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One Born Every 40 Seconds - join in the debate

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Eamonn Walsh | 14:36 UK time, Monday, 25 July 2011

The UK is in the middle of a baby boom.

Last year, there was one born every forty seconds; the highest number for 20 years.

But reporter Shelley Jofre reveals some parts of the UK are facing a chronic shortage of midwives and asks if the NHS is failing to deliver the safe and high quality maternity care mothers and babies deserve?

Panorama has also gained access to an NHS report which indicates that a rise in deaths among mothers on maternity wards was caused by substandard care related to the surge in demand and a shortage of midwives.

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The Great Car Insurance Swindle - join in the debate

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Eamonn Walsh | 15:36 UK time, Monday, 11 July 2011

With motor insurance premiums up nearly 40% this year Panorama investigates the car insurance industry from top to bottom.

We go undercover to infiltrate a criminal gang faking accidents for fraudulent insurance claims and we look at who's benefitting from some of those text claim messages we're all getting.

Declan Lawn investigates what's gone wrong with the industry and discovers how we're all paying for it. 

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Why Hate Junk Mail? Join in the debate

It invades our homes, dropping onto our doormats in its millions and costs the taxpayer a fortune to be rid of.

It might be a menace in our mailbox but without junk mail would our postal service survive?

Panorama reporter Tom Heap, asks whether junk mail is only good for one thing, burning it to heat his home, and investigates whether Royal Mail is addicted to the darker side of the letters business - scam mail.

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