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July temperature records tumble across the country

The first hot spell of summer has turned out to be a record breaker, with numerous stations across the country setting new records.

Heathrow airport this afternoon recorded 36.7C (98F), a new UK record for July, beating the previous record of 36.5C set in Wisley in 2006.

Local records have tumbled too – with the mercury rising to 34.3C (93F) at Cranwell in South Lincolnshire – smashing the previous record of 32.8C set in 1959.

So far this afternoon Waddington (32.8C), Coningsby (33.3C) and Cranwell in Lincolnshire have all broken their July records.

In Yorkshire, a new record has been set in Sheffield, with 33C (91F) - beating the previous record of 31.8C set in 1941. Sheffield's weather observations go all the way back to 1882, so this is a notable new record.

Relief is at hand though, with much fresher – but still warm - conditions expected on Thursday with an ongoing risk of a thunderstorm.


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