids was a prime example of someone who was supposedly over the hill but was able to bring a huge amount of benefit to the team. The mentality that people such as Beckham can bring is invaluable. He continues to train hard, is able to raise his game when others around him are struggling and knows what it takes to win titles. I don't think it is any coincidence that Man U, with their supposedly weakest team for a number of years are sitting at the top of the premiership.

    I also cannot see the arguments about him not keeping pace with the game or being too slow. Our own T Hudd is a prime example of class and technique over the modern physicality of the premiership. Before his injury he was arguably our best player. I see Beckham more in this role than on the wings. However, I do see the argument about it being a potentially disruptive influence in terms of the media. Despite this being able to deal with media pressure is all part of being champions, it is mental as much as physical. I'm not saying we will be champions anytime soon but if we have real ambitions this it is this level of attention we will have to manage alongside perfomances on the pitch.

  • Comment number 43.

    I've supported & watched Spurs since I was 10 in their Double Winning year.

    Spurs have always attracted top quality players.

    IMO, in the modern era few players (especially English ones) can match Beckham for professionalism, commitment to team performance on the pitch and now an unrivalled expertise in the twilight of his career.

    If Lennon alone finally learns from the master-crosser to CROSS a ball ACCURATELY then Beckham's few months will have been worthwhile: If some of the younger players in and around the 1st Squad gain an insight of what it really takes in Training, Practise, Constant Thought about how to Play the Game to the Very Best of Their Ability then even better for the longterm future of Spurs and hopefully England.

    Spurs should snap Beckham up if he is available.

  • Comment number 44.

    Maybe he wants to join Spurs cos the kit reminds him of his other passion............England.

    Roll up, roll up, the Circus is back in town.

    Lets get one thing straight, Fergie got rid of Beckham when he should have been in his prime, that says it all.

    Tottenham want to progress, they seem to be doing very well. Alas, like Holloway at Blackpool, supporters forget how far they have travelled. You are doing very well without the circus that is Beckham PLC. You are progressing. Compare to other big clubs........... Villa, Liverpool, Chelsea who are all regressing.

    Sign Beckham and you will join those 3.

  • Comment number 45.

    Mr McNulty..... you claim to be BBC Sport's chief football writer.
    I'm retired, and it's raining, and those are my excuses for wasting my time on here.
    Surely you can think of more interesting and pressing football topics on which to write your blogs (paid for by licence payers) ?
    I can never understand your employer's fascination with Beckham (although I have to suffer it on an almost daily basis, when watching BBC TV News or looking at Sports on this website).
    "What would Beckham bring to Spurs ?"
    Nothing. Beckham does not bring... he takes, he has milked football for all its worth.
    When will you people realise that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes ?

  • Comment number 46.

    To me it is obvious why Spurs want Beckham and no one seems to have mentioned it.
    Champions League, where else is Harry going to find a hugely experienced CL player who isn't already cup tied in January?

  • Comment number 47.

    Agree with HappyHammer about Eidur Gudjohnson - a signing made purely on the basis of getting one over his former club.

    Significant that there is a story in the papers today that Redknapp and Beckham could be the new England managerial dream team? Also feel this could all be a ploy whereby he lobbies to get support for the Olympic Stadium decision going to Spurs..that decision is made in March funnily enough

    I'm sure Becks is a nice guy but the fact is that his marketing exploits have helped the speed with which football has turned into an unethical game of greed. The mere fact that he went to the US to pursue a Hollywood career says volumes for the guy. He only cares about his ego and bank balance..leave him there to rot with the cheerleaders and other has beens

  • Comment number 48.

    Spurs are playing better football than ANY team Beckham has ever played for! He will be dizzy trying to look at his team mates! In case any one tells me that the treble team played better missing the point a little football played well will sometimes lose to brutish teams eg: Internazionale beat FC Barcelona last year but no one would claim them to play better football.

    To claim that the Everton result would have been different with Beckhams experience is ridiculous they were 1st to everything. Do you really think a middle aged midfielder with less top experience than Gallas and who was never quick would change that?

    I love my team but if we take Beckham it is for one reason

    Cost 1,000,000 GBP Potential shirt and merchandise sales increase 1.5 - 3 million.

    That could be 2 mill more in the bank you cant look profits like that in the mouth!

  • Comment number 49.

    As a spurs fan, I'm not sure about the move.

    First up, is Beckham fit? And what state is he in now - he had a serious injury so may have lost something further.

