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Your comments: Wherever you are, you're with the BBC

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Dave Lee | 13:10 UK time, Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Our recent documentary about civil rights leader Benjamin Jealous caught the eye of Leslie Kossoff, a listener in the United States. She blogs:

"No matter what your thinking about either civil or human rights and their associated organizations, this is a good listen to see how organizations that don't keep on top of their brand and their strategy can so easily lose themselves - no matter how good their past performance or current product, service or intention."

A Global Business listener took away some sound advice last week:

"While listening to the Global Business BBC podcast a couple of weeks ago, I heard the author of What They Teach You in Harvard Business School. He said something that struck a cord with me.

"Comparison is the death of happiness"

I think he's right."

On a slightly more serious note, "Iraqi Mojo" was touched by a recent episode of Outlook:

"Today on BBC World Service I listened to this program, partly about the stories of two people, a Palestinian and an Israeli who joined the Circle of Bereaved Parents after losing two daughters in violence. I was saddened by these stories, but I was pleased that at least some Israelis and Palestinians are understanding each other and are reconciling with each other."

If you listen to this selection of idents from the history of the World Service, you'll notice the phrase "Wherever you are, you're with the BBC". And indeed, you really are. Here's Anna Kellar's experience:

"I found myself stuck to my hotel room for the day, too sick and weak to want to leave my bed. With nothing else to do, I found the channel for the BBC world service on my TV.

Only then, I found out that Michael Jackson was dead. It was also when I found out about the protests following the Iranian election (and honestly, I was more concerned about the latter). For a whole 12-hours, I watched variations on the same news stories, about the memorial service, the questions surrounding the death, and the custody of his children. I just didn't get why it was a big deal. Why did so many people care so much about one pop star?

I felt like I'd finally made contact again with my home planet, only to not recognize it."

Anna touches on something many of you got in contact about: Michael Jackson. Back in July we made a programme about all your comments.

Finally, is World Have Your Say too pre-occupied with the United States? One listener wrote in to the programme with this firm message:

"I think there has been a lot of America on WHYS lately. I thought it covers the world issues...it's becoming boring, Obama this, Obama that, America this, America that, even the most mundane topics are given prominence on this programme. For instance, yesterday was Founder's Day in Ghana marking waht would have been 100th birthday of Kwame Nkrumah, there could have been a discussion on Pan Africanism and whether it is viable and achievable the way Pan Europeanism is apparently working in EU or whether this concept can work for Asia.

Apart from that we can reflect on feeding the world and the status of food security in different parts of the world in light of the passing of Norman Borlaug [Father of the Green Revolution] as a tribute.

Won't be tuning in tonight


Never wanting to shy away from debate, Ros Atkins is asking for your opinions on their blog. Head over and let them know what you think.

Over To You is your chance to have your say about the BBC World Service and its programmes. It airs at 10:40am GMT (11:40am BST) every Saturday.


  • Comment number 1.

    Dear bbc world service, you have made out today that Italy came up with a new lottery ¨win for life¨ where you can win 4000€ a month, I just want to say that the same lottery has been running here in Belgium for donkey years & no mention of that. ?

  • Comment number 2.

    Being in Southern Spain, Velez Malaga, for the Winter months of the UK;
    I find it impossible to receive any BBC News here. - Long Wave, Medium Wave or any Short Wave Frequencies
    We get do get news from Bejing, Moscow, Paris, Africa, USA and so on.
    But the BBC seems to have no European Service, certainly non in Southern
    A very few 'drivel local music stations' sometimes give a ten second
    BBC News Break.
    Please explain why the BBC ignores this area.
    Yours sincerely


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