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Expensive Sandbags? And blog flood coverage

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Chris Vallance | 14:18 UK time, Saturday, 21 July 2007

Last week's Britblog Roundup drew attention to the issue of expensive sandbags. Anyone out there had similar problems getting help for flood protection? Drop us a note.

Meanwhile some dramatic pictures of the floods in Worcester blogged here The photos including the one one the page here are of the home of a BBC Radio Worcester presenter Mike George - here's how they described the scene on the blog:

This is how the gardens were looking by the time I'd finished rescuing the chickens, I have to realise now I had been putting my own life at risk. That is next door's large Wendy House. Those posts you can see are holding six feet tall fence panels.

If you've blogged, flickr'ed or YouTubed the floods feel free to post a link in comments. Here's one video

A couple fo tourists caught in the floods have an unexpected stay in an "evac shelter"

It's been just crazy here. Spending the night in an evac shelter is one of the strangest experiences this trip, as was nine hours on a bus. (15 hours that day, covering roughly 50 miles...).

Another spent 22 hours on what should have been a very simple journey.

On Friday I spent 22 hours returning home from Warwick to Oxford, and in fact I haven't made it home, being now camped at my Parents house. The rain on Friday was the worst I have ever known.

UPDATE: Mike George has just been on Five Live's Weekend News link here I've also removed the YouTube video I linked to earlier - and changed it for the one now visible - I missed the date - it was of earlier floods in Worcester.


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