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More snow as March set to be coldest since '69

Paul Hudson

Significant snowfall is expected across parts of the UK on Friday and into the weekend, as mild air once again tries and fails to dislodge the relentlessly cold air that has been such a feature of the weather of late.


Parts of Wales, the Midlands and western parts of Northern England are likely to be worst affected.


For our region, by the end of tonight, snow will be affecting many parts of West and South Yorkshire, and more western parts of North Yorkshire, lasting on and off into the weekend -  with Pennine areas most at risk.


Further east, sleet and snow will be patchy in nature at least at first, but with more persistent snow possible later Friday and into Saturday


Significant accumulations are expected over the Pennines, and possibly across some lower levels too, leading to a real risk of disruption.


By Sunday the weather front bringing the snow will be forced back southwards by the cold air, which will be with us for much of next week – although the emphasis by then will be on a good deal of dry weather.


Although a long way off, an end in sight to the cold can be seen for the Easter weekend, with much milder air expected by then, although it will be unsettled.


If the forecast for the rest of March is broadly correct, taking into consideration expected temperature levels, based on the Central England Temperature (CET) measure, March is likely to end up the coldest since 1969, and one of the coldest on record.

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