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UK taken to court over sewage water pollution

The European Commission (EC) has announced it is to take the United Kingdom to the European Court of Justice over non-compliance with European Union environment legislation.

The EC says that "the urban waste water collecting systems and treatment facilities in London and Whitburn in North East England are inadequate and a threat to human health".

The announcement comes just weeks after Panorama investigated the problems caused by combined sewage outflow pipes around the UK coastline and their impact on the state of bathing water quality in Britain's Dirty Beaches.

You can still watch the full programme here, as well as checking out our map to find out if there is a Combined Sewage Overflow affecting a beach near you.


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    South west water is altering the sewage out let at the river during increased water fall at a speed of 80L/S. See the link and watch the video.


    Their answer to this is to screen the sewage coming down removing sanitary towels and condoms etc. They then are allowing the rest of the sewage in to the river and the environment is deeming it Ok.

    Can you send the video to as many people you think would like to know. The Torrige is the river where Tarka the Otter was written, they are trying to get salmon back into the river. Instow down river cannot get a green flag and the Northam Burrows is an integral part of the newly designated United Nations Biosphere Reserve. Children use the river for adventure activities, as do fishermen and generally anyone. The government plans to build more houses with more sewage and is not pushing to improve the inadequate pipe diameter to the sewerage plant



    We are having a meeting on the 26th May at Taddiport and wondered if you would be interested. I have CC my Email address if you wish to contact me.

    Thanks for your time



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