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Jamillah Knowles | 09:11 UK time, Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hello Outriders!

On the podcast this week I've been talking to a selection of very creative people who are making things that we can all hopefully try. We're also revisiting with a guest I chatted with last year to check in and see how his project has grown.

Talking furniture

First up - What if we could communicate more easily with the things that are in our environment. Now, we all have moments where we talk to ourselves and possible moments where you'd have a stern word with your computer, but what if some of these things could talk back?

There are projects that make inanimate objects communicate their whereabouts or their status, but to a majority of people, the method of setting this up can be complicated. Don't give up though, I had a chat with David and John of Supermechanical who are hoping to fix that and make it easier for people to know more about their environment via a smart system of messaging.

Cloud chambers

Another creator this week and another person who is sharing their work to teach and make electronics more accessible.

Rich Olson came to my attention with his app to help people who are colour-blind. A closer look into his website, Nothinglabs, showed me a world of creation that is too interesting not to share. He told me more about his work and we talked about whether a hobbyist is also an inventor.

Your voicemail to music

Now a revisit with a past Outrider. Jared Brickman is the creator of One Hello World and his site of audio and music has grown to the point where he is now moving toward making an album. I got him to remind us what the One Hello World site does and share a couple of the mixes he has created this year.

It's always nice to catch up with past Outriders and new ones. So, if you are working on something creative or electronic, then you should definitely be getting in touch.

You can email me at Outriders at bbc dot co dot uk, tweet at us at @BBC_Outriders or search on Facebook for Outriders and add our updates and reminders to your feed.

Until next week!

~ Jamillah


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