    Second, at this point despite the media going on about the depth of our squad it's starting to look a bit tired, and we seem to have a large number of injuries e.g. Huddlestone, King long term, Gallas has been in and out and I can't remember when Bentley was last fit. In addition Palacios has suffered a major dip in form for a significant period now. Personally I think we could do with another strong ball winning central midfielder, but I'm not sure if firstly my preferred option is available and secondly that Beckham would be the answer.

    Yes he's lost his pace, but he'd be able to fill in for Huddlestone at present in being the 'quarterback' type. Huddlestone would probably be back fully fit by the time Beckham's loan would finish.

    I also agree with the poster who reckons that our most urgent need is a striker. However, possibly, Beckham's signing could perhaps open other doors in that department??

    However, if Beckham can help Lennon cross better and perhaps give anything else to Bale, that long term would be reason enough to sign him!

  • Comment number 50.

    the last thing spurs need is for an overhyped player to unsettle things. redknapp'll get blasted if he doesn't play him, the limelight will all be on him etc. don't want it to happen as a thfc fan

  • Comment number 51.

    Does anyone remember how well Henrik Larsson did at Manchester United? And he was 36, had never played in the premiership and was deemed too old and slow by some of the press and fans
    Becks as a player just never in the same class as King Henke.

    I liked the US press description of Becks as a high rent vaudiville act. He stopped being a serious footballer some time ago.

  • Comment number 52.

    Since he became a member of the Adams family, his whole life has been controlled by the marketing people. This has masked his shortcomings as footballer; he was no better than above average. I have always failed to understand the hysteria that surrounds him and his wife. Too often we are subjected to even more drivel about the gruesome twosome when they have not featured in the press for a couple of weeks. Bad move to import all this baggage. No doubt his Missus will be given a contact to re-design the 'Spurs kit!

  • Comment number 53.

    To clearly do not like Beckham, and I think most would agree I have never been a Beckham apologist or joined in any sort of unconditional praise for him. In fact many have said the opposite.

    What you have said, however, is wrong. Beckham has a trophy cupboard full of the game's top honours from his time at Manchester United, was successful at Real Madrid and has played for another great club in AC Milan. These are facts - we cannot argue about them. He has not simply taken from the game.

    Also, I am not sure saying it makes sense to bring Beckham into Spurs for a couple of months qualifies as a "knee jerk reaction." Where is the harm in it for Spurs? For all the critics, please outline to me again what damage it could do?

    He is not pitching up to replace Aaron Lennon or anyone else. He may even provide valuable help and experience.

  • Comment number 54.

    A lacklustre, albeit winning, performance against Fulham, followed by a poor loss at Everton. No crisis, and could be down to tiredness and absentees. But football, like any sport, is dependent on confidence, which Spurs had built over the season. This was warming to the old codgers like me who have endured decades of Spurs 'rolling over', especially away. I desperately want to be wrong, but I said last week that Harry's words were insulting to the team. 'It (Beck's arrival) would give the place a lift'. A lift from what? A team that was feeling almost invincible, that were the comeback Kings?

    I fear that HR's comments have had a debilitating effect on morale. I think he should put this to bed, and get back to what he does best. If not, I can see us being well and truly spanked by Man U.

  • Comment number 55.

    Spurs need a centre mid, someone like Lassana Diarra would be a great buy, and a striker. Beckham would be great around the training ground and would be good on the pitch, but it would only be for 9 weeks which makes it borderline pointless and would just upset the balance of the squad for that period of time if they knew he wasn't staying.

    We looked tired against Everton, they started running us ragged in the second half which is quite unlike Spurs this season, suggesting half of the players were running on empty. Where the hell are people like Kranjcar? Surely it can't hurt to give him a game, especially when our attacking players looked like they'd run out of steam.

  • Comment number 56.

    " I'm Phil McNulty and I'm BBC Sport's chief football writer. I cover the biggest, best, most interesting and most hotly-debated sport in the world. "

    Ok for starters

    1 beckham is no longer the " biggest "
    2 beckham is no longer the " best "
    3 beckham is no longer " interesting "
    4 beckham is no longer " hotly debated "

    The only thing correct is that he is debated much to the annoyance of those of us who wish to see us move forward and perhaps secure more than Two Votes for the WC

    The year is 2011 !!

  • Comment number 57.


