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Update: 'A Very Dangerous Doctor'

In June 2009, Panorama examined the case of David Southall, the consultant paediatrician best known for accusing a man of killing his children after seeing him interviewed in a television documentary.

With exclusive access to Professor Southall at a time when child protection was very much back in the spotlight in the aftermath of the death of Baby Peter Connelly (known only as Baby P at the time) the programme met the doctor when his career as a top consultant was hanging in the balance.

The General Medical Council has now announced that it will not rehear the one outstanding case against him, bringing to an end 16 years of cases against him.

Last year, he was also cleared of serious professional misconduct allegations relating to his record keeping in two cases.

Professor Southall has indicated that he plans to sue the GMC in relation to the cases brought against him.


  • Comment number 1.

    I am not sure where to place this comment, except under "Panorama".
    Last week, the BBC news show, Panorama, told the story of America’s poor.
    Moments of the story were right, you certainly picked 1 or 2 of those responsible for America’s economic collapse out, but something was also lacking, as though Panorama simply doesn't get it.
    The presentation seemed controlled, more than free-wheeling on the abject poverty + reasons why.
    The best place I have found to see the complete picture can be located at:
    Thanks for your consideration & hopefully attention.


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