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Arsenal will not miss Adebayor

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Phil McNulty | 10:01 UK time, Thursday, 16 July 2009

Michael Owen unveiling a brochure to attract buyers for himself is one thing - Arsenal fans doing likewise to attract a buyer for Emmanuel Adebayor is another.

While Owen's glossy pages spoke of "The Athlete, The Ambassador, The Icon", a replica produced by a group of Arsenal fans made a series of claims on Adebayor's behalf that were not altogether flattering.

According to his Emirates admirers, Adebayor's "brand values" included the Togo striker being "not small...wifi enabled...definitely not lazy..." Not to mention being "better than Marlon Harewood and Mido put together."

You get the picture. To the sound of tongues drilling holes in cheeks, this snapshot of Arsenal's support suggested he would not be missed should he leave.

And this is why Arsenal fans have not been storming the Emirates in fury at the club's decision to accept £25m of Manchester City's Abu Dhabi riches.

The reasoning is that Arsenal's team and bank balance would be enhanced by cashing in on Adebayor - and it is a theory based in sound logic.

Arsenal have bade farewell to a succession of high-profile players over the years, but very few have been sent on their way with such a wave of indifference as Adebayor. When covering Arsenal games last season, you had to try very hard to detect obvious signs of goodwill from supporters towards the player.

Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira departed with good grace and best wishes, Emmanuel Petit and Marc Overmars to Barcelona and Nicolas Anelka to Real Madrid for a huge profit. Ashley Cole went to Chelsea in exchange for cash and William Gallas amid well-chronicled rancour.

Mathieu Flamini was a regrettable departure on a free transfer to AC Milan, while Alexander Hleb has proved at Barcelona that Wenger got that call spot on.

As far as the Adebayor deal is concerned, the main fear among Arsenal's following is not that the deal will be completed, but that it might collapse.

It is all a far cry from the summer of 2008 when the gifted striker was basking in the achievement of scoring 30 goals in 48 games, a wonderful return that inevitably made him a target for Europe's elite.

AC Milan and Barcelona were among those courted, and even though he eventually signed a new and improved long-term contract, things have never been the same since.

Arsenal's supporters have since, in the main, treated Adebayor with a mixture of reserve and suspicion - and now see the prospect of receiving £25m in exchange for his services as another prime example of manager Arsene Wenger's ability to strike a good deal.


Manchester City's summer signings have all looked to have had a place in the grander scheme. Gareth Barry will provide maturity and quality in midfield, Roque Santa Cruz had his most fruitful goalscoring season under Mark Hughes at Blackburn and Carlos Tevez will provide industry and inspiration.

Adebayor? A goal threat and natural ability certainly, as his brilliant overhead kick against Villarreal in the Champions League proved - but a move to Eastlands does not appear to be the most natural fit.

Arsenal have the striking quality to compensate for Adebayor's absence. Robin van Persie, a more potent and driven player, has committed his future to the club and Andriy Arshavin gave golden glimpses of his quality last season.

Wenger will hope Eduardo, a natural and clinical marksman, can put injuries behind him while Carlos Vela could not be in better hands than Wenger's as he develops a potentially world-class talent.

Nicklas Bendtner is highly-rated by Wenger, who could use the Adebayor cash to add to that weaponry, as well as hunt down the combative midfield enforcer to add physical strength on top of the arrival of £10m defender Thomas Vermaelen.

Bordeaux's Moroccan striker Marouane Chamakh has emerged as a potential target, but as ever Wenger will not be rushed.

Wenger, we can say with some certainty, will have a plan and there is no obvious displeasure that it might not include the enigmatic, albeit lavishly talented, figure of Adebayor.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Never heard of Chamakh. I think I'd rather see the cash spent on Melo.

  • Comment number 2.

    Good article.

    There's no denying that Wenger got the best part of the bargain. Adebayor clearly wasn't motivated last season and the prospect of earning more money at Milan must have warmed to him. A team with an abundance of strikers is only going to give Hughes a major headache during the finishing straight of the season and he needs to get the rotation right. If they don't make the top four at the expence of Arsenal, given the fact that City aren't going to feature much in mid-week fixtures, this would be a failure and Hughes should be sacked.

  • Comment number 3.

    I completely agree with you Phil.

    Adebayor remind me to somewhat of a lesser extent of Ronaldinho when he played for Barca. The best and most technically gifted player at the club on his day but certainly not a team player such as Fabregas and Eduardo, and that is why as with Barca he will be replaced with someone just as good (dare I say ever better) but who is adored by their fans aka Signoir Messi. Good luck to Arsenal I hope that it isn't you who the riches of Abu Dhabi thrust out of the top 4.

  • Comment number 4.

    I have not met an Arsenal fan yet who is sad about Adebayor leaving and I understand that, as he has treated the club pretty badly.

    But his departure will leave a big hole in their forward line.

    Van Persie and Arshavin were Arsenal's best two players last season, but neither are out-and-out goalscorers in the Adebayor mould.

    Nicklas Bendtner is a solid performer, but his best days are no-where near as good as Adebayor's best days.

    Carlos Vela will become a top, top player, but isn't ready to spearhead the club's league campaign quite yet.

    No-one knows how Chamakh will turn out, if he is signed, so it seems Wenger is putting a lot of faith in Eduardo's fitness, which is a massive gamble.

  • Comment number 5.

    As an Arsenal fan (and N. Ireland fan) I am very disappointed by the lack of support shown by my fellow Gunners, how can we expect blind loyalty when we show none ourselves?

    I believe players like Eboue, Bendtner and Adebayor needed our support rather than our boos and we can only blame disappointing performances on ourselves.

    Saying that I'd tke £25m for Adebayor anyday of the week and let Eduardo and Vela have a chance in the first team.....

    We don't boo our team at Windsor Park and we beat teams twice as good as us, that's why we were voted the best fans in Europe, fellow Arsenal fans please take note!

  • Comment number 6.

    i must be the only arsenal fan i know who wants him to stay. he is the most unpopular player i have ever come accross. i would say it is down to his agent who encouraged public utterances last summer to increase the pay rise when it appeared the player had little intention of leaving.
    as ever, arsene knows and the lack of public statements of support show the players days are more than numbered. no doubt we'll unearth another gem for a fraction and adebayor can warm city's bench before dissapearing into obscurity!
    shame, because on his day he was a mix of kanu and drogba.

  • Comment number 7.

