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Jamillah Knowles | 12:28 UK time, Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hi all!

This week Outriders is all about our future and past. From future casters to historical organisations, the science and technology around us is documented as it changes our lives.

roysoc.gifStephen Cox is the chief executive of the Royal Society. This year they are celebrating 350 years since their foundation with all sorts of events and activities. On the podcast he tells us more about when the society was established and what it means today.

billt66.jpgAs a part of the celebrations, Bill Thompson took to the stage at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank in London to talk about future and past technologies with a few people you may have heard of. In discussion - renaissance man Stephen Fry, biologist Jim Hasslehoff, Dame professor Wendy Hall, Sir Tim Berners Lee and of course our tame geek, Digital Planet commentator and friend of Outriders Bill Thompson. Quite the selection of minds talking around the topic in front of an audience of 900 people.

rna.jpgLooking into our future with technology is no mean feat. But there are clues in what we do today that can lead us to more logical conclusions. Robots and Avatars is a project that has recently gained funding from NESTA. Ghislaine Boddington is working as part of a team on the ideas of how we present ourselves in virtual spaces and what our relationships will be like with our future friends electric.

fh.jpgAnother group you might like to join if you have an interest in how we interact with technology today is Future Human. The group emerged from Bad Idea magazine and has presences on the web including Facebook where they host discussions and swap ideas. Jack Roberts is the director of Good Publishing, overseeing the project and he discusses the origins on our podcast.

sc.gifLast but not least, one of the more established groups on the web "Living the Science Fiction future of today" is Space Collective. Created by renowned film director Rene Daalder, it's a place where like minds acknowledge our past futures and how they may affect what will happen in coming years. Wonderful essays, deep thinkers and surprising connections all presented in a creative multimedia space for us all to explore.

Well, if that didn't blow my mind enough thinking big thoughts on our collective futures, then I will be back next week with more Outriders.

In the meantime if you would like to hear more about a space online that makes you curious, if you are working on something amazing that we should know about - then drop me a line and let's explore it together. You can email Outriders at bbc dot co dot uk, search in Facebook for our general page or come and say hello on Twitter were we are known as @BBC_Outriders

jk-thumb-240x240.gifUntil next week!
~ Jamillah


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