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North Korean Nuclear Test

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Chris Vallance | 21:06 UK time, Monday, 9 October 2006

News of the North Korean nuclear test has, as one might expect, reverberated around the blogosphere. On Pods and Blogs we'll talk with Tim Savage of the Nautilus Institute and Oh My News. Oh My News is a South Korean based news site and is arguably the world leader in harnessing the power of citizen journalism. While it has a full time staff of 55 writers, over 41,000 people are signed up as "citizen reporters" and generate around 80% of the site's content. As you'd expect their coverage of events in North Korea has been extensive.

One can find experts in every field on the blogs, and among those with nuclear expertise there's debate over the significance of the relatively small yield of the test. Via Instapundit, Defensetech.org thinks it was probably a dud, whereas One Hand Clapping thinks it may be a small but perfectly formed test bomb. However, most bloggers agree that dud or no dud the possession of that much fissile material by North Korea is in itself of grave concern.

There is however at least one notable exception to the near universal view that this test is probably a bad thing . The [north] Korean Friendship Association's forum has many messages like this one from a well-wisher in the UK.

Congratulations to the DPRK if this is true. A truly historic day and a deserved blow to the imperialists
Thanks to Comment Central for the parody defying link.
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