    I can seriously see this one going pear shaped, as it is reported today that he is holding out for a last ditch attemp by AC milan... Could maybe happen if Chelsea are successful in their approaches for Pato? But i think by the time it is all settled, Man city will realise they already have more strikers on thier books than they know what to do with, and AC will not have come calling... Which gives him till JAnuary to either impress and win back some admiration from the fans, or what is more likely be flogged for 10mil to a mid-table prem/euro club???

    The guys just a bit of a lemon, and all my Gooner mates have very little respect for the man... To the level where they would rather see Bendner in the red and white! Crazy!

    And Phil... NICE blog mate... no red northern teams mentioned, one of your best sir!

  • Comment number 8.

    I think you're right Phil. For me this really is too much money to turn down for a player who is probably worth half of the fee in a 'real world'. He undoubtedly has talent and I actually wouldn't mind if he stayed, but as long as he rediscovered his hunger and work ethic and he had to work his socks off to get a place in the team. Most Arsenal fans turned on him because on the back of one good season he demanded the same money as Henry was on. He eventually got his huge pay day and then didn't seem interested on the pitch.

    If he goes I'm not even sure we need to buy a replacement. We have RVP, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela plus Arshavin will be played off one striker at times too. Don't forget Walcott can play up front and we have Jay Simpson pushing from the fringes.

    If we can sell Ade for £25m and bring in a top class central midfielder the balance of our squad will be a lot better.

  • Comment number 9.

    The Adebayor brochure was not put together by a 'group of supporters' or 'supporters' group' as The Sun reported, but by Arseblogger of Arseblog ( and was originally posted on this post

    Considering Arseblog is the ONLY and non-mainstream media that Ivan Gazidis has given an interview with AND that yours is also a blog, I would have thought a name check or at the very least getting the type of source correct wouldn't be too difficult. Other than that, it's just lazy journalism.

  • Comment number 10.

    I hate to be a cynic, but I've never rated Adebayor, in the same way that I never rated Drogba. I dont doubt that he is a good player, we've all seen himn score some great goals, but I just dont think he's good enough to play for a 'top four' side.
    Bendtner however, is a waste of space. Thats all i have to say about him.
    Vela will come good, given time and Premier league experience, not just the odd trot about against Bury in the carling cup. As long as Eduardo and Van Persie stay fit, Arsenal shouldnt have any problems scoring.
    Its not a good move for Adebayor to Man City, as it probably isnt for any of them, because it will be a forced rotation policy, where no-one will get a full game apart from Tevez and Barry. Adebayor and Santa Cruz will not play at the same time, when Bellamy and Robinho will have to fit in there somewhere as well.
    On another note, spare a thought for John Hartson this week.

  • Comment number 11.

    I think the whole Adebayor thing clearly demostrates Arsenal supporters think their club is bigger than what it is. Thats another world class player gone and to be replaced one.

    How can they get angry at his AC Milan comment, Milan are a club (in my opinion) higher placed than Real or its equal in world footbal along with Boca. They should be grateful one of the greatest clubs ever considers one of its strikers valuable.

  • Comment number 12.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 13.

    I don't think you should tar all Arsenal fans with the same brush.. not all of us want Adebayor to leave!

    There are a lot of us that want him to stay!

  • Comment number 14.

    Robin van Persie "a more potent and driven player"
    Andriy Arshavin "golden glimpses of his quality"
    Eduardo "a natural and clinical marksman"
    Bendtner...well Wenger likes him!

    Very politically correct, Phil.

    Arsenal will need to replace him, but even in the current climate shouldn't struggle with £25m in their back pocket - and the incoming player will be interested in playing for them.

    Bottom line - Adebayor will miss Arsenal more than Arsenal will miss Adebayor!

  • Comment number 15.

    I absolutely agree with you. We still need a battling defensive midfielder though.

  • Comment number 16.

    The most over-rated, untalented, useless player in the EPL. Maybe the world.

    "30 goals" - I could have scored those 30 goals in the Arsenal midfield that boasted Flamini, Fabregas, Rosiky, RVP. He missed 400% more than he scored.

  • Comment number 17.

    Im glad we found an Ade-buyer! He missed more than he scored..

    Although we really need to start shooting from OUTSIDE the area this season - RVP seems the only person who wants to do this and he might not be in full working condition soon!

  • Comment number 18.

    The reason a lot of Arsenal fans have gone off Adebayor is we believe he is a mercenary and is only playing for the highest bidder and not for the club. So many players claim to be at a club because they either came through the ranks or supported them whilst growing up. I think it's just like Barry at Villa last year saying he would only move to a CL team and then this year has moved to Man City for a lot less in a transfer fee but a much higher weekly wage!!

    I will be happy to see the back of him as I think he is an unstable and unbalanced person that occasionally has flashes of brilliance but is not helping the team.

  • Comment number 19.

    Spot on Phil, I am worried that the deal will fall through. Not worried if he leaves, in fact I really hope he does leave and would be delighted if we can get 25million pounds, 30million last summer would have been better but I would would even take 20mil.

    The main thing that I don't like about Adebayor has nothing to do with his actual ability, it has everything to do with his attitude. His body language in a lot of games suggests that he thinks he it white hot awesome because he scored 30 goals two seasons ago and scored some good goals here and there. But the think that irked me was the AC Milan-Beyonce comment.

    We Arsenal fans have had a gutful of listening to our best players being putting themselves in the shop window for Barcelona,Real Madrid & AC Milan. We had it with Vieira, will he or won't he leave for Madrid or Milan, Henry was linked with Chelsea in a 50million offer, and then the usual will he go to Barca. Then of course the constant Fabregas saga, which seems to be laying the ground work for the inevitable. And then we have Arshavin arrive and then make comment that he would like to play for Barcelona.

    When will we get some players that would rather play for Arsenal than for the big Euro 3 ? Robin Van Persie's comments are a breath of fresh air. The guy has respect for what the club and manager has done for his career, and wants to repay that faith shown in him over the long term.

    Players should remember that they can't all play for Barcelona, Madrid or Milan. There are a lot of good and great players there already. Yes the weather might be better, but if you stay for the long term at a club, put in 110% effort every game, and outright reject any notion of leaving while under contract, then that player will be loved and remembered by the fans.

    I can tell you now, when I am talking about great Arsenal players down the years, Emmanual Adebayor will not even enter my mind, and if he does, it will be with a shake of the head and exasperated sigh.

  • Comment number 20.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 21.