    "The man even funded his own loan move to AC Milan to improve his fitness and boost his chances for the England Team. Can't think of anyone in England who would do that to be honest."

    The reason he had to do that, was because he had chosen to semi-retire to a mediocre league because they offered him an astronomical paycheck, fully well knowing he wouldn't be able to maintain the kind of fitness levels required in international football. How much 'passion' does that show? And indeed no one else in the England team would do that, because they would't semi-retire if they still had England ambitions. They wouldn't have to go on loan to gain fitness because they'd stay in the Prem and do it week in week out. And he didn't fund it himself, Milan still paid him a hefty salary. Your post overall is just embarrassing stuff to read. This thing that his passion is so much higher than that of your average footballer is little more than a myth. Yes he might love the game but there really isn't anything to suggest he loves it so much more than most professional footballers. Don't belive the hype.

    Don't see what he has to offer at the highest level these days really, apart from a media circus to distract the players from football. His England career has become nothing short of farcical in the last couple of years, international retirement now would be a massive favour for England. Hardly set the world alight at Milan, especially during his second spell in which he was very poor, despite the best attempts of HM Press to convince us that he was brilliant there. And if he could teach the likes of Lennon how to cross then he would have done it already, after all the time they've spent together in the England camp. Just because he can do it himself doesn't mean he can teach others to do it.

  • Comment number 58.

    From what it sounds like is people/spurs fans are afriad Beckham will come in a literally cause unrest straight away. I very much doubt this will ever be the case. The fact is the guy is a hard working, long training and very experianced character which would in the short term and bear minimum provide guidence, technic and experiance to the younger players of the squad to help them form more professtionalisum at the higher levels of the EPL and Champions League. This is Spurs's first time in the world "best" league featuring the best teams around the world and having him on hand to at least help mentally with the guys there to combat the negitives which that league shunts is in my opinion invaluble and necassary. The worst it will do would be to help/guide the youngsters.

    There seems to be no negitive effect as to what Beckham can bring to Spurs.

  • Comment number 59.

    It's not about losing pace. I think what people are missing is that Huddlestone is injured. He normally plays the "quarterback" role in behind Modric, surely this is begging for Beckham to come in to and it doesn't mean disrupting the team. There is still a tendency to see Beckham as a right sided midfielder but he's played in the middle just as much since leaving Man U.

  • Comment number 60.

    To all the Eidur Gudjohnson negators, in his time with us, yes he only scored one goal but he set goals up too and without his contribution we would not be where we are today! any player that can come in and do a job when asked to do so can only benefit the club.

  • Comment number 61.

    Beckham bashing is dull. Anyone who thinks he is, or has been, an average player is quite frankly an idiot. He shows great commitment, his fitness levels are on a par with anyone in the game, he has vast experience, he remains one of the best passers of a ball in the game.

    Beckham also brings with him worldwide media interest, potential link sponsors and new 'fans' - (international ones who may spend money, and who with the greatest respect, know about as much about Spurs at the moment as we do about Chievo Verona)

    Even if he doesn't play it says something about Spurs ambition to current players and future transfer targets. The bottom line is neither Lennon nor Bentley have really proven that they can deliver at the level spurs are now performing at AND neither have shown they are fit to replace Beckham at international level. Those who describe Beckham as an average player and then laud the abilities of a headless chicken like Lennon make me chuckle.

    Yes he probably does have a bit of an ego, who wouldn't in his position, but maybe he can help develop Spurs 'final ball' and boost their international profile at the same time. Current spurs players who put their own egos before the potential benefits to the club will not like it. True spurs fans (including those in the dressing room) should look at the potential benefits rather than potential pitfalls.

    As another poster said, Henrik Larsson's trip to united when he was a similar age did neither him or the club any harm and Beckham's first stint at AC Milan was good news for the club and him.

  • Comment number 62.

    You have not answered my question as to why you bother to write a Beckham blog or offered an explanation as to the BBC's sad fascination with Beckham - a lifetime award, for heaven's sake.
    I did not say that Beckham has not been in teams which have won "trophies".
    You are wrong. I neither like nor dislike Beckham.
    I love Sport. I detest celebrity.
    I think the BBC makes a huge mistake in confusing the two.

  • Comment number 63.

    As a Spurs fan I think it would be of benefit to us to sign him, as like Harry it seems, I think he could give us a different dimension that we've been lacking since Huddlestone got injured, the ability to slow down and control games when they get away from us like against Fulham and Everton last night.

