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Next Web, a Dutch cow and Geek Girls

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Jamillah Knowles | 11:52 UK time, Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hello Outriders!

This week for the podcast I have been out and about near and far to meet people working in technology.

First up The Next Web Conference took place in Amsterdam last week and a whole league of coders, developers, start-ups and industry leaders were in attendance to discuss the state of the web now and it’s future.

One of the challenges at the event was the Startup Rally where a set of sparky startup tech companies presented to a panel of judges. Another good indicator of a start-up tech business that should do well is to ask a large audience.


Throughout the event, attendees were able to vote for their favourite application or service at the conference and the winner of two awards was a live translation service called Babelverse.

I had a quick chat with one of the founders. There was a lot happening at the event, but how to explain the presence of a cow at a tech conference?


 Basically to add a little fun to the event, a famous Dutch cow was invited and bets were laid as to where she might poop. It sounds strange because it is a bit strange, but Helena, whose stage name for the event was Klara, was very welcome and most who met her were delighted by her charm. I had a chat with the famous cow’s owner. 

Naturally at a large tech event, you’d expect to see something from a big social media platform. Facebook was of course there. If you use Facebook you may think of it more as a place for chatting with your friends, swapping updates and pictures or jokes.

But Facebook is fast becoming one of the places where businesses and brands would like to be. The platform can drive a lot of people to online shops and services.

Christian Hernandez

Christian Hernandez, is Facebook’s director for platform partnerships in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and I asked him what what he was up to and how this is related to the growth of business.

From the beautiful city of Amsterdam to the innovative East end of London. I came back from one conference to catch up with another. At the weekend a Geek Girl Meetup was taking place all day on Sunday at the Google Campus.

Women in technology got together to discuss both issues of gender as well as specific workshops on internationalising business, the technology behind trading and digital publishing amongst other topics.
Heidi Harman
Heidi Harman is the organiser, so I asked her what the event was about. Anne Simmons is a software developer with Thoughtworks and has been a dev for four years and has just moved back from the United States to the UK. What inspired her to work in this field?


Anne Simmons

Not all of the talks at the meet-up were specifically about gender. Trisha Gee is a java developer for a financial exchange in London and she gave several talks at the event.

The girl geek movement has seen a great deal of growth whether it stems from Women in Tech, Girl Geek Dinners or other organisations that support females of the technical persuasion.

Trisha Gee

I met two ladies at the meetup who were not only having a great time, but also planned to take the format home to different parts of the world.

Well, that’s all I could squeeze into this rather busy week for us on Outriders, but as ever, it’s you I would like to hear more from. If you’re making something digital we need to know about or you’ve seen something online and you’d like to hear more, then drop me a line and let me know.

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