    The big quesyion is- why did things change at the Emirates for Adebayor? You dont address this Phil. I would be interested to hear from fans of Arsenal what their take is on the situation.
    Also for City fans- do you know who has been awarded the contract to build the new, and longer subs bench at Eastlands? I hear it going to have a lot of interactiver features designed to keep all the players from realising they are not in the team!

  • Comment number 22.

    Good points Phil. From Arsenal's point of view, Adebayor's return on the pitch isn't what it should be, they have cover up front and £25m seems like good business.

    As for Adebayor himself, he reminds of a young Drogba, flashes of brilliance but alot of averageness. Drogba became better than that but if anything, Adebayor has either stalled or gone backwards!

  • Comment number 23.

    Good luck to Ade where ever he ends up gave us a great season when Henry left. Now we wait to see if Arsene can pull a couple of master strokes with the money. My only concern is that having seen off Spurs a couple of seasons ago and Villa last season for 4th spot that City may prove our nemesis for our Champions League place. We need to be chalenging for the title not looking over our shoulder in 4th place.

  • Comment number 24.

    Arsenal fan here...I think Adebayor was unfairly targeted by fans last yr...yes he wasn't as good as 07-08 and looked a bit lazy when wasn't getting service, but he was never going to be a Tevez..I think he still had a decent goals/starts ratio...we have 7 strikers and Adebayor was clearly the best header of the ball and the only real threat from corners/set pieces...moreover with him on the field we had a long ball threat with Cesc going for the 30 yd pass from time to time...Van Persie who is somehow loved by the fans is not nearly as good as Adebayor...yes he will score a couple of spectacular goals but he is always an injury risk and cannot score with his head...if Adebayor is inconsistent then RVP is no better..Bendtner may be a good striker for Denmark but with so many strikers on the books, he will never get enough minutes to build some confidence in front of goal(he actually looks scared at times in front of goal)....Vela never gets enough time to get into form either..Eduardo has wretched luck so far with injuries....out of all our strikers I personally only rate Arshavin as a genuine top quality player...and why are we replacing Adebayor with a cheap imitation in Chamakh??...better spend the money on central midfield/central defense or goalkeeper

  • Comment number 25.

    A bit of a half-hearted effort that, Phil? Less passionate when you're not writing about SAF perhaps...?

    It seems the exodus of players leaving the top English teams continues, and if Terry and Alonso/Mascherano are to leave their respective clubs, it'd be interesting to look at compare the net results of the closed season for the big 4 - all of whom would have become weaker.

    I still donn't see anyone else breaking into the top 4 just yet, but surely the gap between them and the chasing pack closing (especially with Man City spending money like its going out of fashion) will make the English game more exciting for the average fan.

    Not sure what it says about the state of the English game in comparison to the rest of the world though...

  • Comment number 26.

    i really liked adebayor but he thought he was bigger than the club last summer and the fans have never forgiven him! i was at many games at the end of the season and his effort was awful. I think 25million is great and we should hurry up the deal to stop it collapsing. if he were to stay i think he'll have a lot to do to win back the fans. however, if he goes we've made almost 20mil profit on him and can use it in other places.

    i am also looking forward to bendtner stepping up this year, he has now been given the perfect opportunity and must take it! come on "super nick!!!"

  • Comment number 27.

    Adebayor is a good striker,better than N'gog,Di Santo and Macheda combined.We will miss him for his towering headers and primitive celebrations.Good luck to him next season and I hope he wins the League cup with his soon to be new team...

  • Comment number 28.

    the fact of the matter is,adebayor has been arsenals top goal scorer in the last 2 seasons,30 in the 07/08 season and 16 last season plus 8 assists.
    he had one bad season like all arsenal players,you souldnt write a player off just because of 1 bad season,who's to say he wont find his form this season and score 30 goals again?van persie has NEVER scored more than 11 league goals for arsenal,so relying on him is ridiculous.

  • Comment number 29.

    Phil, not for the first time, you are spot on. Arsenal will not miss Adebayor and will welcome the 25m they get for him but the real question is, how will that money be used. Huntlaar may be the perfect side man for his fellow countryman, RVP, but do we need another striker? Vela is the star in waiting and Walcott is more effective in a central role. It all comes back to identifying a midfield ball winner /destroyer as a priority. Any suggestions other than eating humble pie and going back for Flamini?

  • Comment number 30.

    Can't wait to see him go... at that price it's another stroke of genius from Wenger. Adebayor is not a worldclass striker.....we use to have Henry, Bergkamp, Wright and the list is pretty long. But Ade is definitely not one of them, to be successful you need to be talented and work hard. Ade has got some talent but will never work hard...sad for him !

  • Comment number 31.

    Good news for arsenal this guys a disgrace

  • Comment number 32.

    Phil, this article is spot on. If Arsenal receive £25 Mil for Adebayor it's a fantastic result for the gooners. Wenger has obvioulsy realised (along with the rest of the world) that he doesnt want to be at Arsenal anymore and we should get rid of him asap. And if City are willing to pay £25 Mil then all the better. We have a great variety in our other strikers though I'm still unconvinced with Bendtner. I think we need to buy another midfielder before another striker. Someone in the mould of Viera would be fantastic. I still see us finishing higher than City. No Champs League for the Sky Blues next year i fear

  • Comment number 33.

    Starter for 10...

    How many > £1om players have come into the premiership so far this summer?

    I make it just 2 or 3 max... Would love to know how that compares to previous years.

  • Comment number 34.

    excellent article and spot on. Personally id rather he went to Milan and we get Flamini back as part of the deal as we desperately need his type of player in midfield. Adebayor had one good season and thought he was Henry.. last season his one touch without looking football was was his attitude. good riddance.

  • Comment number 35.

    "....the main fear among Arsenal's following is not that the deal will be completed, but that it might collapse"

    absolutely spot on!!!

    I would celebrate with a beer when he officially leaves the club.

  • Comment number 36.

    I wonder with the current financial climate whether Arsene will spend much of the generated cash. He may have a similar view to Fergie right now that spending on inflated valuations could be unwise. Plus, Arsenal's well documented financial concerns may mean he puts some cash away. I think he's got the ability to make the most out of his forward line (even if their ability is lacking or as yet unproven in some cases) but the all important ball-winning Cesc partner is a must!

  • Comment number 37.

    I think arsenal got lucky that billionaire man city owners are willing to splash the cash. if it wasnt for them then i think we'll be looking at £15m from ac milan.
    This transfer will be worse for adebayor than it is for arsenal. he can and will be replaced relatively easily (Bendtner ready made replacement). However although Adebayor will be doubling his wages, his football career will have gone backwards. City are not in the Champs League, will not win the league and he will not play every league game as they now have the most number of attackers in the league!!

