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Chris Vallance | 15:44 UK time, Monday, 23 July 2007

Do feel free to point us to content you've created about the floods, whether is a blog post, video or podcast. Looking through the blogs, lots of you are describing your experiences.

Cheltenham Council have started blogging the situation there. They've run out of sandbags and are advising people to fill shopping bags with soil

Like other councils in the area, the Cheltenham Borough Council currently has no more sandbags. You are advised to fill carrier bags with soil as an alternative

The lack of them is a problem that one councillor in a different part of the UK, Lichfield, encountered during last months floods:

I mentioned earlier that the Emergency Planning Authorities need to learn some serious lessons. In Fazeley it took far too long for things to kick in properly and I’ve got no idea why there can’t be ready stores of sandbags in any area that has a likelihood of flooding.

But a different perspective in a post from the Local Government Chronicle blog. The author says we are revisiting "all the same debates" over flood prevention she encountered working in civil engineering in 2000 she writes:

But if flooding is to become a common feature for some areas and particularly the more southern areas where homes are already under pressure some residents may have to learn to live with it or accept they must leave some areas entirely.

On the other hand a comment on Raedwald's blogs (featured in this week's Britblog round-up) blames all levels of government

That a wet July has half-drowned them because they didn't know to keep the drains cleared, the ditches dug and the rivers with flood plains and meanders, not to mention the effects of rendering large surface areas of drain away impermeable, underlines the sheer worthlessness of the UK state instruction systems.

Somerset Bob questions the amount of money it's being claimed is spent on flood defence

So if the [Environment] Agency is spending “about £150 million” a year, who’s spending the rest of the £600 million Gordon Brown spoke about?

The picture at the end of his post is well worth taking a look at. This blogger from, I think, Evesham describes panic buying.
“Go down to Tesco” says G, who works for me - we were supposed to be away camping now “they’re allowing two bottles of water for a family. There’s no milk…. it’s crazy”.

A gallery of images from Gloucester/Cheltenham here and another blogger who is unimpressed by the timing of a health warning from her water company


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