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Transparently online

Jamillah Knowles | 06:12 UK time, Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hello Outriders!

This week on the podcast we learn more about the state of Burma online, how banking might benefit from a little more transparency, what makes transmedia projects work and one man's journey around the UK to find out where people are having trouble getting online.

Over the weekend we have seen thousands of people gathering world-wide in financial and banking districts around the world. So what can be done to change banking that might make things a bit better?


Any shift in banking may seem radical - but there are some radical ideas that might just make it through to having a great effect. Simon Redfern is the CEO of Tesobe/Music Pictures Ltd, an IT company in Berlin. We chatted about his Open Bank Project.



To Burma next where last week saw the release of around 200 political prisoners, one of which was the popular comedian and outspoken blogger known as Zarganar. So is this a move to change restrictions for bloggers in the country? Well - as you might imagine, it's complicated...



Shawn Crispin is the senior south east asia representative of the Committee to Protect Journalists. He monitors press freedom conditions in the ASEAN countries. I spoke to him the day after Zarganat was released about the state of the web in Burma.

You may or may not know that across the UK from October 30th it is Get Online Week. It's encouraging for many people to find new ways to help people access the web and the internet and provide training and help.


But what if it really is tricky to find a way to an internet connection at all?



John Popham is an independent consultant specialising in the use of social media and the internet for social good. He's going on his own tour around the UK in the same week called 'Can't get online week' - highlighting the mostly rural communities that are struggling for access.


"Transmedia" - often applied to the promotion of entertainment like TV shows, movies and video games has been developing over time. But it also sounds a bit like one of those buzz words that are mentioned but not always thought through. Certainly an online presence can enrich any story if done well, but what does it really do and can we recognise it in the wild?


JC Hutchins, one of our friendly Outriders, is an author, screen writer and transmedia story teller based in Denver, Colorado. I asked him if it was all fancy talk or real work.



That's all we have for this week. In the mean time you can email me at Outriders at bbc dot co dot uk, give me a nudge on Twitter at @BBC_Outriders, or search for Outriders on Facebook page to find our page there.




Until next week!




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