  • Comment number 38.

    Wow, a fair assessment and no mention of Man U in this blog. Miraculous.

    "As far as the Adebayor deal is concerned, the main fear among Arsenal's following is not that the deal will be completed, but that it might collapse."

    Just about right.

  • Comment number 39.

    give carlos vela his shot

  • Comment number 40.

    "while Alexander Hleb has proved at Barcelona that Wenger got that call spot on."


    Arsenal have missed Hleb regardless of the impact he has made at Barcelona. Surely no one expected Hleb to be a regular.

    Arsenal don't have the funds nor the strategy to be in there as contenders. They are the most inconsistent out of the top 4.

    I don't believe Arsenal have the resources to compensate and the cash for this deal is going straight to paying off the debts.

    Forget about Arsenal as contenders.

  • Comment number 41.

    PS: I am not a new member hence do not understand the pre-moderated statement.

  • Comment number 42.

    I don't think the Gooners will miss a player who never really seemed that dedicated to the cause.

  • Comment number 43.

    I'm not one of his biggest fans but honestly i would rather Ade staying put. Not cause he's an amazing striker but i feel the team will have to take time to readjust to any new striker and we all have to admit the team has to deliver this season.
    Also 25m is way more than his worth and if the club turned down such an offer they would be letting go of him next season for a much lower price.
    But nothing is finalized yet (Adebayor leaving and the replacment coming) so let's wait and see.

  • Comment number 44.

    The reason Arsenal fans are indifferent to Adebayor is because he looks so indifferent on the pitch. I admit, in 07/08 he was one of the best in the league. But last season (injured or not,) he looked lazy and his the amount of times he is off-side is a joke. Man City can have him, I'm sure he will enjoy his ludicrous wages - as I believe that is his motivation for joining them. Take the money, spend it on Chamakh (who was one of the main reasons Bordeaux, and not 7 times-in-a-row Lyon, won the French League last season.)Spend the other £15m on a midfield stopper of the Gilberto mould - Melo would have been nice, but he's gone Juve. Time to get a new target and snap him up, at whatever cost. If we do not sign this type of player, Man City, Aston Villa or Everton could push us out of the top 4 - with our stadium debt, that is not an option.

  • Comment number 45.

    I can help but feel this is another sign of how ungrateful we have become as Arsenal fans. By any measure Adebayor didn't have a poor season this year- he was out for at least 3 months but still managed 16 goals. The year before we know he hit 30. Of the current crop at Arsenal no one has achieved that yet, inc RvP who has been around for almost 5 years now.

    People should not forget that Adebayor's build- lanky- contributes to his posture a lot, just remember kanu. And people may perceive that as laziness. Ask Rio Ferdinand what a nuisance the guy is, he's certainly a handful for most top defenders. Even though we are making over £20m in profit, I got a feeling the player and manager dont both feel this is the best thing to happen, but given the reaction of the supporters in that infamous shareholders question and answer session as well as the booing, both agree its time to let go. Ok, granted we can get another striker for much less, but not everyone will hit the ground running, and it may well be over a year before they gel with the rest of the team no matter how good. I know Arshavin didn't need that much time, but there is always an exception to every rule, and besides, he joined at a time when the squad was decimated by injuries and hence had the chance to play in every match he was eligible in improving his settling in.

    This year was going to be our year, we just wanted to start the season firing on all cylinders, but now that Ade is gone, we are going to start working on new partnerships which by the time they start working may be a bit late as we may be off the pace. Look at the other top 3, Chelsea will have a familiar strike force (Drog, Anelka), Liverpool (Gerrard, Torres) United (Rooney, Berabtov), and by the time our boys find their feet we may well be 10 or more points adrift.
    I just dont know what it is with Arsenal fans, a few were calling for Wenger's head, Eboue was booed for one or two misplaced passes and now they are hounding their most potent strikers out. Make no mistake; a couple of managers up north will be rubbing their hands with glee at this piece of news. If we dont win anything this year again, I hope the same fans will accept the part they played in it, as for how long will Wenger be expected to continue building a team? Other players will have taken note(eg, Eboue, Song, Denilson, Diaby, etc) and will hand in transfer requests at the slightest hint of fan-displeasure meaning Wenger will forever be building a competetive side.

    We have shot ourselves in the foot again, and this time, its none other than the fans' fault.

  • Comment number 46.

    Melo has signed for Juventus You plonker!

  • Comment number 47.

    I'm not an Arsenal supporter but Adebayor will not be missed? Are you sure?

    86 League Starts - 46 League Goals.

    Last season he started overall in all competitions 30 games and scored 16 goals. And that was a 'bad' season.

    Frustrating, lazy at times, but will be missed because he is a striker who scores goals and there is few of them about in the Premiership.

  • Comment number 48.

    All the media talks about the season he scored 30 goals. They should also note however, the 30 sitters he missed and 700 times he was offside.

    He wanted TH14 money for those 30 goals but TH14 scored 'em every year and added the same amount in assists.

    He got some bad advice, courted other clubs, used the media to slate the fans and all of this was after doubling his money.

    No one player can be allowed to appear bigger than the club itself (apart from Dennis Bergkamp!) and therefore his time has passed and must move on, wherever that might be.

  • Comment number 49.

    I've just taken a look at the brochure - slightly cruel but a humorous read none the less. I wonder what Wenger makes of it?!

    I've never really considered Adebayor good enough for Arsenal. I don't think he's consistent enough in front of goal and doesn't bring huge creativity to the side although he is a massively powerful physical presence up front.

    Add to that it seems the player wants to leave and has been touted around the clubs by his agent and I think it's time for Wenger to cash in.

  • Comment number 50.

    arsene wenger may be making a good deal for selling adebayor for 25 million pounds when he bought him for around 1 million pounds, but regardless of his attitude, arsenal will be losing their most prolific goalscorer over the last two seasons. They will also be losing the physical factor that adebayor possessed, and frankly, arsenal's other strikers (apart from arshavin) have not proved that they can be prolific goalscorers in the premier league. Plus due to the over-valuation of players these days, it will be very hard for arsenal to find a top quality replacement for adebayor. They also need a powerful midfielder to give fabregas more freedom (poulsen or toulalan) and a reliable centre back. but given that this transfer window has seen players being sold way over their value, it will be very difficult for wenger to successfully buy the players he needs.

  • Comment number 51.

