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Outriders at LeWeb conference

Jamillah Knowles | 11:50 UK time, Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hello Outriders!

Last week saw the LeWeb conference take place at Westminster Hall. This meant that all sorts of tech leaders, innovators and startup companies from around the world were in attendance, so I went along to meet a few of them who you can hear from on the podcast.

Loic Le Meur

Loic Le Meur co-founded LeWeb with his wife Geraldine. The conference usually takes place in Paris, so I asked him why he brought the show to London.

Naturally there were a lot of start-up companies at the conference and it seemed that there was a trend in the types of products and apps they were creating.

Reshima Sohoni

Reshma Sohoni runs SeedCamp, a mentoring and seed fund organisation that works across Europe. She keeps a keen eye on tech startups and notes that there are often waves of business ideas that arrive at the same time.

It seems that the UK is holding its own for tech and entrepreneurs too.

Andrew Humphries

Andrew Humphries is the Tech City Champion. That means he works with the entrepreneurs in the Tech City cluster, which is over in East London. He looks at how these businesses can scale and grow.

I asked him more about the roots of Tech City which seemed to grow out of an area that was already dubbed Silicon Roundabout.

Hugh MacLeod

Hugh MacLeod is the cartoonist behind the Gaping Void Blog. As a cartoonist he has found that going digital early has brought a lot of success.

Of course an event like LeWeb draws the big names in the tech world too.

Bradley Horowitz, VP of product for Google Plus was at the event talking about a new partnership.

Bradley Horowitz

Google is approaching the development of this platform with some patience and Bradley told me more about how.

The progress of Google Plus shows that the web has really changed from just input and finding data, to sharing or 'the social web' as many folk will call it. But we are also seeing a change online as the web becomes a media-rich place. You'll notice that as we hope for better bandwidth, there is more video available.

Efe Cakarel

One of the many video on demand services that is riding in on this new wave of the Web is MUBI. Efe Cakarel is the founder and CEO and so I asked him about going to the movies or watching at home.

I won't be with you next week with Outriders, but rest assured, we'll be back the week after.

In the meantime you can still get in touch, drop me a line on Twitter where we are @BBC_Outriders, find us on Facebook and Google+ where you can leave a comment, or add us to your feed.

Back in two weeks!



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