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Hunting the Internet Bullies

Online bullying is rapidly growing in frequency and intensity. A new breed of self-styled "trolls" are stalking social networking websites, aiming their vicious attacks at victims who range from television celebrities to grieving families via tribute sites.

Declan Lawn meets X Factor star Cher Lloyd, who describes how cyber attacks are ruining her life, and highlights a new survey revealing that one in 13 young people say they face persistent online bullying.

Panorama tracks down some of the bullies and asks what more could be done to stop them?

If you, or anyone you know, is affected by the issues raised in this programme, help is available.

The BBC's Share Take Care website offer a host of resources, tips, guides and advice for both parents and young people dealing with issues of cyberbullying and general internet safety.

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    I am webmaster of a community website in Chester called Handbridge.com. We used to have a bulletin and discussion board. But we had to shut it down because of repeated episodes of cyber bullying against members, it became very nasty at the end. The majority of residents didn't want us to close the board down but we had no choice. We are just a voluntary group with limited resources and we had no way of stopping it.


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