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BBC Blogger "Still Glowing"

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Chris Vallance | 16:59 UK time, Friday, 1 December 2006

I may have to stop subscribing to the BBC's Director of Global News, Richard Sambrook's atom feed. On his blog he reveals he's one of many people curious about their own health after taking a plane that had been contaminated with polonium-210:

Sitting in economy and having a cup of tea seems unlikely to mean i would have ingested any polonium-210 (although the tea is never great on planes). But what is that difference between "very low risk" and none? I am not concerned, but certainly curious. Link (via Cybersoc)

One wonders how you would calculate a risk in such unique circumstances? Perhaps a statistician can leave the answer in comments. The question Richard asks in his blog posts about the sale of polonium (you can buy it for $69) was partially answered in this excellent piece in Defensetech.org
UPDATE: Sorry for posting this twice if you subscribe to the blog. I've had some serious formatting issues.


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