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The Trillion Dollar Con-Man - the debate

On tonight's Panorama, reporter Peter Marshall unpicks the scam that took in former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, Britain's former spymaster and the government of North Korea.

The con in question also forced a London bank into administration with debts of £8.7m and has prompted the Serious Fraud Office to examine the elaborate series of events that led to Notts Country FC, the Football League's oldest team, being left £7m in debt.

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Living with the Ayatollah - join the debate

In tonight's programme, young Iranians speak out for the first time about life in a state where putting up a poster can get you jailed, releasing a rap CD calling for change gets you tortured and being gay is punishable by death.

In a country where men and women can still be stoned to death for adultery, reporter Jane Corbin asks how much longer Iran can keep a lid on internal unrest as revolution and regime change sweep across the Middle East.

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Finished at Fifty? Join the debate

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Eamonn Walsh | 14:23 UK time, Monday, 4 April 2011

If you find yourself out of work in your fifties, you're far less likely to find a new job than any other age group.

But are they victims of their own inflexibility or should more be done to help them?

Uncompromising advice from former business leader Lord Digby Jones challenges four jobless 50-somethings to change their approach to job-hunting.

Reporter Fiona Phillips reveals a group of people facing stacks of rejection letters and money worries after a lifetime at work.

Can they beat the odds and get their working lives back on track?

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