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Margaret Haywood allowed to practice again


Panorama's secret filming nurse, Margaret Haywood, is once again allowed to work
as a nurse after the decision by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to strike her off was reduced to a one-year caution.

The reduction in sanction was approved by the High Court after the NMC agreed on the settlement with Margy, who was supported in her appeal by the Royal College of Nursing.

Margy worked undercover for Panorama to make the 2005 film Undercover Nurse that went on to expose instances of neglect on a ward in Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

In April of this year, Margy once again featured in Panorama's Who'd be a NHS Whistleblower?

She was accused by her professional regulatory body of breaching patient confidentiality in working secretly for Panorama.

The move to strike Margy off led to an outpouring of support from members of the public, more than 43,000 of whom signed a petition calling for the decision to be reversed.

She was also recently nominated for a Patients' Choice award.

Speaking after the settlement was approved, Margy thanked the many members of the public who had supported her throughout her fight to continue to work as a nurse.

"I found it hugely comforting over this difficult period.

"I am proud to be a nurse and have always put patients' interests first. I am now looking forward to putting this behind me and getting back to nursing."

Margy's work for Panorama was the result of a three-month investigation, during which she wore a hidden camera during 28 shifts on an acute medical ward.

Panorama producer Liz Bloor said the past six months have been extremely difficult for Margy, who above all else wanted to get back to caring for patients.

"I'm absolutely delighted for Margy. I am just really pleased that she is able to get back to nursing, which is where she belongs and what she wants to do."

Margaret Haywood's most recent work for Panorama, Who'd be a NHS Whistleblower? is available to view here.



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