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Weekend News: Pienaar, Fawkes, Monkey and Marmite

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Chris Vallance | 09:11 UK time, Sunday, 11 February 2007

Fans of political blogs might like to listen to Saturday's Weekend News, featuring Recess Monkey and Guido Fawkes. in conversation with our political correspondent John Pienaar the interview is about 40 mins in. It's your standard 4mins news item length so you may want to wait for the longer version we'll play here on Pods and Blogs. Plenty of discussion about the lobby system, political journalists and the press. Particular thanks to Guido who turned up in spite of some serious issues with his transport. Shame too because I never got to test if you can gain access to a Television Centre parking space under the name of "Guy Fawkes"

Additional bloggy goodness on the programme included an interview with recent American immigrant to the UK, Alana Muir who has bravely undertaken the task of eating all the "classic" British foods (spam fritters, haggis, black pudding etc) and reviewing them from an outsiders perspective. Like my better half who also hails from North America, Alana, seems to think that Marmite may be the missing WMD. Mrs V says it looks like "hoof paint". Personally I think this is a bit rich coming from the continent that loves "egg-nog" bleurgh...


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