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Generation Next: A 12-year-old blogger on future net

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Chris Vallance | 15:22 UK time, Thursday, 7 December 2006

We've interviewed Delta, a young tech blogger for Tuesday's programme. Here are some of his notes that he made for the show that he's kindly let us blog. I think what he says about the future of the net is really interesting.

"I'm a 12-year old blogger from Manchester. I've been using the net for years and years now, doing everything
from online games and web design to what I do now, which is blogging. I work for quite a few sites, blogging
away. My own site, Tech.co.nr, a net news site, called Profy.com and a few others.


I could go on about this for hours! Many, many, many new start-ups emerging each and every everyday. New, wacky ideas and websites emerge all the time, providing everything from viral media to organization of your contacts, diary and jobs.

The future of the net lies with us, the people. User generated content will always do better than original, old style
content, being the reason I believe blogs have taken off so much. People want a new angle on the world, and
working together, I believe we can give it to them.

Although the Internet is a multi-billion pound economy already, much of it's earning potential still remains untapped.
There is a long way to go before the Internet matures into the wonder world we imagine it to be. It's a dangerous place, not all happy smiles, networking, videos and instant messaging though. It may take 50 years
or more for people to get their heads around the more dirty tactics used by hackers and scammers, but till then,
many people will remain blisfully unaware of the darker side of the internet.

The Internet will play a major part in everybody's lives at some point. Educating people how to use it effectively, is
one hurdle. Narrowing down the masses of information, into easy to distinguish channels would help majorly in doing this. Sites like Digg.com do this, and have been huge successes. Open source will also massively contribute to the final shape of the Internet, everyone can chip in to create something at the end which is excellent, because everyone has used their strengths and talents in creating it.

The future of the internet, to the point, is in your hands. Community is the future of the net."


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