    Getting rid would be a mistake for them, he's alot better than Bendtner and alot more of a threat, if Van Persie and Eduardo become the new Arsenal strike force, they'll pose zero aerial threat, at least Adebayor was a first teamer who could offer that, Bendtner does offer it but his overall game is lacking alot!

  • Comment number 52.

    It is tricky. Adebayor is a talented footballer. He can score from range, he can score volleyes, overhead kicks, headers... At times he is not the best team player and whilst he offered something different, Wenger may just prefer an attacker who can pass a bit. Huntelaar would be perfect and probably only 15M. The other 10M can go to get a DM. Melo has been touted. Eboue can add weight to the deal.
    Wenger may decide to place faith in Song, Diaby, etc.

  • Comment number 53.

    Adebayor's critics don't know much about football at this level. His runs off the ball opened many defences; his speed getting to where the ball will be played embarrassed many opponents; his strength in the box and height off the ground meant he won crucial duals; and, for most of the time, he passed quickly and cleverly. He also smiled a lot. The mock prospectus was in the main affectionate and good humoured. He will be missed.

  • Comment number 54.

    Correction Bocaman, he cost £7m.

    Also, I see alot of people mentioning his goals/game ratio - he should have had way more than that. Every home game I sit there and watch him miss, be off-side, make the wrong run etc... Time to go Ade, you won't be missed at the Emirates.

  • Comment number 55.

    I see the majority of the Gooners are saying "yeah, get rid of him, not world-class, not good enough for us, another master stroke by Wenger to get £25m".

    Don't you see the irony of praising Wenger's 'genius' in this matter, when he's the guy who bought Adebayor and has played him as the main striker for the past two years? What 'genius' is involved in playing a sub-standard striker?

    Arsenal have, for the past few seasons, played some very pretty football and lacked a goalscorer who could just roll the ball into the net. How many points have they dropped that way? Wenger has failed to address this year after year, relying on 'potential' from a variety of strikers who then fail to display it.

    Michael Owen was going for free...

  • Comment number 56.

    I agree with you Phil! 25 million for Adebayor is good selling. But I still believe we need a replacement striker. Consider a case here

    vanPersie, Eduardo, Vela -All play Left foot
    Bendtner, Walcott - Right footed
    Arshavin - plays well behind the 2 strikers, I dont see Wenger playing him out and out striker. He would play a more central role.

    So I believe with 25 million cash in kitty, Arsene should spend it wisely on decent players like Arshavin in January window. My personal favorites for replacing Adebyaor would be Jermaine Defoe (right footed) (in case Spurs sign any of the outgoing Madrid's Dutch players) OR Julio Baptista!!

  • Comment number 57.

    Like the majority, not sad to see him go. In fact, as Phil rightly say's. I'm more worried that he'd stay! People talk of the '30 goals' but again, as someone pointed out a) he missed about 30 to get that many and b) those goals dried up as soon as his ego got too big. After finding out he was ahead of Ronaldo in March, he dried up.

    When Milan came in, he made it clear he wanted to go, and frankly, that being the case, he should have gone there and then - as last season he was dismal. This time the misses continued, but the finishing was lame.

    I know in the modern game, post Bosmann, and post common sense in the Sky era, the words 'players' and 'loyalty' are rarely found in the same sentence (unless the price is right) but the fans haven't moved on, I'm pleased to say, and if a player flouts himself, or his evil twin, sorry agent, touts his name around the EPL and elsewhere while still under contract, then they can expect the cold shoulder.

    And that's what's happened to Adebayor.

  • Comment number 58.

    To jamesfernie...there is a link to that blog on my Twitter page.

    To torontored...I feel, and I did suggest this, that Adebayor's relationship with Arsenal fans was never the same after last summer, when he was constantly linked with a move abroad. Arsenal fans of my acquaintance felt it took him too long to distance himself from this. They took this as a reluctance to commit himself fully and quickly.

    He was then awarded a lucrative new deal and his form slipped last season - not a winning combination.

  • Comment number 59.

    Just a couple of points,
    1. To footy_analysis ~ "play beautifully" ~ Arsene Wenger wrote the brochure.
    2. Man City could now field an entire team of forwards.
    3. Arsenal could replace him with 25 million.

  • Comment number 60.

    Considering Melo has signed for Juve that plan pretty much goes out the window.

    If we can get £25m for Adebayor in the off season I think that will be the best bit of business since we made £25m+ profit on Anelka.

    The fact he openly courted offers while away for the World Cup reeks with most of the REAL Arsenal support... and the fact he can't seem to grasp that it was his OWN actions that caused the downturn in support for him makes him twice as stupid. Good riddance I say... he's asking for £170,000 a week based on one very good season and not much more says everything about him.

    And I predict his big mouth opens even more once he puts the blue shirt of Citeee on and then we'll all see EXACTLY what this guy is about... even though equally I expect ultimately his mouth to open as far as all the other guys who left Arsenal did... wide enough for them to put their foot in it.

  • Comment number 61.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 62.

    The reality is Adebayor may be considered a good stricker, but as an arsenal fan it was sheer horror, because for a so called world class stricker he takes ten chances to convert was so frustrating when he is on..and this was not just last season..and his attitude last season was the icing on the cake as far as arsenal fans wre concerned,which is why you dont see much support for him...please we will gladly take the £25m and be rid of him....

  • Comment number 63.

    Would everyone stop knocking Bendtner. He's 20, scored the same amount of goals this season a £25m Tevez and he's scored in some big games with important goals. Nicky and Ade clearly didnt get on so getting rid of one with hopefully only inspire Bendtner to become a better player.

    £25m for Ade is a great sale and the money can be used to sign a top quality midfielder. Would love for us to get someone with a bit of grit and experience...a la De Rossi, Pirlo and Gattuso

  • Comment number 64.

    A fair analysis Phil. Good stuff.

    Adebayor has divided Arsenal fans for some time. However, it was last summer when his flagrant courting of Barca and Milan really upset a lot of gooners. Plus the amazing drivel about how he needed to concentrate on his retirement fund.

    His major mistake last season was thinking that he had already "made it" as a player. His workrate dropped, his attitude changed. The fans stopped responding to him and it speaks volumes that the only morons who are now willing to sign him are Man City. So, with my best wishes, I have sent Mr Hughes a little letter below:

    "Dear Mark Hughes. I know your employers have more money than sense, but you already have Tevez, Santa Cruz, Benjani, Robinho, Bellamy etc. You don't need Adebayor but thank you for taking him off our hands. I am sure he will cause you no end of problems. But perhaps you should buy a defender or two? otherwise you will finish 7th. Love and kisses - 18Grimandi"

  • Comment number 65.

