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Supermodels and the good and bad of photographic habits

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Jamillah Knowles | 16:25 UK time, Friday, 14 September 2012

Hello Outriders!

This week on the podcast, Chris Vallance hangs out with supermodels and young coders while I explore some of our digital photographic habits.

First stop for the good ship outriders with with our chris Vallance. You may remember when he was taking good care of you while I was away that he mentioned dropping in to visit the folk at Young Rewired State. He did just that so here's a selection of the young people who are creating amazing things with computers, young Outriders in their own right.

Earlier in the week I hear about a wonderful blog called Underground New York Public Library, kept by Ourit Ben-Haim who is a photographer in New York. She takes beautiful photographs of people reading on the subway, something fairly familiar to people who travel by train the world over and also something that captures a moment when people are simultaneous there but far away. I asked her more about her work and the art of taking photographs in public.

It's interesting that Ourit prefers to let her subjects know when she is taking a photograph. There is so much mobile photography taking place around us these days, how can you know when you might turn up on someone's blog?

To find a comparison with Ourit's work, I spoke to 'Anniemole' who runs a blog for about the glory and occasional inglorious moments of the London Underground. I asked her about taking photos on the Tube and what the rules are according to Transport for London or TFL.

Of course candid photography for bloggers is one thing, but professional photography for media coverage carries its own set of rules above ground. I had a chat with Jules Mattsson, he's a news photographer and multimedia journalist and has done a great deal of street photography. We discussed the law and ethics around taking images in public as we sat in a public space.
That's all we have this week, but as ever if you'd like to share the things that float your digital boat, search for Outriders on Twitter, Facebook and Google plus to join the conversation.

Until next week!


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