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Time machines

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Jamillah Knowles | 12:41 UK time, Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hi there!

This week the podcast is ready to take you on a journey through time. How exciting!

I took Rhod on a trip through time via some hot history blogs. Sadly I didn't get a nice set of 1980s wheels to do this in, but I learned a lot about the enormous scope and quality of these sites.

If you missed a URL along the way, you're in the right place - here's a run down of the people we spoke to. It's quite the inspiration for those who might think about a little history blogging of their own.

trish66.gifFirst up, Trish Lewis tells us about her history of the area she grew up in, St Vincent Memories. Trish has collated historical fact and primary information from interviews and photographs of local families who were pioneers when the town was established. Amazing hyper local historical research.

rome66.gifFrom the early settlers of the United States to Rome! Mike Duncan reads exciting updates from the History of Rome in his podcast. More than 80 casts along, he has built a following that includes a growing group of fans on Facebook.

nickel66.gifFrom ancient Rome to 20th century London. The capital city that swings with style, glamour and celebrity. Rob Baker creates Another Nickel in the Machine , a wonderful blog of curious tales of the city. Definitely a case for being an alternative guidebook for those who would rather leave the regular tourist routes.

clio66.gifThe creme de la creme of history blogging? Well some fine examples can certainly be found via the Cliopatria awards on the history news network. Dr Ralph Luker is the founder of Cliopatria , the history group blog and award system where there are many examples of extraordinary, though provoking and imaginative historical blogs from around the world.

Sadly that's all I could cram into the segment this week. However, we are on track to be here across the festive season. So if you are looking for a half hour out of the hectic seasonal activities, you know where to find us!

jkavatar.gifIf you see something wonderful in the world of blogs, podcasts and more, let me know by dropping an email to podsandblogs at bbc dot co dot uk

Until next week! - Jamillah


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