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The biggest media challenges in 2011

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Rajan Datar | 11:37 UK time, Friday, 24 December 2010

As the New Year looms, on this week's show we’ve decided to focus on the media issues that arise when reporting in difficult situations around the world.

We have chosen three highly significant but very different countries and have assembled three of the World Service’s experts to talk about the unique challenges that a reporter faces.


Lyse Doucet in action outside Kabul

I’m joined in the studio by Lyse Doucet, a BBC World Service reporter and correspondent whose reports from Afghanistan and Pakistan have won her many plaudits, and Shirong Chen, the BBC World Service China Editor, whose patch has been increasingly featured on Over To You in the past year.

We find out what they feel will be the biggest media challenge in 2011.

I also spoke to Paulo Cabral, BBC Sao Paulo correspondent, from Brazil and discusses his two upcoming documentaries entitled “Brazil: Lula’s Legacy”.

Paulo travels to two places that marked Lula’s life – the very poor region of the northeast where the president was born and the industrial area of Sao Paulo where he made his reputation.

Through this journey Paulo examines the emergence of Brazil’s new middle class and I asked Paulo why he thought the story of social mobility and the rise of the middle class in Brazil has had relatively little global media attention compared to China and India.

He also talks to us about how he feels international media attitude towards his home country is changing and what he feels the year ahead has in store.

Rajan Datar is the presenter of Over To You

Over To You is your chance to have your say about the BBC World Service and its programmes. It airs at 00:40, 03:40 and 12:40 every Sunday (GMT).



  • Comment number 1.

    Covering the Emergence of The Mahdi will be 2011 biggest Media Challenge

    Many muslim scholars are already informed of the imminent arrival of the awaited King ( Imam Mahdi Heir of Muhammad ). I have personnally priviligied information about the time frame of this world Media Event: 2011. the Prophet has always taught that Imam Mahdi will appear suddenly after a series of natural catastrophies of exceptional scale ( 2010 according to Munich Re ). Are you ready at the BBC to cover this event, the reappearance of the Heir who will reshape the world?



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