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Somalia: Land of Anarchy

It is the ultimate failed state - a land of war, anarchy and piracy. And after Osama Bin Laden's death, its civil war with Islamist extremists has gained even greater importance to the West. But what is it like to live in the anarchy of Somalia?

Reporter Peter Greste goes where no western journalist has been to witness a crisis that threatens millions of lives. He ventures through the streets of Mogadishu, dubbed the most dangerous city in the world, to meet those who attempt to live amid a deadly civil war.

Greste visits refugee camps - among them the world's largest - as well as hospitals and markets along the frontline to witness the fighting at first hand.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Great Great Job BBC, Peter, and your brave team. It was a very eye opening programme you provided. I feel quite embarrassed concerning my insight to how awful the current state Somalia is in. It is very convicting to see/hear British people(I being the most) to complain about our little problems. Somalia is in devastation and I thank you for breaking boundaries to give our people an insight.

    Despite my tears/heartache/love for those poor people, and I mean even the Islamic rebels I have been led to pray diligently for Jesus' love to reign down. I hope us British people (Christian or not) can work together as a nation to aid the people in the refugee camps. I' am too blessed to have the daily necessities (clothes on my back, food in my stomach, cool/warm shelter, a bed to rest, and clean water to drink and clean). These things I take for granted to much.

    God bless you, and please commercialise this documentary so much more (dvds, online media etc).

    John 14:6


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