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Fun at the Mozilla Festival, London

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Jamillah Knowles | 14:51 UK time, Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hello Outriders!

For this edition of the podcast I have been running around the Mozilla Festival in London chatting with some of the interesting people there who are working out futures for the web.

The theme at the festival this year was - Media, freedom and the web. So it was exactly the right place to announce the names of the Knight Mozilla Fellows.

These accomplished developers are going to be placed in newsrooms to explore how technology and the news can be enhanced.


The neat news is that we have a Knight-Mozilla fellow with us at the BBC soon. Andrew Leimdorfer is a product manager for the BBC news website, he explained how he came to be working with the project.




Laurian Gridinoc, the fellow who will be joining us at the BBC, talked about his hopes and expectations.




So many forms of media are now available on the web - but how many forms of media have translated into being entirely web native?



Kat Cizek is a documentary maker at the National Film Board of Canada who has worked to create a truly immersive style of documentary. I asked her why she was launching the documentary, "One Millionth Tower" at the festival.




Security online - your passwords are currency and something you need to keep safe. But how best to do that when you have many accounts in so many places? Christian Heilmann is the principal evangelist for Mozilla and "Browserid.org" is one of the things Mozilla is working on with others to change the way we log in to almost anything online.



Mozilla naturally had lots of cool things to show off at the festival including a way to learn about code while at the same time having a bit of fun with existing websites. Atul Varma is the technical lead of the fantastically named Hackasaurus.




For younger people at the festival there was an area for young people to learn and show off their skills. The Hive Learning Network, had created a pop-up learning area for educations, parents, students and kids of all ages.




Radio Rookies is one of the activities that was running at The Hive where kids can learn how to make podcasts. I had a chat with Courtney Stein and Ryon Wright about what they were up to at the festival.

One happy customer had learned her podcast writing skills with Radio Rookies on the day was Amira. She told me how best to make a good radio clip. Don't be surprised if I hand over to Amira when I need to go on vacation - she was recording all over the place that afternoon and frankly was doing as good a job as most adults I have worked with.



Also working with audio at the festival was Mark Boas. He was showing off his system called Hyperaudio and as someone who spends time cutting digital tapes and making transcripts, I was pretty intrigued by the possibilities of his show and tell. The possibilities seemed astounding.


After having a lot of fun meeting exceptionally smart people at the festival, I managed to get back to the studios before anyone noticed. So you can email me with your web experiences at Outriders at BBC dot co dot uk, tweet at us on twitter where we are BBC underscore outriders or find us on face book, just search for Outriders and you're there.



Until next week!

~ Jamillah



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