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Hack weekender and the evolution of journalism

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Jamillah Knowles | 12:58 UK time, Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hello Outriders!

This week on the podcast I have been nosing around another hack weekender, finding out about One Day on Earth and learning more about the evolution of journalism.

There are more and more hack events taking place around the UK and around the world it seems with creative coders and developers getting together to make cool stuff. This means that Jamillah gets to poke around these events with her mic and find out what clever people are making.

London Real Time

This weekend I followed the London Real-Time hack weekend, organised by GoSquared, to find out what coders could make with access to APIs and data from the providers Twilio, Geckoboard, Amazon Web Services, RabbitMQ and Pusher.

The weekend's work started for the teams on Friday night and after a lot of coding and not much sleep, the projects were shown off and winners were chosen. So what sort of state were people in by Sunday? Have a listen to find out...

One Day on Earth

Thinking back, regular Outriders listeners may remember the One Day on Earth project where people are encouraged to record a video of what is important to them.

All of these clips from all over the world have now been collated and so I caught up with Kyle Ruddick, founder and director and Brandon Litman co-founder and producer of One Day on Earth.

Adam Baker of Blottr

The environments in which journalists work and publish are already almost unrecognisable though of course the core principles remain the same. Journalism is still evolving and one of the Outriders at the forefront of these changes is Adam Baker of Blottr. I caught up with him to ask about the current state of Blottr and about his latest move which helps to complete a circuit when it comes to citizen journalism.

As always, so many things to talk about and not enough time. This means of course that I'll just have to come back next week with another edition.

In the meantime, let me know if there is something you would like to hear more about or if you are working on something that we need to share. You can find me on all the usual social platforms. Tweet at me on Twitter find us on Facebook and Google+.


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