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Are You a Danger to Kids?

By Jeremy Vine

A few months back, during my BBC Radio 2 programme, we talked about the government's new Vetting and Barring Scheme for people who work with children or vulnerable adults, be it as part of their job or as volunteers.

The level of response from listeners prompted a discussion with the editor of Panorama - which eventually led to this week's programme, Are You a Danger to Kids?

In the course of researching this programme, we asked BBC News Online readers to send us their thoughts on the new scheme and tell us if it affected them.

We also asked to hear from people who had been affected by childhood sexual or physical abuse at the hands of someone in a position of trust.

In the making of this programme, we have heard a great deal from people on all sides of the issue and we remain eager to hear from the general public about how this plan might affect you or how - had a similar database existed earlier - it might have helped to prevent abuse that happened to you or someone you know.

We also heard from the Little Theatre Guild - which represents more than 100 amateur groups across the UK - that some of their members had taken the tough decision to stop casting child actors as the paperwork and legal work involved was too much of a burden on their limited resources and time.

Sir Ian McKellen, as patron of the guild, told us that he worried child actors would be denied that vital stage experience that can define a career in the arts.

In response, the Department for Children, Schools and Families has since contacted the guild to invite them to discuss their concerns.

Please feel free to join our discussion and tell us your thoughts on this issue and this week's programme.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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