    He would also hopefully show Lennon how to cross and help Bale with his freekicks. Yes he comes with the media spotlight(which could be good internationally) and yes that could be a distraction but he seems to want to play football these days as he's realised his career is nearly over! Also his experience of playing in the Champs League and knowing AC Milan could prove invaluable for us against them.

    Phil, where do you think he could help Spurs? do you think he's a stop-gap whilst Hudd is out? What are your opinions on the players spurs have been linked to?

  • Comment number 64.

    @57 - Thank you very much, you've just reminded me of why single minded people like yourself dont deserve an opinion.

    I watched pretty much all of the England Games in the last 10 years, and 9times outta 10 when he has come on you can see the team forming more of a bond and just seem more convincing and more focused.

    Im no footballer, just your average guy, but if i got offered 3/4 times my paycheck now to work somewhere else, by the hand of god i'd snap off at the chance. The guy to me from what i see is in my opinion got alot more determination, passion, love, focused mindset for the game then most "Stars" "Celebraties" "English Footballers" of this term.

    The guy wants to play football at the highest level at the age of 35 and TBH he has earned that right to do so.

  • Comment number 65.

    I have nothing against Beckham but seriously what would he bring to a team like Spurs? He's never been able to run, dribble, head or tackle and at 35 he's way past his best for the EPL. All any opposing team would have to do is mark him tight and any threat would be snuffed out instantly.

  • Comment number 66.

    I've not read all the comments on here, but as a Spurs fan I have only one thing to say.

    If Beckham comes and spends a couple of hours a day on the training ground with Lennon and Bale working on corsses, corners and free kicks it will have been well worth it in my opinion.

    Beckham has been rightly lauded as one of the worlds best at this and if they could learn just a little from him it could make a massive difference.

  • Comment number 67.

    I actually hope Beckham does come now. The Premiership is unforgiving and his fanboys might actually see that he's not the player that he was and not much use on the pitch for anyone.

    Just saying "Larsson was 36" etc means nothing. Stanley Matthews played in the First Division when he was 50, does that mean Premiership clubs should be looking at 50 year olds to sign? Gary Neville is the same age as Beckham and he's over the hill now, a liability when Ferguson picks him. Every individual is different. Beckham hasn't played regularly in a top European league since 2007. He's been in ordinary form in the MLS, not the greatest league in the world.

  • Comment number 68.

    I cannot believe the silly comments regarding Becks. He can definitely still contribute to ANY Premiership team and the man has been one of the most successful domestic players of all time, definitely commercially. I'm a United fan and have followed his career eagerly since leaving the club. I cannot say that of most former players. Bentley and Lennon as starting wingers and no place for Becks, be realistic please. He may not have the legs but i could honestly not thing of many better impact players especially in the Champions League with Peter Crouch waiting in the box!?

  • Comment number 69.

    68. At 10:42am on 06 Jan 2011, Big Poppa J wrote:
    I the man has been one of the most successful domestic players of all time, definitely commercially.

    One of the saddest comments I've read on a sports site. Now the most important thing for a sportsman is that he must be iconic and sell shirts. Like a model, pop star or actor.

  • Comment number 70.

    If Tottenham need a player like Beckham, why bother getting Beckham on loan for a couple of months? Why not spend some money bringing in a player who can still play at the high level of the Premier League and will be at the club for a couple of seasons and thus have a greater impact. Whilst Beckham is usually a boost to whichever club he moves to, his experience is undoubtedly valuable and he will be a big player in the dressing room, there must be other alternatives who can give more to the club over a longer period of time. If Spurs are serious about being title contenders they need to build a squad that will be together for a few years and not just patch up areas with short term measures. Admittedly I am struggling to think of a player that can fulfil the role that has been suggested but I am sure there are people out there who can come up with a whole host of names. (My brain just isn’t functioning this morning).
    As for Beckham moving on loan again, I think after what happened at A.C. Milan last season he owes it to L.A. Galaxy to take some time off and come back fully fit for the start of their season. Imagine Rooney, Bale, Lampard or Fabregas moving to a club on loan over the summer break and getting a serious injury. Their clubs would sue to all the money they could. The chances are slim that it will happen again, but there is still a chance and Beckham should fully commit to the club who is paying his wages. If he wants to stay fit I am sure there are plenty of clubs who would let him do some light training with them, maybe he could return to Old Trafford; that would certainly boost his profile and get him some publicity. (Maybe that is a bit harsh on Beckham, I am a big fan of his footballing talents, but this latest loan seems more about the publicity than the football.)