    What really started to grate for me was when Adebayor started talking about himself in the third person, an abhorrent trait for ego-maniacs e.g. the world's most arrogant sportsman, Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Adebayor is a decent striker who scored a lot of goals in 07/08 season, and a good haul last season, due to being served up glorious chances on a platter by some of the best "assisters" in the game in RVP, Fabregas and formerly Hleb.

    I think it may have been the CL semi-final where Adebayor was woeful in effort and application, and was replaced by Eduardo, who then showed him how to take a first touch, link up play and show some passion for what he is doing. And for me Eduardo is a far more clinical finisher. Even with Adebayor I would play a fit Eduardo ahead of him.

    As for the money to be spent, assuming a deal goes through, I agree with the majority to spend it on a central midfielder of experience and quality, say £15m - £20m, and perhaps a striker more for the squad, who would compete with Bendnter and Vela for benching duties.

  • Comment number 66.

    12:22 ( I think the whole Adebayor thing clearly demostrates Arsenal supporters think their club is bigger than what it is. Thats another world class player gone and to be replaced one. )

    He hasnt been replaced by anyone because he hasn't gone yet.
    Similar to how we only got Henry after Anelka left.

  • Comment number 67.

    Theres a lot of people still commenting on how many strikers city have got.

    1. If any of you had watched city last season you would have realised that we were short on strikers (constantly injured, just not good enough, etc etc) Sure we scored a lot of goals but the whole team chipped in.

    2. Hughes has said all along that he will buy before he sells...and as far as I am aware the transfer window is still open for another month!!!

    I personally would like to see adebayor go to Milan if thats where he wants to play, Im sure city will be fine with RSC leading the line.

  • Comment number 68.

    Anyone seen that brochure? It's hilarious and an absolute master-stroke. If Adebayor turns down the riches of City it won't be because of the affiliation he feels with Arsenal fans. We want rid of him and if we can make a few quid as a result, then all the better.

    Is it just me or is Mark Hughes committing managerial suicide? He's signing players known for truculence and temperament issues, hoping they'll gel. I can't see it happening.

    As for Arsenal, we'll be just fine. I just wish Wenger would up the ante is getting Melo, or at least trying to get Flamini back from Milan.

  • Comment number 69.

    Only one man has more faith in Bendtner than Bendtner himself - and that is Arsene Wenger. In fact even Wenger might not have as much faith in Bendtner as Bendtner. This is a big season for him though, and with Adebayor out of the way it is a big opportunity.

  • Comment number 70.

    hahaha. i like the diplomacy of "Bendtner is highly-rated by Wenger."

  • Comment number 71.

    lionihatethisgame, tell me, had you ever heard of Vieira, Henry, Cesc or Pires prior to joining Arsenal? I bet when Wenger signed Adebayor we all said Ade who?

    The rumour is that Ade is getting cold feet, I suspect that if he does go (and quite frankly I wish he would, as we will go through this again next summer), he may well play well for City (if he gets off the bench) but no doubt both he and his agent will attempt to engineer a move to Milan or Barca or basically a club with better pedigree than City. So, City fans, brace yourselves!

    Like Phil says Wenger will no doubt have a plan in place and will not be rushed.

  • Comment number 72.

    I would like to agree with post 4, in Adebayor's absence Arsenal will need a goal getter, neither Van Persie or Arshavin are box players. No matter how much Gooners dislike him Adebayor walks into that team when his head is right.

    As much as he may rate him, Wenger should not expect Bendtner to get the goals, maybe he needs a fresh start at a lesser Prem team such as Everton, Villa or Sunderland, I think his game would suit this standard and style of play. I'm sure the lad has talent but a fresh start may get his confidence going..

    Persoanlly I would like to see someone like Luis Fabiano joining Arsenal, a proven goalscorer and not too much of an ego, although i'm sure some of Europe's bigger names will be watching him too.

    Vela needs to improve but if Eduardo can stay fit then he should easily be getting double figures, but if he can't get fit then Wenger must loosen the purse strings

  • Comment number 73.

    Totally with Brixtonpaul.

    I think in his peak fans said he was the next T.Henry. He's quick, athletic and made many defenders embarresed. Last season didn't help him with injuries. This coupled with the Milan courting him may have made him lose his concentration. Every striker wants to score goals even if he doesn't like his team. Coupled with asking for more money and then not quite delivering turned the fans against him.
    The more the fans turn on you, the more you as a player will suffer IMO. If fans had supported him (for having an off season) then maybe he might have had the confidence to score more ?? who knows ???

    I think his physical presence and speed will be missed up front.RVP, Eddie, Vela, Theo and AA are not physical or tall enough for the games that require aerial and physical penetration.

    One good thing that I do hope that comes out of this is that Theo can play more and more up front. Nasri on the right, Theo just in front is perfect for him (when he scored his hatrick for England).

    Defo need a like for like replacement for Adebayor!!

  • Comment number 74.

    @28, Van Persie was Arsenal's top goalscorer last season.

    Adebayor spent the last two summers talking up moves away from the club. I lost all respect for the man when he kissed the badge after talking up a move away from the club. Thinking that such a gesture would endear him to the fans showed his character.

    Is there anyone that doubts Arsene will bring in a replacement of equal or better ability to Adebayor?

  • Comment number 75.

    1. At 12:05pm on 16 Jul 2009, lionihatethisgame wrote:


    Dont follow football much, then?
    Melo signed for Juventus a couple of days ago.

  • Comment number 76.

    I can't believe City or Milan want him, but fair play to them because it'd give us the opportunity to buy a striker who can head the ball... although I don't think it's ever been high on Arsene's list of neccessary skills for a striker so I'm not holding my breath. I have always regarded Wenger's Arsenal as 11 midfield players one converted to a goalkeeper, one converted to a striker, they pass well and look good but until he get's his head around the fact that in some positions you need specialist help we won't win nothing, just keep passing until we can side-foot it in from a yard out, and not many good teams allow you to do that against them.
    I yearn for the day that we'd even show interest in signing a proper striker, I suppose Bedtner is the closeset to a traditional front player but he is mid division Championship not Champions League. Interestingly, apart from not being able to head the ball (or score last season) when Adebayor was behaving like a proper centre forward, the season before, Arsenal were a serious proposition, but they were so over reliant on his goals, and you knew at some stage, naturally, he'd have a couple of lean weeks or an injury and that few weeks came just after Christmas and allowed United in. I'm mystified as to why Wenger couldn't see that having a proper striker really made the difference and didn't sign someone like Kevin Davies from Bolton as back up to Adebayor that season. I can't see this state of affairs ever changing as I know if Arsene had the money he'd sign Frank Ribery (frustratingly another winger masquerading as a striker... probably never headed the ball in his life). It's strange having and wanting all these wingers and not having anyone who can head the ball in the middle.... Arsenal might as well give up taking corners. The couple of times Wenger's made the effort to sign a proper centre forward he's come up with Francis Jeffers!??? and Bedtner so I'm not holding out much hope.... even Crouch would give Arsenal something different when required even if he was just a bench option... a Plan B. That's just it, if Arsenal can't pass the ball 15 times in a beautifully choreographed move and sidefoot in from point blank the game is up becasue there is no plan B and never really has been under AW.... to win things you have to have an array of options no matter how good looking your football is.

