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Iraq in Other Voices

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Chris Vallance | 00:03 UK time, Friday, 17 August 2007

Reality won't fit into a three minute news bulletin. We edit, we select and consequently we discard. We are left with the stubborn gristle of numbers, places and the machinations of politicians.

Today I was lucky enough to speak with the blogger behind Last of the Iraqis. He writes about everyday life in Baghdad:

I took my handy cam and drove my taking amazing videos starting from the clinic I work in , I had taken a video of a police pick-up truck loaded with dead bodies and driving insanely fast with the policemen shooting at the air , and many other destructed sites in my way . I went through many neighborhoods , but I wanted to go to Al-Mansour neighborhood which was one of the most beautiful and classy neighborhoods in Baghdad which I heard that it's a wreck now , as I reached there I saw a mini bus in the middle of the street , there was glass around it , it was clear that this mini-bus was exposed to drive-by shooting so I concentrated my vision on it and pointed my handy cam.as I reached near the bus I heard gun shots!!!it was extremely close to me!!! I turned my head and I saw a police man pointing the AK-47 at me and shouting :"YOU , Stop right now , I swear by Ali I will kill you"

He risks his life daily, just trying to live. And blogging adds to those risks, but he does so because he has a story to tell about the lives that make up the numbers you hear on the 10'o'clock news.

Another distinctive voice, this time from the American military, comes in the form of the video below by a US Marine. And while you may not agree with him, there's no doubting the power of the language he uses. Soldiers as performance poets or as artists, is a another part of reality often edited out of TV soundbites (via Blackfive).


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