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Live, die, remix

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Jamillah Knowles | 19:08 UK time, Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hi all!

This week on the Outriders podcast you will find a spectrum of food for thought from our own mortality online to where to get a good geek fix. You can find links to the work of all of our guests right here.



First up - when is music out of copyright but still not free? Probably if it is a manuscript for a classical piece but the recording is still registered as copyright. Many famous classical works hang in this way, but Aaron Dunn is hoping to fix that. He told me how his non-profit organisation MusOpen aims to fix this problem.




More on the theme of open works and whether something is copied or not, Outrider Kirby Ferguson is making a four-part series of short films to share on the web called "Everything is a Remix". We chatted about past issues in music and how his project will expand to cover other themes like film.




We don't often ponder the end of Outriders, but it's part of the story of our lives online. What happens to your digital persona when you die? All those status updates and social comments you leave behind will need a plan. Stacey Pitsillides has been working on this for years and will be hosting the UK's first unconference known as Digital Death Day. She came to visit and explain why we need to work out what will happen when we stop.



Not so long ago we explored the musical nerd-world known as Nerdcore - so now it's the turn of the geeks. Dave and Barry run the Geek Syndicate, a lovely multimedia world of multiple podcasts, comic strips, artworks and bloggery. It's been a great week for visitors as they also dropped by the studio to chit chat about the warm and encompassing world of geekery.


That's all for this week, but as usual, I'd like to know what's been floating your digital boat, or if you have been making something we could all share. Drop a line to Outriders at bbc.co.uk, jump into the Twitter stream with us, or search Facebook for Outriders to join in the weekly updates and discussions in between podcasts and programs.

With a bit of luck next week if you drop by the blog page here we should have something special for you that won't be on the podcast. So don't forget to come back.



Until next week!

- Jamillah


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