  • Comment number 77.

    Arsenal are better off without him simply because he doesn't want to be there. When a player or his agent tout themselves around all teh leading club sin Europe saying they want to move then it's best to say Goodbye to them.

    Ronaldo has left UTD not because SAF didn't want him but because his heart was set on Real Madrid and the annual will he / won't he saga was too much of a distraction. When that happens it is sometimes better to take the profit, buy a replacement or 2 and pocket some of it for a rainy day (or in utd's case replacements for Giggs, Scholes & Neville next summer should Fabio, Tosic & Anderson not prove able to make the step up)

  • Comment number 78.

    i think that bendtner is still young and can improve into a good marksman, and arshavin was brilliant last season. but arsenal should still never get rid of such a talent, especially if they want to challenge for honors

  • Comment number 79.

    Adebayor has shown nothing but disloyalty to Arsenal and Arsenal fans:

    * Last summer he came out and claimed he wanted to stay an arsenal player, but literally 15minutes later had another interview saying that he could leave and that a move to Milan may be to tempting to turn down!

    * He then doubled his money and came out saying that a move away was never in his mind, and his performances have since halved!

    * He then claimed arsenal fans were harsh on him by believing these stories that he wants to move for more money! Im sure the opportunity of playing in the earlier rounds of the carling cup are too tempting for him to turn down, who needs europe or premier league challenges?

    The point is, i dislike adebayor because of his blatent disrespect for the club, the fact he doesnt have arsenal at his heart and the fact money comes first! Hleb shown what greed can do to a player!

    With henry and vieira, and what will happen to fabregas, is that they constantly claim that one day they could play in another country, but re-assured us that for atleast a few years to come by, they would stay an arsenal player and give some of their best years to the club that served them so well! This is why arsenal fans respect these players so much, because they showed on and off the pitch that they loved the club and we wont begrudge them a dream move to a top team! But when players think their better than they are, as hleb/flamini/diarra/etc. have shown and leave the club at first chance of asking, why should we respect and love these players, if the feeling isnt mutual?

  • Comment number 80.

    25m is too good to turn down..

    But statistics show he has been Arsenal's best striker since Henry left.. Hmmm

  • Comment number 81.

    It is very true that the majority of Arsenal fans will be glad to see the back of Adebayor. He did show some promise soon after Thierry left but still could never be regarded as top class. By the end of last season he seemed to believe he was bigger than the club and believed the hype about himself. Superb business if he eventually signs for man City. Don't you think it is interesting that both clubs appear to have agreed a fee, he has passed a medical and has obtained a work permit yet the only stumbling block is his personal terms. No doubt Mr Greedy is holding out for £100,000+ per week. The truth is he isn't worth £8m let alone £25m. For God sake sign! As for Nicklas Bentner, I am afraid I am at a loss to recognise the potential here. I always expect Arsenal to be developing world-class talent, yet even at his best this kid would never get into half of the premiership teams. Please take your rose-tinted spectacles off, Mr Wenger. I honestly believe you would be better off with Darren Bent than Bentner.

  • Comment number 82.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 83.

    adebayor has been arsenals top goalscorer for 2 seasons in a row!
    he may miss sitters,but so does rooney!the fact of the matter is tho,he has still been arsenals top goalscorer for 2 seasons in a row!he scored 16 last season and got 8 assists,which aint bad.
    walcott is very hit and miss in front of goal,so is bentner and RVP has never scored more than 13 goals in a season,in all competitions for arsenal.
    the other 2 strikers have not shown consistency at the highest level yet.
    all of your top players had a poor season last season,but whos to say they wont find there form this season??if adebayor does and scores 30 goals again,arsenal will DEFINATLY miss him.

  • Comment number 84.

    Good luck to Arsenal I hope that it isn't you who the riches of Abu Dhabi thrust out of the top 4.



    No fan of any London clubs, but Arsenal are - without question - the "best" of the Big 4. They have bought their successes much less than the others.

    I hope, but dont expect, that Man City will displace the dreadful Chelski. A team with no particular history prior to the Billionaires arrival.

  • Comment number 85.

    At least three comments on here mentioning Arsenal should sign Melo. I don't see how that's going to happen as he signed for Juventus yesterday.

  • Comment number 86.

    Arsene knows. As always. And you are so spot on, Phil, that the only worry for Gooners is that the deal may fall through. Never been a fan of Adebeyor.
    I would like to have seen Arsene take a chance on Owen. As ManU have shown, there will be little risk involved but potentially great rewards. Pity that Carew is over 30; I think he could have made a great impression in our team and shown Bendtner how it should be done. Bentdner is OK, though, and will prove to be as good as his early promise showed.
    We'll be fine, come next season.
    As always, Arsene knows.

  • Comment number 87.

    I agree that of all the players at Arsenal Adebayor would not be missed mainly due to the abundance of strikers at the club. However if and when he goes and the money is sat in Arsene's transfer kitty, rather than spend the money on potential i.e. Chamakh why not bring in Huntelaar? A graduate of the Ajax academy and full Dutch international once thought so highly by Real Madrid that the bought him. He would complement his Dutch compatriot Van Persie and give us that aerial threat that Adebayor gave. Also at £15m-£17m ,depending on which papers you read, a real snip and leaves enough money for Monsieur Wenger to go and get a defensive midfielder and if he is really stubborn Chamakh who would be available at approx £7m-£8m!!!

  • Comment number 88.

    not worth 2.5m! hed finish his chances better if he didnt have the ££ signs over his eyes. nicklas bendner is the best player in the world anyway so it should be alrite for arsenal!....

  • Comment number 89.

