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Deciphering Cyrillic and hacking at Bletchley Park

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Jamillah Knowles | 12:37 UK time, Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hello Outriders!

This week I have been in Moscow at the Digital Life Design conference and I have been meeting with hackers to at Over The Air which took place at Bletchley Park over the weekend.


So first to the East and Russia. There are some differences when it comes to Internet life in Moscow in comparison with use and development here in the UK, but there are also plenty of ideas, startup companies and a healthy culture online for those who can parse Cyrillic.


The Digital Life Design conference is more regularly found in Munich, but this year it set up at the Digital October Centre on the bank of the river Moskvar. There were many presentations and next door an entire conference set up around young startups in the region too.

As you can imagine with experts and industry leaders, it was pretty exciting so here’s a few of the people I met, explaining more about the Internet, Russian style....

Over the air logo

Hacking in the home of the code breakers.

Back on home turf, the weekend not only saw the start of Jubilee celebrations, there was also an event to maker Alan Turing Centenary this year. What better location to have a mobile hack and conference than at Bletchley park where the man himself worked as a code breaker?

Over the air

Over the Air celebrated its fifth year around 600 people turning up to hear talks and presentations about hacking science, the web and mobile together to see how they can create a more interesting and useful experience for us all. Here’s a taste of what happened over the weekend.

More travels soon, but for now, why not get in touch and let me know what’s floating your digital boat?

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Until next week!
~ Jamillah


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