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Libya, lights and volunteering

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Jamillah Knowles | 15:19 UK time, Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hello Outriders,

This week on the podcast we have a couple of ways of thinking about light, a look at producing voices in Libya online and an app that leaves no excuses for not getting out and doing good.



First up, a Libyan woman living in the UK has been helping to produce, translate and update voices of people in Libya but helping to transfer their video and comment online. As part of the uprising in some countries across North Africa and the Middle East, there are very sophisticated ways of presenting information. Some people have created channels and branding so that information is recognisable, but what is it like to receive these videos from your home country and then produce them for the web when the messages are often ones of violence and protest?




More ways to collate data, this time in India. I had a chat with Ajay Kumar who is a social worker and technologist who often finds himself out in rural communities finding ways to use tech to do good. He also runs the website Power cuts in India.. The power outs and load shedding are familiar to many people living in India, and Ajay hopes that getting some data together when this happens might help to find ways to change the infrastructure of electricity in the country.




From a lack of electricity to how to handle that which we have. A greener way to think about the lighting in your home might mean connecting your light bulbs to the web. Somewhere between the internet of things and the Jetson's house of automated living, these nifty chips and bulbs from NXP Semiconductors can be controlled on your mobile device. One step closer to our sci-fi future! Maybe.




When you are done monitoring your lighting consumption at home and playing with your mobile automated bulbs, it might be time to go outside, especially if you are young enough to volunteer. Most people in their teens and early twenties carry a mobile or smart phone so Made by Many has been working with V the volunteering organisation organisation to make sure that information about volunteering is available wherever you are. No more excuses, get out and do good!


That's all we could squeeze in for this week, but a usual it's always better when I hear from you. If there is something you are up to that I should know about and we can share on Outriders then let me know. You can email me at Outriders at bbc dot co dot uk, search for Outriders and join us on Facebook or tweet in my direction, you can find us as @BBC_Outriders




Until next week! ~ Jamillah


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