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Meet the Winners: I Love Thunder

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Genny Cotroneo | 11:00 UK time, Wednesday, 19 December 2012

We get so much joy from hearing from our grant winners and finding out what they are up to that we thought we'd let you meet them and share the fun.

It only takes a few minutes to Meet the Winners and to get an insight into how the grant will make a difference. Our first musical community group are 'I Love Thunder' - allow us to introduce you...


1.  Who are 'I Love Thunder'?

I Love Thunder is an inclusive rock band which first got together at the end of 2009. We are a varied collection of individuals with a wide range of musical influences, which dictates the tunes we play. Our ages range from 16 to 66 with music being the jam that sticks us together! Our sets include songs from Taj Mahal, Wilson Pickett, Steve Harley, Rod Stewart, Bob Marley, Sha Na Na and Chuck Berry. Recently we have started working on our own material and ‘I Love Thunder’, our theme song (confusing isn’t it), is now a part of our regular set list.

As the year has progressed I think people’s reactions have definitely changed. When we start up there is often a look of surprise on people’s faces!


members of the band I Love Thunder performing on stage


2.  How will the BBC Performing Art Fund Community Music grant help the group?
We are planning a series of special rehearsal sessions whereby local bands from a variety of different genres (heavy metal, country, folk, jazz, reggae, indie etc) will be invited to come and rehearse with us. The final format for this is still taking shape. The idea is to expand our musical vocabulary and open us to other ideas to help in the creation of our own music.

3.  Tell us about the best day 'I Love Thunder' has had so far?
We’ve played at 8 gigs this year, which was brilliant. Every time we learn something new and we continue to bond musically and are relaxing into our performance more. Our favourite gig so far was probably at the Harrow Disability Arts Festival in November although the gig at the RJT fundraiser in October was a close second.

4.  What was the best reaction from the group when they found out about winning the PAF grant?
I think the reactions will really start when we start the programme in earnest.

5.    Give us 3 words that describe a performance by 'I Love Thunder'
Inspirational, rocking and uplifting – well something like that anyway!

Here are some audience reactions:

"I thought the band was really great –  Actually they really lifted the atmosphere as so many of the other songs were quite moody!"

"Even the female leader of the band called Grapefruit commented about I Love Thunder's timing being great"

"Great set at the Remembering Julia Trust event at Elthorne. Really enjoyed it, so many thanks!"

"Well done mighty Thunderers, keep on luvin it! Fantastic show yesterday, look forward to the next one."

"I just wanted to say thank you for the performance that I Love Thunder did at the ARC last month. The feed back was very positive and I think the band has gain new followers since their performance."

"Please will you also thank all of the band members for coming and making the evening such a great success."

"You guys were amazing today! It was a real pleasure working with you. Hope to be able to see you again some day!"

"Well done for a FANSTASTIC gig on Saturday! You were all amazing! Shall look forward to the next one xxx"



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