    72. Yellowgreenred

    Hits the nail on the head.. Absolutely right

  • Comment number 90.

    got that bit wrong about RVP,,he scored 20 in all comps last season,but can he do that every season?
    if he doesnt match that or better,will you want him to leave too??
    all that other stuff i said was right tho.

  • Comment number 91.

    I find it odd that only one person that I've seen so far has mentioned Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Numerous people have mentioned that van Persie and Arshavin aren't natural goalscorers, but Huntelaar definitely fits into that category and would probably cost £15m tops. Louis van Gaal has even been quoted saying "in the box, he is the best player in the world, bar none."

  • Comment number 92.

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhush Phil!

    Citeh might change their minds, many of us are all happy to carry his bags to the private plane he'll insist on to ferry him to the North West.

    He changed my opinion when he claimed he "deserved" the recognition (after his 30 goal season) that the likes of Henry had commanded whilst at the club, both in terms of salary and status. He is inconsistent off the pitch as he is on it and frankly doesnt worry most defence's in the PL because he hardly ever "turns up". Isnt it interesting that reports claim, despite the exhorbitant wages that Man City are offering, his agent is asking for time just in case a "BIG" italian club might come in for him.

    The man is as awkward off the pitch as he looks on it. Note I said "looks"...

    We dont need him in our club and the sooner he's an ex-gooner then the happier I will be...

    Ade-ios Adebayor! (please...)

    PS - If he scores 30 goals for City next season then lucky them, he'll be non existent after that ...

  • Comment number 93.

    Although I'm a Liverpool fan, I also have a soft spot for Arsenal and like to see them succeed.

    I've watched Bendtner closely and he's got the makings of a world class striker. His movement is second-to-none(seriously!) but his finishing needs improving. With a regular run in the team, he could gain some sharpness and improve his finsihng ability.

    In my eyes, he's got better movement and awareness than Adebayor, seems to be put more effort in, has the same physical presence but his finishing is slightly lacking.

    He also has the right temperament. To score 15 goals last season was a great feat, especially considering he was in the same situation as Tevez with regards to the amount of games started.

    Add to that Eduardo, RvP, Arshavin who are clinical finishers, I don't think Adebayor will be missed too much, if Bendtner plays.

  • Comment number 94.

    If we believe the papers it seems Adebayor is holding off finalizing the City move because he's convinced that Milan will come in for him! There are parallels with Anelka, a striker has a good season and then people start whispering in his ear about how he can get more money elsewhere. I certainly hope history repeats itself because the Anelka money enabled Arsenal to go out and sign Henry and Pires, we wouldn't have achieved half as much as we did over the past decade if Anelka had stayed!!

  • Comment number 95.

    while Alexander Hleb has proved at Barcelona that Wenger got that call spot on.
    Maybe, but I would argue the current Barcelona side is somewhat stronger than Arsenal, and has already found its balance with the players that it has in Xavi, Iniesta and Toure as the main reason Hleb can't hold down a starting place.

    I personally think Hleb is a very good player and Arsenal miss him badly.

  • Comment number 96.

    Theo Walcott is another who will help compensate for the loss of Adebayor's goals. Who do Arsenal fans think Wenger should bring in if Adebayor leaves? Tell me some attacking candidates. Or should Wenger use the money elsewhere?

  • Comment number 97.

    I seriously think that in the last two entries you have got it completely wrong Phil. The Owen article was poor and this one is just lazy. Maybe we can all prepare a brochure highlighting your skills?!

    But seriously now, Adebayor will definitely be missed at Arsenal, no doubt. Arshavin and Van Persie are brilliant attacking midfielders not out and out strikers. The only player similar to Adebayor left is Bentdner who is certainly no Adebayor and not even a hard working Kuyt. That might leave Eduardo as you rightly say but he has not the posture to keep alone upfront and is he ever going to be fit again after that horrific injury?

    All successful teams have out and out attackers (drogba, torres, rooney - sort of! - and thierry in his time at arsenal), so it is curious why Wenger decided to sell without a replacement already. This is going to hurt Arsenal and seems counterproductive after they have created one of the best midfield in the EPL (fabregas, arshavin, van persie).

    And why isn't Man City a good fit for Adebayor? If anything, competition for the striker spot will be plentiful which can only be a good thing for his committment and pride. And he will have excellent supply lines from the likes of robinho, barry, SWP, ireland, santa cruz etc.

    Arsenal is certainly making money from selling very good players but are they winning anything?

  • Comment number 98.

    While I agree with just about everything you said (don't let the door hit you on the way out Ade), I'm a little more than disappointed that you didn't mention Arseblog ( was the creator of the Adebayor brochure. How about giving Arseblogger some credit?

  • Comment number 99.

    You mean the melo that moved to Juventus a couple of days age?

    As for the Adebayor 'saga', I feel that it is time for him to go as although no one can doubt he has good skills, his presence has more of a burden than a positive outcome on Arsenal.

    My only worry, being an Arsenal fan is that whatever you say about him, he did net goals for us, even last season and I find it hard to see where in the squad these goals will come from. True we have lots of decent attacking options but I cannot see any of them get more than 20 in one season except for maybe Eduardo. The problem we have is Eduardo, even with pre-season will need time to recover, VP is injury prone (first full season last year), Arshavin is class but more of a second striker/goal creater, Vela, could be great but needs time and Walcott, still quite sporadic. This could be Bendtner's season to shine but there are too many theoretical ifs- if Bendtner, Vela, Walcott improve, if VP and Eduardo stay injury free... After saying all that though, I don't think we need a new striker as there are none out there that would improve our squad significantly that we can afford, even with the extra money the Adebayor sale would give us.

    In the same regards, we don't need a defensive midfield player as we have decent defensive midfielders IF Song/Denilson/Diaby (seems to be getting more and more attacking these days) improve.

    I feel we need this illusive defensive midfielder as that will definitely stabilise the team but we also need another defender, preferably one that can play at rightback and centre back as who is our cover for Sagna- Silvestre? Hoyte Jr at a push?

    The selling of Adebayor surely sets up our team to play more of a 4-3-3 / 4-2-3-1 and I can see us playing lots more passing football again next season but unless we have an injury free season- when was the last time that happened (for any team let alone Arsenal) we could have some problems.

    On the otherhand, everything goes perfectly and we cleansweap the trophys- I can dream can't I?

  • Comment number 100.

    Need to find the next Ian Wright. Good poacher, good header of the ball, quite skillful and most importantly had an excellent attitude and was extremely loyal - always giving his all for the team


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