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Growing together online

Jamillah Knowles | 05:36 UK time, Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hello Outriders!

This week we have a mix of flavours on the podcast from fighting crime to meta-networking.



First up, radio journalist and writer for Global Voices, Ashley Cleek has been following the curious tale of bloggers fighting crime in Russia. When a well-known photo-blogger got shot at and posts images online, the surrounding digital community sprang into action to identify the person in his images and try to track down who was responsible. Good community action or vigilantism? Ashley and I talked about action online in Russia.


If you have a great idea and want to develop it into a digital business, where do you start? Smaller ideas may be easily contained, but for further growth there are places where you can be supported from receiving great advice, funding and even a roof over your head.



Pascal Finette runs the WebFWD program for Mozilla where they are working on taking good ideas further. He told me why it started and what Mozilla and their fellows get out of the deal.




Of course you might decide to go it alone, but a solo venture for any developer could turn out to be too big to manage - especially if it is popular. Nate Weiner is the founder and CEO of Read It Later. His idea grew very quickly and on many platforms. Now he is hiring and expanding. We talked about when he realised it was time to grow outwards and what it is like to relinquish some control for the sake of development.




Finally this week, social networks within social networks. You may have an avatar on your social network account, but do you need an account for your avatar? It's not as confusing as it may seem. The 3D environment, Second Life has launched a social network for its users. While other parts of the web discuss the importance of pseudonyms online, is a profile for an avatar moving us away from our real selves? San Francisco based writer and journalist Wagner James Au of New World Notes helped to talk through the issues of hiding behind and name and staying safe with an avatar.



That's all for this week, but in the space between episodes, you can of course get in touch and let me know what's been floating your digital boat.

You can email me at Outriders at bbc dot co dot uk, tweet at us on Twitter @BBC_Outriders or come and see the Facebook page for further weekly updates.




Until next week!

~ Jamillah




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