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When your boss wants to be your friend..

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Chris Vallance | 13:49 UK time, Monday, 16 July 2007

Drew B points to an article in the Wall Street Journal highlighting the knotty issue of when, OMG -- My Boss
Wants to 'Friend' Me On My Online Profile

The piece written by the papers Cubicle Culture columnist Jared Sandberg neatly points out the dilemma workers face who are asked to "friend" a big cheese: "You're caught between a career-limiting rejection of virtual friendship or a career-limiting access to photos of yourself glassy-eyed at a party. "

Friending is two way process and pics of your boss doing some important networking with a couple of go-go dancers may equally well turn up on their Facebook profile; possibly valuable cards to hold during pay negotiations or possibly not. But the opportunities for incredibly awkward situations, as Jared points out, abound.

Social networks are increasingly blurring the line between our professional and personal lives. Perhaps, in the end, the best advice is to keep your private life private and take it off-line. Your thoughts are welcome..even if you are my boss...


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