  • Comment number 71.

    You know nothing about sport if you are questioning whether Spurs could benefit from Beckham. They have no consistent right winger. There is no doubt he has seen better days but still he is one of the best crossers of the ball in the world. If he is given a chance within the opposition half he can put the ball wherever it is needed.
    Someone Less Imaginative Stole My Username you have to question why he is one of the most commercially successful players of all time? He has played for United, Real and Milan. He has 6 Prem titles, 2 FA Cups, 1 European Cup, 1 La Liga Title. He has won Uefa club player of the year. 399 United appearances, 155 Real appearances. 115 international appearances. SPURS COULD NOT BENEFIT FROM A PLAYER OF THIS EXPERIENCE?? Beckham i love you

  • Comment number 72.

    I do remember the days when the English league was a micky mouse league where the biggest starts were Desailly, Dechamps, Zola, Gullit, Cantona, Ginola, Weah, Vialli, Klinsmann, etc etc. These players mesmarised the English public but in fact they were here trying to prolong their careeres and make the extra quid to retire on. Fact is that they were either past it in the biggest leagues, or were rejects for one reason or the another.
    Looking at the new arrivals now - Viera, Pires and Beckham - if he arrives?? Well, what can I say? Hopes Beckham goes to Spurs and turns out for England at the age of 40 when Arry England is manager.. England can the boast of having the world's 'hardest working/most professional 40 year old'! If I am not wrong, he still has 15 more years in the right foot, if a right foot is all that matters.

  • Comment number 73.

    supershunsuki- "I also once saw Beckham in a nightclub in Hong Kong and felt sorry for him because he is obviously desperate for attention."

    Sorry what, you felt sorry for David Beckham??? I'm sure he's really concerned with you feeling sorry for him with his billions of pounds and extreme popularity? He's only in the spotlight because people want him there and want to hear about his life, I'm sure he wouldn't be too fussed if he didn't have 50 cameras in his face everyday of his life? He's got it pretty good I'd say so you can stop feeling sorry for him and concentrate on yourself!

    Everyone who knows him always comments on how much of a role model and nice guy Beckham is, I'm sure he would be a great character to have around for any PL team. And as for his ability, its still there and he can still compete at a high level, he obviously did something right to be loaned by AC Milan 2 years running.

  • Comment number 74.

    First of all am Scottish and a Celtic fan so totally unbiased.

    First of all, Beckham is one of the best professionals England has produced for years. What he brought to England; Rooney, Gerrard and Lampard could not combined!

    The reason the man became so famous in the first place was due to his extremely gifted right foot. Scoring vital goals in international qualifiers and scoring from the half way line; something even Pele could not do.

    Listening to Spurs fan rabble about that all he is a circus really winds me up. 'Bale and Lennon, Bale and Lennon', fair enough Bale, but come on Lennon? Extremely fast and bags of potential but rarely puts the ball on Crouch's head.

    With Beckham supplying Crouch, the big lanky underated skeleton would be like a kid in a candy store. In fact, I think Beckham could take Spurs to the next level, although most of the supporters seem to think thats's impossible, as there already there.

    If all you fans have faith in Harry, let him bring Beckham him. Yes he's 35 or 36, but his drive is probably greater than most teens.

    And good call on the chap who said bring in Diarria from Madrid.

  • Comment number 75.

    why didn't Tottenham buy Dzeko? Or maybe a world-class fullback?

    I'm sure Dzeko would've made that score a draw at least- Everton would've had too many men to mark

  • Comment number 76.

    I have nothing personal against Beckham but I really cannot understand what the fuss is about him. What is it with Beckham? What has he done to merit the extraordinary adulation from some people, and it would appear from the media gerenally? What has he done while I wasn't looking? Did he find the cure for cancer? Has he walked to the moon, solved global warning? Did he solve the Israeli/Palestinian dispute? What has he done? What? I must be missing something. I just see a man, who together with his wife, has an insatiable apetite for publicity. He changes his haircut just to get a few headlines. Who else does that? Could the media, who I blame for all this, try, just try to stop this ludicrous Beckham circus. Beckham was never that great a player even in his prime. He is not revered by the Man U faithful like Cantona, Scholes, Giggs etc. They were not particularly sorry to see the back of him - that says it all for me. He is now 35, playing in a poor league for pots of cash. I cannot see what he would bring to a struggling Premier League team let alone a team that is vying for the top spot. I heard Redknapp talk about what a great professional he is, the way he conducts himself, etc. Fine, I am sure he is a great professional but is he alone in that? I find that insulting to professional footballers generally, a lot of whom just get their head down and work hard, just like Beckham, quite a few of whom are better players than he ever was. Enough now about Beckham, please. God help us.

