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Chris Vallance | 02:11 UK time, Saturday, 23 September 2006

Some of the people we've come to know on pods and blogs have new blogs worth checking out.

  • Richard Sambrook Director of Global News for the BBC now has a public blog filled with interesting stuff relating to the net and journalism.
  • Some of Roberto's longer comments here would work better as blog posts in their own right and he clearly thinks so too. Good luck with the blog Roberto!
  • And a recent appearance on Five Live talking about the harsh realities of life for children in care by Stan of The Pitsea Pirate reminded me that months ago I'd promised him a link. Stan's been through the mill and was homeless for many years, things are better for him now, which is good because it gives him a chance to share his considerable experience with the rest of us.
BTW both Stan and Roberto are blogging newbies so I'm sure they'll welcome any help and advice you can offer but most importantly your comments would, I'm sure, be appreciated.


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