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Jamillah Knowles | 19:07 UK time, Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hello Outriders!

For this week's podcast, emergency fill-in host Chris Vallance was unfrozen from cryogenic storage to present this week's edition.

Photographer John Cantlie talks about how an assignment covering conflict in Libya lead him to explore the representation of war in computer games. Over at the blog of BBC picture-editor Phil Coomes you can see some of John's photographs, and versions of those images created using game software.

Production company Somethin' Else make radio programmes, and lots of other interesting stuff. Recently they've turned their ears to the world of games, producing some innovative sound-based titles like Papa Sangre. Paul Bennun told us why sound games have the best graphics. Thanks to Tom Loosemore for the idea.

Susannah Stevens reports from Digbeth in Birmingham where she attended the Network Music Festival. Download to hear what an orchestra of laptops sounds like and whether it convinced Susannah, who is more likely to be found listening to Bach!

Starwarsuncut.com was a project to crowdsource a fan-made version of Star Wars. A directors cut is just out, and is definitely worth watching. Project creator Casey Pugh explained all.

And finally, if you *really* want to know how Chris managed to get that genuine lightsaber sound, the wonderful Ben Burtt explains it all here.

~ Until next week!


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