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Cops Behaving Badly - join in the debate

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Eamonn Walsh | 14:22 UK time, Monday, 31 October 2011

What happens when the police fail in their sworn duty to protect life, when they get it wrong or when police officers themselves break the law?

Richard Bilton investigates cops who behave badly and discovers just how many cases are dealt with by the police themselves behind closed doors and asks why, in some cases, police officers are allowed to simply walk away.

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The Great Fuel Robbery - join in the debate

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Eamonn Walsh | 16:11 UK time, Monday, 17 October 2011

Britain's petrol and diesel is among the most expensive in Europe.

But the rising cost of fuel has also placed it at the heart of a growing criminal black market.

High value, untraceable and in constant demand, fuel has become the perfect illicit commodity.

A crime that stretches from drivers filling up at garage forecourts without paying - to a dark and dangerous underworld run by gangsters and former-terrorists.

With exclusive access to the Police and HM Customs and Revenue teams tasked with fighting fuel crime, Panorama
reporter Samantha Poling investigates this multi-million pound illegal business.

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BNP: The Fraud Exposed - Join in the Debate

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Eamonn Walsh | 15:00 UK time, Monday, 10 October 2011

Nick Griffin's British National Party is facing allegations of corruption as Panorama uncovers new evidence of a fake invoice and documents being falsified.

The programme also has evidence of the BNP's failure to declare major donations to the party.

As Darragh MacIntyre reports, the BNP which is better known for its controversial views on race is in debt and according to its own published accounts appears to be technically insolvent.

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All Work and Low Pay - Join in the Debate

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Eamonn Walsh | 14:07 UK time, Monday, 3 October 2011

With millions of people enduring pay freezes and cuts, the National Minimum Wage is supposed at least to guarantee that pay can't drop below a legal minimum level.

But as the adult rate rises to £6.08 an hour, Panorama goes undercover to reveal how
some employers exploit loopholes or get round the rules so workers don't even get paid that minimum.

And it speaks to others, especially the young, who feel they're being forced to accept low - or even no - pay just to get work.

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