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Podcast Notes: ROFLCon, GTA IV, Web 2.0 and Congo

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Chris Vallance | 14:15 UK time, Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Rhod speaks with Average HomeboyRight click this link to download to your computer or the blue arrow to listen.
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I took this week off bar a brief guest appearance as Rhod produced a superb mix from ROFLCon. Before that we heard from:

Well now for the moment you've all been waiting for Rhod's ROFLCon report. Over to you Rhod:

tronguy_justforgetme.jpg"Email from Chris: "Spies inform me that this years ROFLCon is happening at MIT (starting Thursday).If you look at the line-up it's a MUST for Pods and Blogs Fark, JibJab, Tronguy! LOLcats, One Red Paper Clip, all our "and finally" stories in one big joy packed conference hall."

Do not look a lolcat in the mouth, so I went. Halfway through the afternoon a young woman confronted your correspondent, "you're like from the BBC, this is awesome. I just saw the New York Times. This is, I mean, totally." And so it was. Judge for yourself on the podcast.--RHOD"

Well I think it lived up to the billing. The sites featured in the podcast are Leroy Jenkins (Ben Schultz),Tron Guy (see pic), Average Homeboy, One Red Paperclip, Jib Jab, Chuck Norris Facts, Marmaduke Explained, Gen Sweaters, IcanhascheezburgerLolcat bible

Phew. There's more with the Lolcat guys here (an extended interview I did at SXSW) two of the smartest and most thoughtful internet people it's been my pleasure to talk to. Quote, "people say a picture tells a 1000 words, well we have the 15 that matter."

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