  • Comment number 77.

    Supershunke: I also once saw Beckham in a nightclub in Hong Kong and felt sorry for him because he is obviously desperate for attention.

    Hahahaha YOU felt sorry for Beckham? Just who are you exactly? I'm not sure Becks needs your sympathy and I'm pretty sure anywhere he goes he will get attention! Anyway what's the big deal with Beckham going to Tottenham? As Redknapp said if you need a plan b i.e. someone to pump it up to Crouch's head then who better to bring on then Beckham?? It's win-win as far as I'm concerned.

  • Comment number 78.

    "I think Beckham would get the ball out of his feet and provide quality and if Peter Crouch was playing and he could get balls into the box he could be the perfect foil. We showed with our goal that when we get the ball in we are dangerous with Crouchy up there, and David could do that for us."

    Well now, that hasn't exactly worked for the England team over the last 10 years has it ?. Why on earth would it work now with brand beckham at least 5 years past his over-rated best ?

  • Comment number 79.

    ye I support number 71s comment. If Harry wants him, thats saying something big. He has no small experience himself- he knows a leader and role model can do good for the team spirit, this matters. Beckhams rarely on losing sides, and if he is, they don't lose by much.

  • Comment number 80.

    Completely agree with 78. Beckham pinging it forward for Crouch- isn't that what England have been relying on ever since 2004? Where has that got the England team? Suddenly it's like Xavi combining with Messi and the golden ticket for Spurs and football in general. Sorry, the level of delusion affecting people is ridiculous and quite incredible. It's like saying: yeah the England cricket team is doing alright but let's bring back Darren Gough and Flintoff. Beckham has been in slow decline ever since 2003. He's a celebrity, and a has-been footballer. Wake up!

  • Comment number 81.

    I don't understand all the haters - the guy is absolute quality and will be until he's 50 and beyond; his game has never been based on his own pace, but his ability to deliver quality to front men who do have pace, or height, or both is unequaled by any other player in the history of the game. This is a man that would still walk into numerous CL sides without anyone batting an eyelid, but when it comes to England you get all this nonsense about him being past it, or just there to sell shirts.

    As for any comparison with Lennon, you have to be kidding - eyebrow fashion aside his contribution in an England shirt is absolute zero; one trick pony (a la SWP) if ever there was one - Paolo Maldini would still have him in his pocket after collecting his bus pass. All hustle and bustle and no end product - when it counts. I don't want to say Lennon is that bad, I'd love West Ham to have him for the BPL - but in Europe and International duty, pass thanks - I'd suggest Bentley is the better player despite getting zero game time at WHL.

    The BPL has been about pace for quite some time, its the English way - to suggest that Beckham can no longer handle the pace is to ignore the fact that he never needed to have pace himself - the man can curl a ball away from the keeper from his own 18 yard box.

    I do love players like Bale who is starting to combine both pace and crossing ability on the move, but even then if you watch the "stunning" Inter Milan performance vid on the net the highlights include several inspirational runs, followed by row-Z crosses or "nothing" balls.

    The team that picks up Beckham will be very lucky indeed, yes they'll get shirt sales galore, but they'll also get a fine player who has several years left at the top level.

    I'm a huge admirer of Harry Redknapp, if 'arry thinks somebody is good, he's normally (-Boogers) right!

  • Comment number 82.


  • Comment number 83.

    Becks would bring:

    Shirt Sales and perhaps advise Spurs on the design of their new strips which he would agree to model ala Blue Steel in Zoolander. Perhaps Spurs need a more feminine side to their sports wear? David would be very pleased to show this off.

    What type and colour of jewellery players should wear on and off the park to suit their tone, hue and just as importantly their mood.

    What new and innovative ways that players can dress to please the tabloids and public. The how to be snapped looking your best when your not feeling your best kind of thing maybe after a binge.

    Posh to do another TV special insight into settling into London again being crowed the Dowager of the WAGS. Victoria she's such a funny girl and London can do Britpop and Girl Power again.

