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Your comments: Behind the scenes at Business Daily

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Dave Lee | 11:17 UK time, Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Paul Hebert - not Herbert - was interviewed for last Friday's Business Daily. He blogged about the experience:

Reaching all the way across the pond to chat with me was Ed Butler and Stephen Evans from BBC World Radio. I recorded the interview in the studio yesterday and they edited and posted this morning. It is 18 minutes long of which I am only the first 6 minutes. Listen carefully - you'll hear my alter ego named "Paul HeRbert" instead of Paul Hebert. It happens a lot - believe me.

Naming mishaps aside, Paul seemed happy with his interview, and posted this video of his chat in its entirety. For those interested in how radio works behind-the-scenes, it's a candid look at how we conduct our interviews - even when interviewer and interviewee are in different continents.

BBC Interview 9-24-09 from Paul Hebert on Vimeo.


"Be fascinated," demands BritPop.co.au, talking about a recent programme about the Beatles.


Someone calling themselves 'The Old Hack' considers the plethora of international news outlets available today:

"In earlier days, I was devoted to BBC World Service, to the extent that the first tune my son ever sang was the famous theme of the news, every hour on the hour, Lillibulero. You can hear it in all its glory here. There is a certain amount of controversy attached to the tune, says Wikipedia, but BBC engineers chose it because they found it 'particularly audible through short wave mush.'

Over To You is your chance to have your say about the BBC World Service and its programmes. It airs at 10:40 and 23:40 every Saturday, and at 02:40 on Sunday (GMT).


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