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Fifa: Football's Shame?

On June 1 2011, the world's football associations will elect a new president of Fifa: either current incumbent Sepp Blatter, or his challenger from Qatar, Mohamed Bin Hammam.

The organisation they want to head is facing the biggest crisis in its history over allegations of corruption in its senior ranks. At its heart are questions over the World Cup bidding process and the multi-million dollar bribes scandal which Fifa refuses to investigate.

As Fifa's host nation Switzerland demands that football's world governing body clean up its act, Andrew Jennings asks whether either candidate is up to the job.

We welcome your views on the programme and the issue of Fifa's leadership.


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    I hope that both Presidential candidates make every effort to root out any corruption at FIFA, With the seriousness of the allegations I would like to see the Presidential election postponed and the two candidates work together to determine if there is truth behind these allegations.

    If FIFA choose to not throughly investigate the allegations of corruption within their executive, then I believe that the member FAs need to decide whether they want to continue to be a part of this organisation.

  • Comment number 3.

    Can we trust FIFA to clean up it's own house? Hmmm, personally I don't think so. They don't answer to any regulatory body because they ARE a regulatory body, the highest in world football so how can they be forced to address the corruption issues that are allegedly rife throughout the organisation?

    I think an independent body made up from non (FIFA) related members of various global Football Associations and financial crime investigators should be formed to conduct a thorough investigation of FIFA's executive committee and their activities.

    The results should be interesting and worthy of a possible BBC 2 conspiracy drama, let's watch this space...

  • Comment number 4.

    Last Monday's Panorama has shown yet again that there is a vast mountain of evidence proving that FIFA is hopelessly corrupt and no longer fit for purpose.

    The English FA should be closely co-operating with other countries in UEFA and FIFA to demand root-and-branch reform and criminal charges against any FIFA official who have ever taken any bungs or bribes.

    It will take a very long time but I am sure that there are many other countries such as Holland who are also completely fed up with FIFA and I am sure that more will join as soon as a clean-up FIFA movement gains momentum.

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    A total whitewash. Never can anything coming out of FIFA be trusted again. Wherever big money is involved corruption will follow


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