    Oodles of press coverage on stories that are never true but are so mundane to make you weep and are sent out fresh every day by his/her agent.

    Becks will be awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the BBC on the basis of being a good crosser and passer some time ago. Oh they've already done that one!

  • Comment number 84.

    Guaranteed he'll be injured after the first one or two appearances. It'll just be a media circus for a while and Tottenham will make a million or so on shirts and image rights which is all Harry is after.

  • Comment number 85.

    76. whyficklefans:

    "I have nothing personal against Beckham but I really cannot understand what the fuss is about him. What is it with Beckham?"

    I agree with every word in your post. But I think it could make commercial, though not footballing, sense for Spurs. The growing TV market for the game these days is the Far East, not Europe. Many people there may not know the first thing about Spurs, but they all know Brand Beckham. So this could really boost recognition for the club in this fast growing market.

    On a side note, there are persistent rumours in Spain that Real (or just possibly Barca) will buy Bale this summer - anyone heard anything similar in the UK?

  • Comment number 86.

    There is a lot of Beckham hate on this blog today which seems very harsh on the man. People questioning his age need to look at the fact that Giggs was player of the year not very long ago and is still one of Man Utd's top performers. In today's modern game, a player can continue long into their thrities due to advances in recouperation techniques and better lifestyles. Am pretty sure Beckham will have maintained the same stamina in his body as Giggs has. His age should not be questioned at all.

    Everyone saying he can no longer run, this is complete fabrication. For one, he never used pace to beat a man even when he was in his twenties, so his loss of pace will never be an issue to his style of play. Secondly, i am sure he'll be in good enough shape to do the amount of running he needs to, ie tracking back and joining an attack.

    Seeing as so many clubs want him to join them shows he clearly must have some degree of talent left. Am sure the likes of Redknapp and Moyes wouldn't covet a player who they believed would offer nothing and be a distraction. Beckham has a lot ot give.

    It will be great to see him back in the EPL, even for a breif stint, and i hope he shows just what a class act he still is.

  • Comment number 87.

    48. At 10:13am on 06 Jan 2011, croatandabout wrote:

    Ridiculous comment I'm afraid. The treble winning United side played some absolutly fantastic football at times during that season and Spurs have come nowhere near the level of that side in their entire history.

  • Comment number 88.

    The trouble is Beckham has moved from footballer to brand. His pushy wife has seen to that,she has been primarily responsible for his fame, fortune and profile whilst we the footballing public have been sucked-in to the celebrity circus which has followed the couple for years. Dare I say it but he is treated by the media like royalty and almost by some in the same sycophantic way. Whatever footballing talents he has or HAD are eclipsed by this "in your face" publicity that follows him everywhere.If he does go to Spurs he will almost be a figure head:playing for short spells only and spending too long promoting his image. Right now Tottenham need to improve the defence not hire a p/t quasi film star.

  • Comment number 89.

    Who ever compared Xavi and Messi?
    We are talking about Spurs, Champions League knockout stage and Champions League spot chasers. Who else could England rely on other than "celebrity" David Beckham. He would have a positive effect on any team, i would love him back at United. No real content in any arguments and pity for Beckham??
    Spain are better than England, Barca are better than Spurs and Messi is better than Beckham. Is that all you would like clarifying because with that completely irrelevant comparison you truly are a winner.

  • Comment number 90.

    Some people on here really no nothing about football. How could anyone say Beckham has never been more than average? How is it average to play consistently for Man utd, Real Madrid and AC Milan? And to win all the major trophies? Plus captain and be a big part of you national team, and receive a lifetime achievement award at 35? He has never been average and he still isn't, that's why plenty of high level professional football clubs are so keen on having him still!

  • Comment number 91.

    I think Phil has it almost spot on in this article. Those of you complaining have misunderstood. Im a Man Utd fan n would still take Beckham back on loan now if Fergie wanted. I think the point Phil has made is that he would be a good influence on the training pitch and in the dressing room for other players to learn from. Imagine if suddenly in 3 months time that Lennon could cross??? Or Palacios and Huddlestone pick a decent pass? Beckham was one of the top 3 of UTD's '91 youth team and just look at what his other 2 classmates are doing...Giggs and Scholes are both lauded and highly relied upon by the team at the top! Scholes is finally being recognised as the best central midfielder in the country and Giggs still plays a big part, with both seen as calming influences on the pitch and young players referencing them as mentors and factors in their development on the training pitch

  • Comment number 92.

