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Don't pack away the snow boots just yet

Paul Hudson

Winter set to return


March can be a month a wild extremes across the UK. As the sun quickly strengthens, with the spring equinox less than 3 weeks away, March can often give us a glimpse of warmer times ahead.


Last March was glorious and illustrated what potential there is so early in the year. It became the third warmest on record with temperatures across parts of the UK in the 70’s Fahrenheit.


But March can also be very disturbed, and with winter’s cold often lurking to the north and east, the risk of snow is never far away.


Easter Sunday in 2008, which fell on March 23rd, will long be remembered, with many people waking up to several inches of snow.


In fact it’s a little known fact that a white Easter is statistically more likely than a white Christmas.


So it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that wintry weather looks set to return into next week, with cold air pushing across most parts of the UK from the Northeast.


This will lead to a risk of snow, not just over high ground but perhaps at some lower levels as well.


It’s still a way off, so timings for the onset of winter’s return vary depending on which computer model you look at – indeed the American forecast model is much earlier with the colder air, introducing it later in the weekend.


But the message is clear: don’t pack away your snow boots and thermals just yet.


Global temperatures for February


The Global temperature in February fell to 0.18C above the 30 year running mean according to UAH satellite data, from an anomaly of 0.51C the month before.


This equates to a global temperature of approximately 0.433C above the more standard 1961-1990 measure.

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