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Iraqi Translators and The Times

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Chris Vallance | 11:55 UK time, Saturday, 6 October 2007

We've mentioned a couple of times on Pods and Blogs the blog and press campaign to obtain an asylum deal for Iraqi employees of British Forces in Iraq. In our conversations with Dan Hardie, one of the founders of the blog campaign, it's clear that his concern is for more than just those who worked as translators, but for all employees too.

So if the news in the front page of the The Times today is true and a deal has been struck it will be a partial victory for those campaigning for changes to the asylum rules, but a notable one. (Though The Times, which ran it's own campaign, makes little reference to the efforts of Dan and blog campaigners I do know that they have been in touch behind the scenes)

There have also been political moves in the US too, (Neurotic Iraqi Wife informed us of a relaxation of the rules two weeks ago): The Senate Does the Right Thing proclaims the New Yorker's Interesting Times blog, however, over at the Huffington Post the verdict is too little too late


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