    Beckham is the most overrated player of all time and Real Madrid, AC Milan and England have all done infinitely better since he stopped playing for them

    Get your head straight Arry and drop your grudge against youngsters like Giovani

  • Comment number 93.


    Spurs are 4th & would have to pass Citeh & the Gooners to challenge Utd.

    They are also on the same points as Chelski, who are due a good run-they haven't lost class overnight, form yes.

    So, Becks would have to pass 3 clubs & surpass another to land the Title. In the Champions' League-yes, they have a hard tie & Becks ain't cup-tied.

    He is a better crosser & passer than anyone they have at present & if they use him as an impact sub, he'd do a fine job for them, but he ISN'T going to win honours for them. However, if he helps them consolidate 4th or get up to 3rd, so they get back in next season's Champs' League, then I'd say go for it, because it moves the club forward.

  • Comment number 94.

    " and in reality Everton's position in the middle of the Premier League and with no involvement in European football does not suit Beckham's purposes or profile."

    Exactly, this is a money making excercise to profit both sides, in image and cash. More shirt sales, more column inches in papers around the world, which will make again more shirt sales, Spurs stand to win from the publicity, Becks makes money hand over fist. Its business. Will he bring something to the squad? Probably a psychological lift, IF they are a bit down, but if they feel good about themselves he could do more harm than good and be resented.

  • Comment number 95.

    I am not sure if this is correct, but David's grand dad was a Spurs supporter. When he was a kid David Beckham will change his Man Utd shirt and put on the Spurs shirt for few hours when visiting his Grand dad. Now lets forget about playing ability , money, prestige and image rights and so on. Instead lets be sentimental. If what I said above it is true, then at least somebody,whether still alive or up there in heaven will be smiling to see his grand son in a Spurs shirt. I have no problem if Beckham signs for Spurs, but I will be truly disappointed if Harry gets Adebayor - he just doesn't fit into the Spurs image.

  • Comment number 96.

    If Beckham has been playing yesterday Spurs would have been effectively playing with 10men and taken a beating.

    Beckham offers nothing but a circus which a serious team can do without.

  • Comment number 97.

    94 comments wow Beckham mania.

    I think Beckham would be an asset to Spurs and totally agree about the Everton surrender, which had been looming in previous games. Spurs need a lift, a mid season winter boost. They need Huddlestone back, they need Palacios to avenge Bale and get Neville or preferably sort it out before Bale is crocked. They also need a striker who scores goals and hits the target, times runs so they are not off side Messrs Crouch and Pav take note.

    But Beckham would share experience, ability and commitment, endeavour and inspiration. Expense, well Spurs would profit from the expense from the inevitable road show, and need Beckham's brains (yes he does have them) to combat Man Utd and the other title contenders.

    Sort it Harry and Levy we need him.

  • Comment number 98.

    I remember it like it were yesterday. South Africa...Beckham in a lovely new suit and haircut...with fancy tan...sitting in the dugout next to Mr. a constant state of slow motion...nodding his head in appreciation...thumb up...gesticulating to his team mates as if still it all came crumbling down.

    The Everton loss was a minor blow. We are still well in there, still top-4.

    Do we need this washed up turkey at Spurs? I wouldn't put him in charge of a hen house. At worst, a cancer. At best, a distraction.

  • Comment number 99.

    At 12:01pm on 06 Jan 2011, Holding_Mid wrote:
    Some people on here really no nothing about football. How could anyone say Beckham has never been more than average? How is it average to play consistently for Man utd, Real Madrid and AC Milan? And to win all the major trophies? Plus captain and be a big part of you national team, and receive a lifetime achievement award at 35? He has never been average and he still isn't, that's why plenty of high level professional football clubs are so keen on having him still!

    what major trophies apart from at Man U 9 years ago? He won nothing at Madrid apart from the last season where he hardly played and when he did Real madrids results were worse than when he wasnt on the pitch. In fact they even were losing the final game until he was subbed and his sub Reyes scored twice!

    Beckham is a charlatan. He was a decent player at his peak at Man U but behind their best players Keane, Giggs, Scholes, Schmeichel etc. At Real Madrid despite spending 100ms on the likes of Ronaldo he still won nothing.

  • Comment number 100.

    what will happen to beckham is the same thing that happened during his last loan spell from Galaxy. He will get injured. No one can play all year around at the top level and not be injured.


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